Wednesday, August 31, 2011


SECOND POST IN ONE DAY BUT THAT'S OKAY BECAUSE I HAVE SUCH BETTER NEWS THAN BEFORE! YAY YAY YAY! So I was looking at AG today and deciding what things to buy if I ever go to AGP and I thought gee I could use some money, and wow I now want Marie Grace. Ooooh AG you... And then I thought: I'LL SELL NORAH! THEN I CAN HAVE A BIT OF EXTRA MONEY TO GET MARIE GRACE AKA THE NEW NORAH! So I called my mom with the news (I've already signed her foot) and my mom caused the entire yay news with 2 things... First she suggested I sell Norah as a boy. Genius. She said that if I rewigged him I'd probably get more because then he'd be special and Norah really isn't that special like Harper was. YAY MOMMY! So I'm rewigging Norah into a lovely browny blond wig I just ordered and selling her on ebay, probably starting at 75$ maybe... It'll take 50$ to make her! Hopefully though lots of people will bid. I know YOU will right? =) So yeah I literally JUST bought the wig and so it'll be a week or 2 before the 3 day auction can begin! WOOH! Now for the second news... So as it SOUNDED to me over the phone I'll be going to AGP! And probably Chicago! As I may have said before my mom loves it there, plus more people can go so it's a perfect thing! What do I mean? Well she said numerous times "If you want money for when we go to Chicago" and things along those lines, and I told her I found flights and hotels and packages she said okay! YAY! AGP HERE I COME! In November that is! XD Plus this will allow me to realize my dream of buying a doll at AGP! I AM SO EXCITEDDDD of course I suppose Charlotte can just go on a vacation on TPW for the next few episodes... no biggie... Anyway I hope you enjoyed this actually positive blog post for a change!!! -Ali

Things that bother me.

Today things are bothering me. Besides AG. Wow I complain a lot... ANYWAYS there are some comments that are terrible. One of them being "SUB ME! CHECK OUT MY CHANNEL!" That bothers me because it's just obnoxious. I never did that and I turned out fine... but that's not the worst. 2 other types of comments are annoying me much more right now. The first is... "IT'S KIT NOT KATE. YOU'RE S STUPID." Yeah I got that once. Actually I'm told my own dolls name to me on a regular basis. What people, you think I'm too stupid to read? Yeah AG markets her as "Kit" but I find that an extremely lame name (No offence to anyone of course.) Anyways, I changed her name to Kate, and that's how it is. Once someone actually said in a comment "It's Kit not Kate! You're so stupid! Don't subscribe to this sore loser!" on my own video. I was like are you serious? REALLY? The second type of comment has shown up a lot more recently because apparently I had a video on the homepage or something yesterday... not really sure but anyways apparently it drew weird loser like YouTubers who have no lives. I've had several comments along the lines of "gay" "WTF did I just watch" and "OMG I'M SCARRED FOR LIFE! WHAT WAS THAT?!?!" And I'm like really people? It's called a video. It's pretty neat huh? And videos surprisingly don't have a sexual orientation. It just drives me nuts how these people think they're ridiculously cool and have the bestest insults for videos that have dolls in them because videos with dolls in them are totally stupid and lame right? Yeah that's why like 20000 people watch and make them. Because they're stupid. Really people get lives and stop being so pathetic and close minded. Of course this isn't directed to any of you because you're all awesome but I'm just venting! Thanks for listening haha!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


My dearest AG,
I HATE YOU. Why do I hate you? I was juuuust about ready to swear off of AG for GOOD and then Bam. You HAD to do it. HAD TO. You made new outfits. Why? Why torture me? Normally your outfits are... unattractive... but now that sweater outfit? I can't help but love it! And the ballerina outfits is a must have. This is terrible. Plus I could use some new glasses... since I'm giving back Casseys... and I COULD have Marie Grace as Norah instead of the current Norah because she's pretty original... plus the straightened pin curls would make adorable side bangs... WHY?!?! Well that tears it. I'm am planning a meet and greet at AGP no matter what. I will work around my mom's schedule and school and I will DO THIS. I WILL buy a doll at AGP and I WILL get those outfits and I WILL meet epic people. Fingers crossed! I'll probably go to Seattle, however, it seems like 90% of everybody can go to Chicago and my mom loves it there soooo... we shall see... Anyways, I have a sleepover to pack for (Yay for seeing best friends! ^_^) so I'll update you on my AGP plans when I actually have more to tell you!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

In Response to "Ballet Barre"

So some people are... unhappy... that I'm not going to continue The To-Do List, so I thought I'd explain why to the few of you who check up on this. (Thanks for that by the way) When I first came up with The To-Do List, I was super excited, it was exactly what I wanted to do and I was full of ideas! However, since I had to wait so long to do it, I lost interest over time. Then by the time I actually was able to do it, I had barely any interest in it at all. When I first saw it, it wasn't super exciting and I was already up for the next episode. Music in Me, really was something I'd wanted to do at the time and I was so ready to do it, but I just don't feel the same way for TTDL. And I've discovered, if I don't have an interest in the series I'm doing, the episodes aren't as good, ideas are lacking, and I flat out don't want to have to film the episode. That really sucks because after a 6 month time period, I usually start to loose interest. However, The Ballerina Project is something that I'm entirely interested in and excited to do, and I want to spend my time doing something that I love doing and thing that I can do well. Think of the first episode of TTDL as a pilot: I didn't like how it turned out, so no episode 2. There wasn't anything to see anyway... And it wasn't as big of a hit as MIM, I know a lot of people didn't really catch on or love it so I'd like to do something that everyone will like watching. As for The Palace Wall, people have been saying that I really should finish a series. Well The Palace Wall wasn't really ever going to be finished. It was just a mini series to hold everyone over until all my dolls had arrived and I could begin a new and fantastic series that I loved doing. Therefor, try not to judge me on quitting TTDL because I didn't want to be putting myself through something I didn't love. Oh and last thing, I know ballet is a popular theme, the one thing I didn't like about it was how common it was, but I'd just like to mention that I do NOT and I repeat NOT own the theme. (This goes for doll names, dolls, items, ect because people ask...) If you want to do a ballet themed series, by all means GO FOR IT! Not everything revolves around me, in fact very little does, and if you wanna do a ballet series, I'm 100% certain it won't be much like mine, and if it is, whatever! If you're having fun doing it, do it! It doesn't matter if I'm doing it, and you certainly don't have to ask me PERMISSION to do it! Like I said, I DON'T OWN IT! I say this because I saw a few comments saying "I was gonna do a ballet series..." and all I have to say to that is DO IT! And don't blame me for doing something I wanna do, I'm not stealing "your" idea either. I came up with this after a long night of thinking actually... Well it has it's influences, Asterietoile and Colmarion1 that is... but I'm still trying to be different, and such and all I wanna say is, don't let me stop you from doing your series! Oh and last thing, I'm not really letting people continue TTDL, because maybe I'll be inspired to do it again, however if you want to do something similar, like I said, not my theme so go on and do it! That's all! =)

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Ballerina Project

MY BRAIN WORKS! FINALLY I came up with a series idea that I think is *okay*. Well allow me to explain, it's about ballet because I'm a ballerina and it's centered around a girl named Freyja. She moves to New York to live with her aunt Flora who owns a ballet company called "The Manhattan Ballet Company". She needs some training and work to become a great dancer, so a lot of it's about her training. It's also about the other girls in the company, like Lila, a quiet and shy girl, who can hardly afford to stay in the company and survives on scholarships and talent; Blaire, the nerdy girl who would much rather be working for university than dancing, despite her natural talent; Callista, the jealous, rich and rude girl, who only acts that way because her parents hardly pay attention to her; and Brielle, the young star of the company who's been training all her life, and lacks a social life, friends and freedom. She also meets her new neighbours, Emmett, the terribly cute boy next door who's shy and supressed, and Tianna, the cruelest, most self centered and rude girl in the world. There's a lot of expensive clothing, and parties in this series too so we get a bit of the whole Gossip Girl theme in there! Here's a picture I made for it:

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Series Situation

So when I first put The To-Do List together I really liked the idea. I had plans, sets, costumes, personalities and everything ready, but now I don't think it's good enough... I'm just not a fan anymore and I want to do something else. But there's a problem: I don't have a good idea. I find myself wanting to do something ballet related, and maybe taking place in New York. Perhaps including fancy parties and the whole Manhattan lifestyle but when I have an idea it just doesn't seem original enough. I had a plan to do a series on a ballet company but it seemed too much like a cross between Colmarion1's incredible Starlight Dancers, and Starlightharps's fantastic series that she'd done a while back. I'm just drawing a blank, but I really don't want to do The To-Do List anymore. I suppose I'll think of something, and hopefully soon because the only thing I can really do well is series and without one, I'm doomed... Of course the likelyhood of me making anything better than Music in Me is fairly low because that's about the extent of my creativity. Cross your fingers that I'll think of something!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


So to anybody who's commented on here, I have a quick note. For some reason I can't reply or post comments on my own posts, so if I don't reply, it's not because I don't want to! =P Thanks for understanding! I'm working on figuring out how to do it though!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Wig Trade?

So I've recently gotten Norah, AKA JLY 29, and despite that her hair's super pretty, long and layered, I kinda want a different look... So here's the plan, I kinda would LOVE a doll with long wavy-ish hair, such as Kanani's, Sonali's or even that new JLY! So I was thinking of doing a wig swap! If anybody owning a doll with the description of super long, wavy hair, that wants a new look message me on youtube! What I can do is you can send me your doll and I'll swap the 2 wigs and even sign her foot if you ever so desire! =) And of course send her back! XD Norah's wig is like new, but it's kinda thin, and a little dry, but other than that pretty shiny and smooth! ANd surprisingly long! Anyway, here is a bad picture of her I just took so you could see!

Sunday, August 21, 2011


So after looking at basilmentos AMAZING blog and realizing that I kinda need mine to say stuff that I don't feel like putting on YouTube, I renovated it and am using it again! Hopefully I'll actually post! XD So I have a few things to say... Well 1 but whatever...
Today I was at my neighbours house, and one of the girls there decided she wanted to sell some AG stuff! She has 2 dolls, and wanted to keep the first but sell the second and well, she sold it to me! I raced home (2 houses down that is) and grabbed some money and got a like new doll for
35$! Then I paid 30$ more for Julie's Calico Dress, Rebecca's Movie Outfit, the Karate Outfit and some random Josefina Outfit! =DDD 65$, for all that! LUCKY DAY! Plus I've kinda been into historical stuff lately to create vintage looking outfits and such! And I really love historical stuff... HOWEVER I have decided to have my own AG Boycott and stop buying from them forever (I hate their ugly overpriced outfits anyway)... Except my mom said I could buy a new AG table set or nightstand or something so after that I shall boycott! Unless I find some adorable historical thing... GAH! AG IS SO HARD TO BOYCOTT! Anyway, I will try my best! Also, suggest me a table! And wish me luck! I have to get my wisdom teeth out surgically tomorrow/by the time you've read this... -_-