Saturday, August 27, 2011

In Response to "Ballet Barre"

So some people are... unhappy... that I'm not going to continue The To-Do List, so I thought I'd explain why to the few of you who check up on this. (Thanks for that by the way) When I first came up with The To-Do List, I was super excited, it was exactly what I wanted to do and I was full of ideas! However, since I had to wait so long to do it, I lost interest over time. Then by the time I actually was able to do it, I had barely any interest in it at all. When I first saw it, it wasn't super exciting and I was already up for the next episode. Music in Me, really was something I'd wanted to do at the time and I was so ready to do it, but I just don't feel the same way for TTDL. And I've discovered, if I don't have an interest in the series I'm doing, the episodes aren't as good, ideas are lacking, and I flat out don't want to have to film the episode. That really sucks because after a 6 month time period, I usually start to loose interest. However, The Ballerina Project is something that I'm entirely interested in and excited to do, and I want to spend my time doing something that I love doing and thing that I can do well. Think of the first episode of TTDL as a pilot: I didn't like how it turned out, so no episode 2. There wasn't anything to see anyway... And it wasn't as big of a hit as MIM, I know a lot of people didn't really catch on or love it so I'd like to do something that everyone will like watching. As for The Palace Wall, people have been saying that I really should finish a series. Well The Palace Wall wasn't really ever going to be finished. It was just a mini series to hold everyone over until all my dolls had arrived and I could begin a new and fantastic series that I loved doing. Therefor, try not to judge me on quitting TTDL because I didn't want to be putting myself through something I didn't love. Oh and last thing, I know ballet is a popular theme, the one thing I didn't like about it was how common it was, but I'd just like to mention that I do NOT and I repeat NOT own the theme. (This goes for doll names, dolls, items, ect because people ask...) If you want to do a ballet themed series, by all means GO FOR IT! Not everything revolves around me, in fact very little does, and if you wanna do a ballet series, I'm 100% certain it won't be much like mine, and if it is, whatever! If you're having fun doing it, do it! It doesn't matter if I'm doing it, and you certainly don't have to ask me PERMISSION to do it! Like I said, I DON'T OWN IT! I say this because I saw a few comments saying "I was gonna do a ballet series..." and all I have to say to that is DO IT! And don't blame me for doing something I wanna do, I'm not stealing "your" idea either. I came up with this after a long night of thinking actually... Well it has it's influences, Asterietoile and Colmarion1 that is... but I'm still trying to be different, and such and all I wanna say is, don't let me stop you from doing your series! Oh and last thing, I'm not really letting people continue TTDL, because maybe I'll be inspired to do it again, however if you want to do something similar, like I said, not my theme so go on and do it! That's all! =)


  1. It's totally cool, ali :) I love just about any video you upload! :D

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