Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tees and Posters!

So even though I'm still deciding what else to sell in etsy, I finished the new tee designs and posters! That's right, the tees have all new, and improved designs! And they're MUCH better! I also have all new, cheaper and higher quality posters which is exciting! Shirt prices are likely to stay about them same but the tees are better now. Why? NEW AWESOME SHIRTS and NEW AWESOME DESIGNS! Here's the Posters to start off:

Music in Me

Ask Asha

The Ballerina Project

Search + Destroy

The Palace Wall


1000 Ships

Group Shot


And here are the tee logos!

Sunglasses Tee

Circular Tee


And here is what the tee actually looks like! Muchos better, non?

Well tell me what you think of them :D

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Etsy :/

So I'm intending on selling shirts again on etsy as well as posters, but I'd really love to do something that contributes to the doll market. Since we've started to look elsewhere for doll products after AG continues to raise their prices, I want to make something that people can usefully buy as an alternative to AG. There's people who make clothes (I'm horribly slow at seeing) polymer clay jewelry and food (everyone does that) jewelry (I'm also bad at making quality jewelry) and even furniture (my dad can, but I cant) so here's the thing: what can I sell on etsy and make easily? I don't know what to do! I thought of fixing up old dolls and customizing them but that would be expensive and I don't know how many people would pay for a custom doll. I kinda like the idea of clay but everyone does it do I'd hate to be just another clay sculptor. Anybody have any ideas as to what to make? I just can't think of anything but I really want to make something special for etsy again. Something that I'm known for. Perhaps I should really work on my sewing skills... Nonetheless tell me, what would you buy from me if I sold it?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Series Decision and Etsy

So as it turns out, The Ballerina Project prevails! This I am happy and sad about. I'm sad only because I have a bit of a better set/costume option for Something Always Happens in Asia, but I'm REALLY happy because I couldn't think of ANY plot for Something Always Happens in Asia, yet I have a trillion ideas for The Ballerina Project! This will be much easier! I'll just have to reuse clothes sometimes... Also I made a video today and I'm trying to do as many as I can over this break including starting the series so I just thought I'd announce it! Likely start it on Monday or maybe sooner! Oh and about Etsy, I got a new order of tees in (THIS TIME THEY'RE LIBERTY JANE PATTERNS AND SEWN BY MONCHATDANSLALUNE SO THEY'RE 1000X BETTER!) And so I'll be able to continue with the custom ones, and in fact, I was kinda wondering if anyone's even still interested in the GOTYS ones, or if I should stick to selling custom ones. I'm also thinking of starting to sell posters again(FOR CHEAPER AND BETTER QUALITY :D) so I'm also wondering how people feel about that. Otherwise, I'm considering making customized dolls from TLC dolls, or maybe painting and re-selling doll beds or something... I dunno, big projects, but tell me what you think about shirts and posters again in the comments below! I'd have new posters like S+D, Ask Asha, The Ballerina Project, a new family one, maybe another group one and perhaps Peyton or Music in Me again! We shall see! You can suggest posters too! :)
PS, I'm thinking of renaming Cécile to Noëlle because I like the name better and I never got attached to the name... Thoughts? They're both French and I much prefer Noëlle, plus I've hardly had her long enough for it to be a big change so I'll see XD

Thursday, January 5, 2012

iMovie Quick Fix?

So after getting iMovie I quickly realized that iMovie seconds are much longer than WLMM seconds. Now this is the only major downside and I still prefer it over WLMM any day but I wanted to fix it. I tried using framebyframe but can't figure it out whatsoever, and then I thought of something, why not speed up the video as a whole? So I tried it on my intro because it didn't require any sound and it worked! All I did was save the movie like I would to upload it, then re-import it and sped up the entire video at once. But here's the problem: music becomes sped up too. Then I thought, why not slow the music down in the original to the same amount I'll speed it up later on and so when I do speed it up, the music's normal. So I tried it out, and miraculously it works, however it's a little bit of extra work, so if you have any advice to speed up a stop motion on a mac, by all means, let me know! Now to figure out overlays... XD

Sunday, January 1, 2012

More Organized System

Oh hey guys, vote for real here about which series you want! Click HERE to read a more in depth description of both series!

Oh and PS, click the PETITION tab to sign a petition against AG raising their prices to unreasonable amounts! Let's stand up against them and remind them who they're selling to!

A little perspective

So today I it a message from a girl new to YouTube. One question she asked me was if I could explain to her what a subscription is. Now I don't rally remember it but I have a feeling I didn't know what they where at first either. This kinda hit me, the fact that someone joined YouTube, completely unaware what a subscriber was was really cool. Everyone is so wrapped up in subscribers and addicted to them that subscribers are all they care about. However, in the end, you can be on YouTube without out even knowing what they are, much less caring about them. Subscribers are not the be-all-end-all of YouTube. Then I went to explain the concept to her. All I could come up with was that it was a little thing that gives you a notification when your favourite YouTubers post a video. An you wanna know why? That's all they are. Subscribers don't mean anythings and yet they are so glorified. It's not just AGTube either, even YouTube itself celebrates big number subscribers. I think that we all need to put our priorities into perspective. I've never cared an incredible amount about them, and I've never asked someone to subscribe in my time being here, but they've alway been important to me. We can still celebrate, but let's not put ourselves down because we have less subscribers, focus only on our subscriber count and glorify ourselves a if we have more than others. By definition, subscribers are no big deal.