Thursday, September 1, 2011

1000 Ships, 10000 Subscribers

So I've finished my 10000 subscribers stop motion for the future and I'll give you a hint! First like I said, it's a music video, so I don't make any money off of it but I'm 1000% great with that! =D Who needs it when you have all those epic subscribers like you? NOT I! So I'll give you a hint and hopefully nobody will do a music video to the song first! I made it almost 2 weeks ago and just finished editing!
Alright so there's the preview picture but I hope you like it! It's called 1000 ships by Rachel Platten and it's about a girl who wants to ask the boy she likes to dance with her at the school dance! I've been planning it since mid-august too! =) Alright enough, I want it to be a surprise! Now for my *plans* for the meet and greet which are CERTAINLY subject to change!!! Fly out on November 11th and arrive at the Chicago airport around 8:30. Go to the undecided hotel because I'm going with the best deal I can find. On November 12th, I'll hopefully spend the day at AGP and meet with hopefully lots of people (anyone can come) and shop, buy and open Marie Grace and get a few other things too!!! Then just hang out in Chicago on Sunday the 13th, and leave back home on Monday at 12:30-ish and get home around 9:30. Lots of flying! I hope lots of people will be there to see me open Norah/Marie Grace which I'd probably do around 1-2 depending on when my mom's good with being there! Oh and it's still entirely possible to go to Seattle instead if it's easier, because the only reason I'd go to Chicago is because: A) My mom loves it there B) It's closer to most people C) More people voted for it on here Anyways we'll see and I hope to have the official plan by the day I hit 10000! Which so happens to be the 10th anniversary to 9/11 which is super unlucky... Ah well! I hope it all works out! Also check out the auction for "Noah" aka the unnamed and non existent boy doll when it's up! Last thing, I'll be doing TPW until I have the new and permanent Norah from AGP, and then when I have my permanent doll group (That's right, no more changes or new dolls!) I'll start TBP! Hope I'm not hating it by then! -Ali


  1. Cool! I'll take those plans in to account, so I can explain stuff to my mum, and try and book stuff and what not! :D I'm also super excited to see you 10,000 subbers music video! it sounds amazing! hope to see you in chicago!

  2. AWW Chicago the american girl place i will never go * sigh*

  3. Aww I Live in New York Oh Well Let's Hope There Is A Next Time! :)