Saturday, September 24, 2011


So this post will be about a lot, hence the rainbow reference as rainbows have lots of colours, this post speaks of many things. First, things that make me happy! (For a wonderful change!!!) So I have 3 things that I would like to tell you guys that make me happy!

1) YOU! I am actually so happy with all the fantastic blog readers here! Your comments are just so insightful and wonderful, and the fact that you put up with my useless rants for posts on end that nag and bore is amazing! I just love it! Sadly blogger doesn't seem to like me commenting, so I can never reply, but take this as my reply! I especially lived a lot of the comments on my last posts as they were all just... intelligent! ^_^ I just love that haha! So a million times thank you! =D

2) 1000 SHIPS! The response to my music video has been... magical! XD I didn't think it was all that... (My hands were in it, the shaky-ness, the light...) of course I never seem to be happy with my videos but everyone has just been so incredibly positive and loving it that I just adore checking the comments! It's just fantastic to know that people really do like my videos! This reminds me about how much I miss making music videos though, because ever since the partnership was approved, I can't make a music video without asking the producer and they'd never reply to a little person like me... Ahh well I hope to make them periodically just to see all the fantastic comments I receive!

3) 1000 SHIPS IS EVERYWHERE! So maybe not everywhere, but the aforementioned music video has been in 2 very lovely places! (Besides all the fantastic favourites boxes =D) The first being RACHEL PLATTENS FAVOURITES BOX! The actual artist of the song I used not only saw, but FAVOURITED my song which is absolutely INCREDIBLE! I almost died... it was just.... AHHHHHHH -insert heavenly music here- The second place WAS FEATURED ON DOLL DIARIES! -points to fancy pink badge on the left- That's right, I was actually seen by one of the ladies who blogs on doll diaries and spotlighted on there for 1000 ships and the message around it was just wondrous! I was in total shock. So many more should be there before me... XD 1000 ships and Music in Me are probably my 2 best video decisions ever.

Next I'd like to do a mini news update...

1) SEATTLE IS BEING BOOKED TOMORROW! To my excitement it seems as though I will actually be going and meeting epic people and buying a doll for reals at AGP! AHHHHHHHHHHH! -dies- I am ridiculously excited for this and I can't wait until November. YAYAYAY! I wish I could go everywhere though... =/

2) Search + Destroy has been linked quite a bit to the Hunger Games (for good reason) and I understand that they are similar, but believe me when I say that it gets different! I'd hate to be that "copier girl" or whatever... that would suck.

3) Mason/Noah is going on ebay around the last week of October so look out for him and bid!

4) If you ever so wanted a boy doll and can supply said doll, feel free to send him/her here with a wig request and I can do "the change" (Well hopefully that is...) Just make sure to message me first! ;D

5) Tees haven't been selling well so I'd just like to say that MonChatDansLaLune has offered to make me some cuter cut tees to sell so hopefully those will move better! And I think I'll mark down the less attractive ones to sell them as they were expensive to make... -_- Anyway look out for that!

6) My new banner has some fancy link things on them that I recommend you try out because I specifically learned map coding to make them, so just give those fancy boxes a click, and see where they take you! Also speaking of which, I made the BG on windows paint and picnik, so anyone can do it! ;D


NOW FOR MY BIG SPEECH! I have realized lately that we AGTubers are our own... breed... we have a similar type of personality. We're a little more geeky and tech savvy, we have no interest in growing up and we're all pretty chill and sweet girls and honestly, I love that! I've made so many friends who are just so much like me from all these different places and it make mes feel less alone! Not that I am alone, because I'm lucky. A lot of my YT friends make friends more with boys because the girls at their school are so dramatic, and they just don't fit in with their different personality, but I for one am lucky. We have our obnoxious popular party girls, who all eat in a clump in the cafeteria, but I belong to the social level of cool, calm and funny girls around the school. I'm lucky to know so many other girls who could fit into the AG community, if they liked AG that is, just because they act like that. However I'm just so grateful that all of us girls who are so similar could meet and become friends, so what I'm trying to say is, thank you for being so awesome. And DFTBA. Vlog brothers fans anybody? No? Okay... But just don't stop being like you. =)

So I better be on my way as I have like 300 neglected messages to reply to over the last week (SHAME ALI SHAME) so I better get on that, since I won,t be sleeping to the loud university party next door... (2 days in a row... woooh...) So thank you for reading my rainbow. =)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


So I often find comments on my videos telling me that I, an anglophone, mispronounce words. Words that the commenters can barely spell. This irks me just a tad but you see I am not in fact pronouncing it wrong. It's called an accent. Now not even I ever really noticed that I had one until people started saying such comments to me. Apparently in America, everything is pronounced more with an "ay" or "ah" sound such has bahg (bag) and sarry (sorry) where as in Canada, we have a tad more of a British tone to our words and say it as baig (apparently but I don't even get how you guys say bag) and sorry. So as unfortunate as it is there is no reason to "correct" my "pronunciation" as I didn't commit a fault. I know how people just loooooooove to correct me sans raison (Kit vs Kate ring a bell?) but I'd appreciate them stopping. Of course none of you reading this would right? ;D -Ali

Sunday, September 18, 2011


So today I go to upload he videos I shot today for Search + Destroy and as I went to log onto my computer, it did all this crazy blue screen stuff and it's basically crashed which is kinda terrible. Luckily I didn't loose any YouTube stuff, but unluckily I've lost a lot of vacation photos... Anyway, that aside, my yet again awesome brother is letting me share his laptop that he rarely uses until my computer is fixed or I can buy a knew one... I AM getting kinda close-ish to my mac so that may be soon anyway but I kinda want my computer back as I hate the keyboard I'm currently using. OH THE TYPOS! Anyways don't worry about, nothing will change for you, but I just thought that since it does have a lot to do with YouTube, that I'd share! -Ali

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Blowing Stuff Up

So I'm sure you're thinking "Ali must be referring to her messages being blown up!" Well I actually mean legit blowing explosives up. For my new series anyway... So my brothers pretty much a scientist and for some reason has rocket engines laying around and since my new series is based during a civil war type thing, explosions are kinda necessary, so I put him on effects and props! That means that he's going to be rigging legit little explosions! I sincerely hope the the dolls do NOT die... XD Nah I'll make sure everything's all safe and sound! Anyway the new intro is going to be up pretty much today and hopefully I'll start the first episode tomorrow! Also Search & Destroy isn't like a giant series or anything, just a fun experiment to try something new so it's just going to be until TBP can start after my Seattle trip! =) PS S&D is going to be kinda intense and a little violent so it'll probably be viewer discretion advised, because someone DOES die... but he's the bad guy so it's okay! XD Last thing, I made the second boy doll Noah/Mason/Nameless boy yesterday and he's all done and I'll sell him after I do the 10 episodes of S&D! AUCTION YAY! =DDD He's quite cute actually! Anyways sorry for the several spoiler alerts in this, so don't tell anyone what you've just read! Except you can tell them the following stuff that I just remembered to add! I made my new BG and banner and all that last night using a template I found on google, windows paint, and picnik so it was just a lot of hand work... =P Also try clicking the symbols for etsy, the blog and my backup on the banner because they actually take you there! Yay for learning HTML! Kinda... Anyways that is all for now! =) -Ali

Monday, September 12, 2011

Tee Problem

So like many, I'm not a fan of the neckline of the tees I have. If I could actually sew, I'd try and make them a tad more attractive but I'm sure I'd end up ruining them in the process. So here's the deal. I'm going to TRY to find more adorable shirts, maybe something made from Liberty Jane patterns or the likes (I'd sew them myself, but once again I fail at sewing... XD) if I can get a good enough deal, but this MAY cause the price to rise to a point. I'm going as cheap as I can though. I had a heck of a time finding a place to get shirts from that didn't require a business license or US residence, so this was honestly the best I can do, but I'm trying to work something better out. Anyways, I'm going to keep the tees at the same price, but I may end up discounting them if I can get cuter tees in to silk screen and sell. That way you can get these ones for cheaper if they don't sell. Anyways, If you are interested, I have my Etsy to the left and I'll post pictures of the current tees below. Thanks! =) -Ali
Sunglasses Tee
Team Ali Tee
Names Tee Oh and one last note, if you buy a shirt and take a photo of your doll wearing it, your doll will be featured in a future background of mine! =) Just email it to me!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Etsy, TPW and Epic Movie

NEWS NEWS NEWS! So with 10000 subscribers looming in the distance tees are out in perfect timing! That's right, 15 shirts are done, and I have 12 more to do this evening! I'll have them up on etsy ASAP and I'll have the shirts around 10$ CAD because they cost 6.50$-ish just to make so I'm not actually getting that much... Sorry for the inconvenience! Anyways I hope if you buy one you like it and I'll have the commercial up ASAP! Also I'm currently finishing up and episode of TPW but it may be on hold again as I intend on doing an on going movie type thing based off of The Hunger Games, Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension, and several revolutions, so I'd like to work on that ASAP as well! Hopefully when that's done TBP can begin! This movie may be a tiny bit violent as well so it'll end up being PG! It's kinda different though so I hope you enjoy! -Ali

Saturday, September 10, 2011


So I was talking with my mom and in order for the AGP trip to be affordable, looks like we'd be going to Seattle... Sorry if that's super far from you and I'd absolutely love to go to Chicago, but it's just so expensive... :/ Anyways as for my ideas, the dates would still be the same, from the 11th to the 14th, and I'd probably go to AGP on the 12th sometime during the afternoon which would be announced in the official plan. So yeah I'd just kinda shop and hope and pray that people come! It would be much more amazing that way! =P Oh and because this is so short I kinda wanna say something that's been bothering me. Negativity. So I guess it just seems like the amount of cruel commenters has jumped up lately and it's not so much soul crushing as it is extremely obnoxious. I even had it on this very blog... Anyways to anyone who has commented something cruel absolutely anywhere, not here, not just to me, but anywhere. Let's be frank. You legitimately have no life. The people who actually waste their time to write something that's mean, I have a question for you. Why? Why do you do that? Do you enjoy making other people feel bad? If you do that's just kinda pathetic. I suggest you just wake up and realize that you are hurting people. I personally find haters kinda ridiculous and actually quite below me, which is rare for me to say, but some people take it to heart, and it's that one tick that makes them break down. Worst of all, imagine if the person you were hating on died? That did indeed happen on AGTube in 2009. Anna, an AGTuber, accidentally drowned in her friends pool in 2009, and she was subject to blunt bullying and racism from a hater on youtube who frequently hated on her for being half asian. Then one day, she was dead and he's still sorry. So just think about it. You're hurting real, living people like yourself. f course we all know haters aren't human right? XD Ah well I know 90% of you shouldn't even find this applicable because you are all AWESOME but I'd just like to share it... =P -Ali PS I'm working on getting something out this weekend because I've been terrible with videos lately.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

School and Series plans

So I've been back at school but 2 days and am already stressed out of my mind. That's basically why I left LDC but that's not what I wanna talk about. I'm still gonna make videos weekly and such but my main problem is messages. I'll probably answer messages once a week during weekends, so I'm begging you PLEASE don't send me a messages just to say hi. PLEASE! I feel so so SO terrible saying this but I just can't handle answering 500 messages, and half of them just saying hi. If you have something to ask/tell me go ahead and ask, it's absolutely no problem, and don't even worry about that. No matter how big or small, go on and let me know! I just really hope you don't message me to say hi, how you doing? And all that. I really hate not being able to talk to people but I'm trying so hard to work on school and I have TONS of dance so if my messages could be cut down that would be awesome. Once again I am so so SO sorry because I love talking to people but there's not 36 hours in a day... I'm so sorry again! It's not because I don't want to! However, anything even somewhat important is positively great to message me over! Now onto other business, I want to clarify something about series. So as you know I am indeed doing The Palace Wall but I want to make it last until November-ish when I'll have Norah to start off The Ballerina Project, therefor, I'm only going to put episodes up every other week to conserve my lacking ideas. No worries though, I'm still going to make stop motions, and other videos weekly so there'll be lots to go around! I'm not by any means quitting! Sorry about the series cut backs though but every other week expect a new TPW in your subscriptions box! Hopefully it'll be good! Anyways thank you loads for understanding! Also I'm still figuring out plans for my hopeful visit to AGP and so I hope to have news up soon on that! Spread the news you heard here! Thanks! =) -Ali

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Doll problem solved?

So I was thinking and reviewing votes yesterday and I came to a conclusion. I *think* I'm going to get Kanani at AG Place as planned and then she can be a sister to Jess in videos as poor Jess is often left out. Kanani would of course be re-named Norah. Oh but here's the catch... You've all probably heard my big plans where I'm gonna swap wigs or eyes or whatever and it never goes through but this time, if I'm allowed, I think I'll swap Kanani's eyes for brown. After all, everybody seems to love the hazel eyes (and I do too, don't get me wrong, but I already have Quinnlee) so I doubt it'd be hard to find someone on AGPlaythings to swap eyes with me for brown. I don't think I'll advertise it on youtube and everything in case it falls through, and instead I'll just add to the eye swap thread on AGPT and that way hopefully I'll find someone to swap with that can do it for me, although I'd do it if I have to. Or I could always keep the hazel... eh we'll see but Kanani looks like she'd be fantastic for me! I love the hair and I think I have enough enough experience to take care of it... XD Oh and maybe I'll trade off her hideous meet dress to anybody who wants it for whatever... We shall see! November's a ways away! I also considered getting the new blonde JLY as a twin for Kate (Tate?) but I have enough blondes and blue eyed dolls to go around! XD

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Oh dear... Doll problems...

So I thought I knew what doll I wanted if I go to AGP but of course now I'm going back on myself... I like having a diverse collection so deciding is super hard for me and now I've turned to here! PLEASE make a suggestion based on what you've read... or will read! Comment, message me, whatever but I NEED HELP! So here's what I'm looking for in a doll: -Darker skin -Brown/Amber eyes (Althoug I like Marie Grace's eyes...) -LONG HAIR -Straight or wavy hair -A different facemold than the classic one -Historical So The doll that matches that best is Addy, however I don't ADORE her meet outfit which I suppose isn't the biggest problem but I don't know if I exactly want Addy... what do you think of her? Do you think i should get her? There's always Cecile, to who's dress I LOVE and who I think is GORGEOUS but far too much like Quinn. I actually considered selling Quinn and getting Cecile instead but I'm sure people wouldn't be happy with me and I do love Quinn... Then there's the JLY with the long, straight hair and Sonali mold, but the meet outfit is just so... ugh... I suppose I could sell or trade it for a historical outfit of sorts (anybody?) but I kinda want to support historical dolls so there goes that dream... Then I like Marie Grace but after staring at her I realized I don't ADORE her facemold... I suppose she looks different in real life... And lastly I've been thinking of doing Kanani as I've been considering it all year. I AM GIRLOFTHEYEARstudios so I should get the girl of the year, and I can always eye swap Kanani, I mean most people love hazel eyes and would trade their brown for it any day, and the long hair is beautiful but it's the whole "not historical" thing again which I can work around. Plus long hair is a MAIN thing that I want. Along with mediumy to dark skin and a different facemold... I WISH I COULD JUST BUY SONALI THERE. I'm not sure, and of these dolls could technically work for me but I can't decide! It's just so AHHH! Please give me your input for I'd love to here it! Thank you so so so much! =D Remember, this is the last doll unless I sell another which I doubt! (Norah, or as I've been calling her lately to myself, Laquandakwiniqua, is becoming a boy and getting sold, making THIS doll Norah) -Ali

Thursday, September 1, 2011

1000 Ships, 10000 Subscribers

So I've finished my 10000 subscribers stop motion for the future and I'll give you a hint! First like I said, it's a music video, so I don't make any money off of it but I'm 1000% great with that! =D Who needs it when you have all those epic subscribers like you? NOT I! So I'll give you a hint and hopefully nobody will do a music video to the song first! I made it almost 2 weeks ago and just finished editing!
Alright so there's the preview picture but I hope you like it! It's called 1000 ships by Rachel Platten and it's about a girl who wants to ask the boy she likes to dance with her at the school dance! I've been planning it since mid-august too! =) Alright enough, I want it to be a surprise! Now for my *plans* for the meet and greet which are CERTAINLY subject to change!!! Fly out on November 11th and arrive at the Chicago airport around 8:30. Go to the undecided hotel because I'm going with the best deal I can find. On November 12th, I'll hopefully spend the day at AGP and meet with hopefully lots of people (anyone can come) and shop, buy and open Marie Grace and get a few other things too!!! Then just hang out in Chicago on Sunday the 13th, and leave back home on Monday at 12:30-ish and get home around 9:30. Lots of flying! I hope lots of people will be there to see me open Norah/Marie Grace which I'd probably do around 1-2 depending on when my mom's good with being there! Oh and it's still entirely possible to go to Seattle instead if it's easier, because the only reason I'd go to Chicago is because: A) My mom loves it there B) It's closer to most people C) More people voted for it on here Anyways we'll see and I hope to have the official plan by the day I hit 10000! Which so happens to be the 10th anniversary to 9/11 which is super unlucky... Ah well! I hope it all works out! Also check out the auction for "Noah" aka the unnamed and non existent boy doll when it's up! Last thing, I'll be doing TPW until I have the new and permanent Norah from AGP, and then when I have my permanent doll group (That's right, no more changes or new dolls!) I'll start TBP! Hope I'm not hating it by then! -Ali