Friday, October 21, 2011


This was not something I want to talk about, and I didn't think I'd have to but apparently people like to make things that I say into a controversy. I guess that's what happened in the boycott, and I realize that being on the internet, you have to handle hate, which I do by not responding, but I find it hard to not argue my opinion in an argument. So instead of writing it everywhere I'm putting up this incredibly stupid post. I want to forget about her because what she does to everyone drives me up the wall and around the corner. That her? Well typing her name makes me cringe a little, but if not you won't know who I'm talking about, but her it goes anyway... stephenswodadancer. Why I'm ever even mentioning her I don't know because honestly, I like to forget about her. See once upon a time, when I was just starting out, we were friends. We would talk and she was just the same as all of us. Then one day she magically became popular. Maybe it was because of her age, maybe it was because of her dolls, maybe it was because back then, and up until 2 years ago, she used to make videos that has a special something to them. Little stop motion dances that were fun and original to watch. Now, not so much. Anyways, she became this mega-star, her videos plastered everywhere, fan accounts, fan contests, everything! And that's when my knowing her stopped. I never got another reply from her. Mind you she only had around 1000 subscribers at the time because back then, that was all that AGTube was. Just a few hundred of us, not nearly the amount there is now. Anyways, I guess she was too busy to reply to anyone, including friends. I remember messaging her a valid help question about the partner program, as she had claimed at one point that she was a partner, and I got no reply. That's why I waited forever to sign up... It's ironic now to me though... Continuing on, the fact that I wasn't good enough to be her friend anymore, and that she'd moved onto more famous people to make friends with, isn't what bothers me. It's how she treats everyone else. Here's the thing, you can leave for 6 months without a words notice, promise everything and never bring it, only ever make videos advertising something for yourself, or making an excuse, after excuse, after excuse, and leave all of your subscribers clinging on, but it's just totally wrong if you're the biggest person in the community. It bothers me that she has all of this that she doesn't deserve. I'm telling you, I hardly even sleep because I'm always up doing something, and yet I find time (in the early hours of the morning on the weekends mind you XD) to reply to everyone. I find the time to make a video of 2 every week and to acknowledge every single person who has bothered to say hello to me. Why? Because they deserve it for being a good person, and I want to treat them with the same amount of respect as the give me. I'm not too good for any of you, and any of you can do what I do with a little effort. Most of you do better than me anyway so it's obvious XD All I want everyone to think about are 3 things.
1: What makes her videos the "best" on AGTube? Why aren't basilmentos, or Asterietoile's videos the best? What makes hers so incredibly special that allows her the title of the BEST EVER? The rest of AGTube puts of videos weekly, or more often, we all put so much effort and hard work into them and yet nobody bothers to say that anyone else is the best. Personally, I'm not even subscribed the she-who-must-not-be-named (No, not Voldemorts feminine side...) because I haven't found her videos worth watching since she stopped making original, cool to watch videos 2 years ago, and I don't care about when they come out anymore because I don't feel as though I should watch them over some underrated girl's music video. I almost feel like she's just been considered the best because she's usually who people stumble across first. If you search American Girl Dolls on YouTube, I swear she takes up the first 2 pages and so that's who you find and that's who you worship. That doesn't make them the best though. I mean she could at least use a clear camera, or get some decent lighting or something aesthetically appealing for my eyes to enjoy. The videos just don't do it for me, so why would I watch them when I could watch some of the real best YouTubers. Quality comes through effort, and to me, the effort just isn't there. And lack of effort is not a type of video.
2: She's always "busy". Always, always, always. But last I was notified, she had a 9-5 job, doesn't even go to school anymore, and I'm pretty sure, at least to my knowledge, adults come home and just kinda get themselves food, clean up, and then relax all evening. So how is she busy? No, I don't know her schedule, but I know my own, and mine is busier than my working parents who are also raising 2 children. I basically leave for school at 8:00, and get home at 4:30 because I suffer and hour long commute via city transit (16th birthday please come soon!) then I have dance for most of every night, usually getting home around 9:30-9:45, and when I first get home from school, it's homework. Then every other Saturday I'm at dance fro 9:00-7:30 (That is not a typo, I'm literally there for 10 and a half hours without a break) and have every other Sunday morning too. Then I usually shove YouTube in on my other weekend when I only have 2 and a half hours on Saturday and a free Sunday and get all my filming done for the next week. Oh and I reply to messages around 1:30-3am, because that's when I can get it done. Only on weekend nights though, I need SOME sleep XD Anyways, if you're willing to take on a position that she's in, you have to make time for it, and if you can't stop excusing yourself, admit it, and stop soaking up the fame without having to do anything for it. Nobody wants to be a Kim Kardashian.
3: The biggest thing for me is how people solidly defend her when she doesn't deserve that from the either. Yes I think everyone should be treated like an equal on YouTube, and that's what bothers me. This situation makes me a little sick. To the people saying I'm being so mean to her, what has she done for you to deserve your dedication and servitude? Why are you defending someone who doesn't bother to reply to you. It's surprisingly easy to do if you're willing to put effort into it. Why are you sticking up for someone who's never said a kind word to you, helped you, or been a friend to you in your entire life? And why are you standing up for this person, against someone who actually tries to communicate with anyone who will so much utter a hello? I actually want everyone to feel important on here, because without them, I'm nothing, meanwhile she treats you all like swarming fans in which she has the right to have. What is it that she's done to you to make you adore her in such a way that you feel the need to excuse her for her neglect? I'm not saying she has to be a part of the community anymore. All I'm saying is that if she isn't going to be, she should stop promising that she's coming back for good. So until she's a friend to you, she doesn't deserve your valiant acts to defend her honor, because usually the person pointing out what nobody wants to hear, is kinda right.
So that's it. I'm not speaking of her again and I'm sorry that I had to. I don't hate the girl. I get that she's had health issues, but so have I, I just don't worry people over it. I could write out a page of my ailments but I won't because people will worry over me, when they don't have to. Back to what I was saying, I hope she begins to treat people as they treat her, or just vanishes off of YouTube for good and actually tells people about it so everything can subside and we can go back to the place where there isn't a goddess who can do no wrong. I'm not bullying her or talking trash about her, I'm stating my observations and facts. Coming back for a day every six months is not coming back, so I don't think that anyone should believe it anymore. Three's far too many. UGH RANTING AGAIN, BAD ALI. So yeah, that's it. That's my reasoning. Just please, think about what you're going to say, and think about why you're saying it before you do.
Outta sight, outta mind.
Peace, Ali.


  1. I totally understand your reasoning, and I think that there are better YouTubers out there who take the time to reply to every message instead of just making a Facebook fan page. However, I do think you're overreacting just a little. I'm not defending her, and I'm not trying to offend you, but I think that whatever Stephenswodadancer does is her business, and you/we really shouldn't worry about it. She may be 'top dog' right now, but that will end when everyone realizes that she won't come back.
    I also really think you should stop worrying about it and get some sleep!!! We all can wait an extra day for a reply! Also, I'm no psychiatrist, but are you mad a Stephenswodadancer because you take the time to reply to every message at 1:30 am and she doesn't? Are you angry at her because she never posts videos and remains top dog and you don't? Are you mad at her because she's neglecting the AG community and you aren't? If you answered yes to any of these questions, than maybe you're just a little jealous. And that's not a bad thing! I'm jealous all of time of AG YouTubers and Bloggers with more subscribers/followers, but I just have to let it go and make my videos the best they can be.

    Also, I've noticed that you've been posting rants on this blog a little bit more often. I think you're stressed with YouTube (after all, who isn't!) and come here to vent your anger and stress. That's okay, but if you are that angry and that stressed, maybe you need to take a break.

    I'm in now way, shape, or form, trying to offend you, but I'm trying to help you.
    With love,

  2. I remember when I first started out on YT, I made a video dedicated to her. A long paragraph on how good she was.....
    I sent it to her, made a video response, commented, everything.
    I didn't get a reply, a "that's cute!", anything.
    She doesn't care.......D:
    Makes me sad.
    I don't really feel like she's the top dog though.
    She just has the most subscribers.
    I think your the best because you make amazing, high quality video and you take the time out of your day to do all this.
    We appreciate it, Ali. <33
    Emme (Dancccer2150) :D

  3. I think her followers (me being one of them I must admit) look up to her. Most of them because she is an older agtuber. Even though Ali you say your old, to a 13, 14 year old girl your really not. Your not an adult that they can look up to and say, when I'm her age that's what I want to be.
    Your close to the ages of some of these girls. Sarah is not.
    Although I'm a little jealous as well, because its like I'm older, and I don't have the followers that she has.
    I think that is the main reason, they're like how cool is she in her 20's has a job, life and boyfriend, and still loves AG dolls. Didn't or Don't you look up to girls in their 20's and go that's what i want to be like. I know I did when I was younger.
    I believe that's it, I too don't want to hurt your feelings, your a great girl. It's very nice of you to take the time to answer each and every comment. I know I've enjoyed reading the replys you've sent back to me. I hope you can address what your commentors are saying here.

  4. Please insert you're where ever necessary. Silly me, I was just typing away and didn't take time to edit. That's my Dyslexic side coming out.

  5. I agree completely with you. She thinks she's all that and I personally thinks she has to many dolls. When was the last time we watched a video about Kendall or her other dolls! You can tell she's using YouTube in a mean, cruel way, promising people things and never doing them! Your a good agtuber and don't for one minute let sarah ruin this for you.


  6. I really agree with you Ali her videos aren't very good quality and she NEVER writes back to you. plus she is hardly ever on! I haven't been a AGtuber for that long (I came across it during summer) and I already know that you work really hard! I came across you when you where doing "ask asha" (great movie by the way) I went to your channel every day because I felt so much joy watching your videos! dont let her bring you down.

    Seeha a.k.a bunny33a

  7. I agree it just that everytime we decide to get over her dont care anymore she has to come back=(I remeber in like April or something like that you had a tinyhcat party it was 1 am were I lived and I remeber you talking about the same thing and that made me realize that she didnt mader to me anymore but than when she was out of my mind she comes back 3 video leaves comes back thinking we didnt care!!Honesly she should just close her account she already losed are respect

  8. I agree! She BLOCKED ME and i have never commented her or pmed her in my life! ps love the banner!

  9. Guys she has a kidney problem remember, I think i know why she's blocking people it's because people are haters so she will block you or somethimg like that you guys are to selfish talk to her explain stuff that's going on, ask why. BUT OH NO GOTYS is being selfish, DO SOMETHING TO SPARK HER MIND UP PEOPLE (stephenwodadancer) or else she won't come back, talk to you or anything. BE NICE TO AGTUBE PEOPLE ALWAYS just cause she doesn't post videos often DOES NOT MEAN WE HAVE TO TURN OUR BACKS ON HER. SO SHUT UP i've been meaning to say that for a LONG TIME ounce you hit 11,000 subs I"M UNSUBBING

  10. I get what you're saying, but I think you're being a little unfair. No one really knows what goes on in here life. She's in her 20's! No offense, but there's a lot more important things than youtube for her! She has to pay her bills, work, and what not! So everyone should leave her alone. I'm not trying to be mean or rude to you Ali but maybe she just broke her laptop or lost her camera! I mean I don't think she's purposely doing it and although I can't disagree on her not replying to your messages, i know she doesn't think she all that and a bag of chips. Please don't get mad at me since this is my honest opinion and I just thought you should know my opinion on this topic.

  11. I agree with you. Of course she's busy, but just like you said, kids are usually just as busy or even MORE. I'm busier than my parents sometimes, although they are incredibly busy people! I have a job, actually. I teach dance at my studio to kids from the age of three to fourth grade, and some girls that are even older than me. I do it because I love it, but I'm at dance all morning from 8:30 until 11:15, sacrificing having friends over and going to sleepovers, or getting up really early and leaving the party before anyone else is even awake. I still make time for my blog, Picasa, and American Girl Fan Message Board account.

    Also, I've never EVER enjoyed Stephenswodadancer's videos much. I mean, her older ones I watched maybe once, probably five of them, but I've never been a huge fan. The people I watch are you, Anttonina, AG077 and AG088, Basilmentos, 4evragz, and Unodosginger. You girls are all amazing, and of COURSE you're busy, but you care enough to at least tell us why you've been gone or make some videos.

    I know you don't know me, and that you might not be reading this comment, but if you are it really means a lot to me. :) I feel like I know you because I've been loyally watching your videos for quite some time now.


  12. Hi Ali :)
    That was a very brave thing for you to post, and I'm glad you did. It's something that has needed to be said for a while now. You deserve everything you have, and more. I'd personally rather have friends than fans...
    Basically the only reason I'm subscribed to her now, is to see how crazily huge her doll collection can get ;) That's it. Basically to see how huge the level of insanity can get.
    Good for you, Ali :)
    {I really love your header, by the way! :D }

  13. I only watch her "how-to" videos(which, correct me if I'm wrong, that's pretty much ALL she does) and some of them are interesting. Besides, I'm not really sure I "get" how you're so offended. I haven't commented on her videos or anything, but I always figure that when a person isn't keeping up with their online lives(replying to comments, posting videos...), they're doing better, more IMPORTANT things. Now, I'm not saying WE'RE not important, but as you said in a recent post, Ali, we don't tend to think of our online friends as real people, having real lives. So, EVEN though you and quite a few others may be mad at her, I think that she has her reasons. We can't over-extend ourselves, and we shouldn't get mad at other people for NOT getting to everything.


  14. You're rgiht Ali! I used to be a follower, a worshiper. She was the first video I watched on AGtube...I thought she was great. I didnt watch anyone elses videos. But then I saw other peoples videos and channels and I loved them. I think she let all this fame go to her head and its sad that she never replyed 2 u! The other day I unsubbed cause I dont think she deserves 20,000

  15. If you read this. Please don't think that I was being mean, or coming down on you at all, that was not my point. It might have sounded that way, it was morning and I was tired, no excuse just stating facts.
    Anyway you had asked a question I believe, why does everyone look up to her. I was just answering it. So please take it as such. My whole post was to say that girls look up to her because she is older, probably not for any other reason than that. Oh and yes there are other older girls as well, which I am subscribed too.
    I'm not going to take sides, in this I am switzerland.

  16. No I didn't find your comment at all offensive, and it was simply answering my question that I asked. You are right in that sense for sure. And of course you're not trying to hurt me, it was another comment from someone else on here and dozens on YouTube that are really just trying... Thank you for the opinions and such though =) MIRACULOUS! THIS LET EM COMMENT!!!

  17. ah Ali you're too funny. How can anyone hate you on. Oh and as far as the pm goes, understood completely, just don't disappear forever you're the one I can't wait to watch. People are going to be like what is she talking about. Well if you don't know pm Ali and talk to her.
    Anyway this comment rant has changed to good, because I have deemed it so. Now go forth and hate comment no more. I'm done, long week. It's my Friday (can you tell). And if you comment one more hurtful, I will find you, I will send one of my animal friends to poop on your head. Anyway now back to youtube.

  18. Heh, how brave, Ali. I'll miss you. <3

  19. Dear Ali,

    I would like to post something positive.

    I think your videos are amazing and you deserve to be recognized for your videos, dedication, and hard-work.
    You take the time to respond to everyone who is still supporting you every step of the way. You use the dolls for expression and imagination, the way YOU want to. YouTube should not be used for popularity or fame, but for friends and a way to connect with people that have the same interests. I hope you know that you have many many many fans out there that are just here to see a quality video that brightens their day and possibly even inspires them.

  20. AAHH STUPID BROTHER he told me to write it, sorry i was also a real cranky cause i didn't get enough sleep,
    sorry i'm gLAD your alive i read your recent blog post
    I had to post it or he will say something extremely mean on his blog.I"M REALLY SORRY!!He begged me in to it i got so cranky so i wrote it. -_- Omigosh I feel sick got to go!

  21. you go Ali! I'm unsubscribing who-should-not-be-named and really watching your Mystery at Chateau des Jardins every day of my life. I may be 12 but your my inspiration for making my stopmotions which are crap! But I don't care about fame as long as I'm a part of AGTube, though I would like more subbers. YOU are the best YouTuber ever, and you deserve 1,000,000 subbers!

  22. Agreed 1000 times again and again. Sarah is being incredibly rude and aloof. I dont subscriber her either.

  23. Yes I agree too. I may not have a YouTube acount but even I noticed that Sara keeps leaving and coming back but when she does come back all she does is make videos showing us how she has 32 dolls and she's bragging about it. I watch your videos WAY more often then hers. I'm not even subscribed to her!

  24. I both agree to some of what you said, and disagree with other parts. I definitley get why you would be upset trhat she stopped talking to you, but as she began to get more subscribers a few years ago,obviously she chose to work on videos more than to reply to each and every message she got. It's great that you take the time to reply to your fans, but she simply chose to do other more important things in her personal life, or focus more on her videos. Nobody can blame her for being busy. She had/has kidney problems that are considerably more serious than a busted hip or knee. Those kind of things (kidney things) keep you in the hospital, so she defintley couldn't make a video from her hospital bed. At least not a quality video. Since the kidney thing is serious, it doesnt matter if it happened a week ago or a year ago like it did, those things can be on and off for a long time. How is shse supposed to know to tell her fans exactly when she is having kidney issues and she can't make videos? She can't. (Sry that was a harsh end line)
    Next is she is in her 20's. She has to start finding her own place to live, a job, and she has to pay bills and go to school. That is something that can keep a person busy, younger people can be busy too, but understand that that also qualifies as "busy".
    I'm in no way trying to offend you or commend Sarah for not ever making videos, but to give you an insight on why she is acting like this. (That excludes her not responding, that was rude and uncalled for)
    With awesomeness,
    Maddy :D