Friday, October 14, 2011


Here's a rant post because I feel like freaking ranting. AGUnicorns is probably one of the worst mistakes that anybody's ever made. I wish I'd never wanted to share it and I wish I'd never told people about it. All I wanted was to make music videos. However I can't, so I needed a second channel to do so but it'd be pointless to have my own because I'd hardly ever be able to update it so when the other girls all wanted the same thing, it seemed like one of the most fun things possible to do because I'd be sharing a channel with friends, but OH NO. I can't be FRIENDS with people on YouTube! That'd be far too much like real life, where people get hurt! People just blew this whole thing way out of proportions. They were all "offended and left out" because they weren't involved in our Facebook messages, that we've been talking on for months, that led up to the mutual creation of the channel. After all, everybody ever should have the right to be part of the shared channel, right? And yet no matter how many times I explain it, I can't catch a break from the constant criticism. First people were being "excluded" just like at school and I had become this popular queen who was bullying everyone and I OBVIOUSLY made this channel all on my own and CHOSE the most POPULAR people on YouTube to share it with! And I OBVIOUSLY think I'm the best and most popular person on YouTube! That's totally why I spend hours replying to everyone, helping anybody that asks, and attempt to make friend with anyone who acknowledges my existence! Because I think I'm better than everyone! I mean I OBVIOUSLY said that in my video! Of course I said "I'm the best and most famous on YouTube and everyone should spit shine my shoes!!!" Then I went on to be criticized for not "allowing" (because this is soooo my thing) every older girl on YouTube to be in this channel! Of course I worded it to sound like an egomaniac! Of course I wanted everybody to feel left out! Like I said, this channel was all me. The funny thing is, I never even made the freaking channel! I just made a video about it so people would know! This is honestly out of control. My first instinct is to leave AGUnicorns because everyone else wants to stay but I can't continue to handle this crap. However I'm dying to make some music videos so I guess that's not an option. I also considered taking a break from YouTube until everybody takes a chill pill and realizes that they aren't all entitled to share a channel that they weren't involved in the creation process of, and if they aren't "chosen" to be on it, then they should be entirely offended. I'm REALLY tired of people telling me that I'm certainly not allowed to be friends with any of these girls, some I've known for years, simply because they are defined as "popular". In fact this popularity crap has gone wildly out of control! I can tell that every single person who was "excluded" by the new "clique" of YouTube (Mind you I have many other friends in which I am equally involved it but since all the sharers of AGUnicorns are equally close, we tend to do things together) only wanted to be in it for subscribers and popularity. WHO THE HECK CARES ABOUT POPULARITY? I truly don't and never did. Not once in my career here did I EVER ask or bribe anyone to subscribe me, and guess what, I started from 0 and WORKED my way to the position that everyone else put me in, and I work extremely hard to stay there. Not because I love the feeling of being "famous" but because I want to improve myself and to be kind to everybody. This means 175 messages a week, 2 videos a week and dealing with situations like these. People seem to think that this channel is all for the most popular, and best AGTubers but honestly, I would put many many MANY other girls on that channel before myself, because my videos have a long way to go. Oh wait, I shouldn't have said that, I'm an egomaniac right? Right... Anyways this fun solution has turned to the biggest headache that I've faced since summer 2010 and it's only worsening because no matter who I explain it, I'm saying something wrong and leaving someone out so the videos are gone. The only reason I said nobody else could be on in that video was so that I wouldn't have to answer six billion comments asking because everyone wants to be in with the "popular" girls... -insert eye roll at the word popular here- Not to exclude anyone. It was for us because we made it as a collective. It's funny because I was and have never been, nor am a popular girl at school, and since I'm painfully shy, I never will be. I was actually bullied a few years back and would hide around the school looking for a place to eat so that people wouldn't see me alone. I was excluded from everything, but I put on my big girl panties and made friends because they were kind to me. Popularity gets you no where and I'm not searching for it. Subscribe to me because you like to watch my videos, not for any other reason. Anyways I better get it out there that THIS MESSAGE WAS NOT TO OFFEND ANYONE because everyone seems to be so easily offended lately. It's just my incoherent ranting that made no chronological sense whatsoever. Thank you for getting this far if you did. And by the way, I removed the videos and am hoping to help everyone forget them because I can't flipping stand answering the comments anymore. Which brings me to another point: As much as I DETEST letting haters get off saying random crap on my videos, I'm just not replying to them. Even if they say something completely ludicrous. It's just not worth the time. Instead I'm going to reply to all the kind comments (If that's possible seeing there are so many XD) because those people are worth the time =) Anyway you're also one of those fantastic people for reading this!


  1. Ali I am going to make a video on this and you can fav it and put it on your channel and that way every one can see what your going through and I can go an deal with all this mess for u! I am not joking I can be like your lawyer or something!

  2. yesterday i went and watched all of your old videos and i was like: there is an example that you can start with not so great videos to amazing with hard work and dedication. it helps me because i suck at videos due to not having a real camera and i struggle with saving for one. i personally will be lucky to ever get 50 subscribers. i also think that people that have been here for less than a year need to learn that youtube isn't about subscribers. its about entertaining others with your love for videos. i joined as aglove221 in February but i was originally here as a different account and on agtube since 2010. my love for making videos will never be over run by worrying about popularity. Ali, we all have our friends and it just so happens that yours are "popular" to.
    you remind me this girl i know, naia, she is kind to everyone. she may not be friends with them but she still takes the time to talk to them.
    the part about bulling, i dont get bullied but i often feel that my friend hate me or are only my friends because i get upset when i'm discluded. for me that's a small reason for being on here, i come home after a stressful day and i can escape by thinking up ideas for videos, sometimes failing at them but having an awesome time doing it and cracking up to myself about my mistakes. also watching everyone's shlamazing videos.
    wow i babbled :)
    thanks for reading this far

  3. also, alot of people who beg for subscribers (obviously not you :]) get them and say they have 200, their videos will only have 50 views. being popular means that people love you videos so much you are worth talking about in a good way. but if your "popular" meaning you have a ton of subscribers but they could care less about you videos and only subscribed because the person running the channel told you to then technically you are not popular, just a briber.
    Ali, you are amazing. i talk to my friends about you like your my other best friend, that they don't know (even though they have seen your videos), proudly [ in a non weird way ]. some times i wish i could go back in time to when i was 9 and instead of wanting a D.S for Christmas, wanting a camera. or to when i was 8 and discovered agtube then instead of 2 years ago when i was 10. i wish i started videos earlier because this drama is annoying me and everyone makes it seem that back in the day agtube was drama free .
    to me you are shlamazing at making videos but other than that you are a normal girl going through the same things as the next girl.


  4. Hey Ali,
    I'm not on youtube but if I was you would be the first person I would subscribe to.. NOT because your popular but because I really love your videos.
    Some advice... Lets see if I can word this without sounding like a total idiot that prefers one party over another, because I don't.
    I think that you, Ali, need to just ignore the haters and people who are angry at you. You should make videos simply because you enjoy it. If one in ten people hate what your doing, who cares? That's their problem if they don't read your blog or watch your videos close enough to see that your a great person.
    You are totally entitled to close friends over the internet, I have two wonderful friends of my own who I know only over the computer. As I said above, who cares if one in ten people dislike your videos? You still have some pretty great friendships. And you have 10,000 subscribers! 10,000 people love your videos. How many people are making this trouble? Not 10,000.
    I hope that doesn't sound too harsh. I really don't mean it.
    I totally understand how some younger people could feel left out... But really, they need to start watching your videos closer to see what they actually mean.
    No offense to anyone!! This is just my opinion... A girl's entitled to that, isn't she?

  5. wow!!!! ali is amazing and ppl treating this sweet amaizngly genouris and i mean PERFECT all-in-all girl she not famous!!! i mean she has subscribers but is she walking down the red carpet??? NO! now SHE SHOULD BE!!! but shes not! BECAUSE OF ALL THE HATE now im gonna go off on a rant and you can bite me if you think that ali is rude egomaniactic *what? xD* Or just plain anything but AMZING!!!! imm wwaaaiiiittttiiiinnnngggg!!!!! see?? NOONE BIT ME!!!! becuase you all relize how STUPID!!! and RIDICULOS YOUR BEING!!!!! so all of you just shut up and love becuase

    hate is easy
    but love takes courage

    now do u understand how *****ing STUPID!! YOUR being??? good bye and <3 ya ali

  6. I cant ****ing believe this! Ali one of the best girls on YouTube waited 4 or 3 years to get hear but no that's not good for you(mean Ag youtubers!, Americangirl077/088 comes back no not good for you!,and then AGUnicorns come to please you but for gods sake you have to be like little kids and want MORE!
    AGUnicorns was meant for YOU!!
    How do you ask well you have a channel with all OUR (not just yours!) fab and favorite girlys BUT YOU MUST HAVE MORE AND MORE! And now you shall rethink about your actions and go and say sorry to all of the girls: Alex,Katie,Aly,Skye,Ali,Lexi and Alex! Okay go now and say sorry...
    Go and TRY and SAY sorry to those 7 girls!
    this a very ANGRY girl posting this >O<

  7. poor ali! Just one problem after another. I like LOVE YOUR MUSIC VIDEOS!! PLEASE STAY ON AGUNICONS!!!! *Pink fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows :D*

  8. Hi Ali, I'm so sorry this whole AGUnicorns thing has brought so much trouble to you... something that was supposed to be fun, and I'm sorry about that. I think you should go ahead with it anyway Ali, because I really enjoy watching your music videos {and pretty much everyone else on AGU's!} so I think it's an awesome idea that you have a shared channel, where you pool in all the awesomeness together :)
    -charlotte <3

  9. People should just grow up. Ali worked really hard to get where she is and she does not deserve this crap. And if you haven't noticed, youtube is for people who are 13+. So if you are younger and are just jealous of Ali, then get off youtube and grow up a little. Wait until you are 13 then think 'Will I make fun of others because of popularity?' If yes then wait longer. No one deserves to be bullied by little girls. Just grow up and get on with your life.
    This was posted when I was really angry at the people who are jealous. I am just trying to get a point across so don't be mean to me.

  10. Dear Ali,

    You know What's right for you but, nobody should stand in the way of you! You should keep AGunicorns, this is what you wanted to do with your friends.


  11. You don't deserve this Ali, at all, no one does. LISTEN PEOPLE: If you want to have a shared channel with some of your close YouTube friends, then go ahead and use this great idea! Don't just stand around and waste your time whining, complaining, and just being down right rude to the people that are having fun. See, if Ali wasn't famous right now, and the people of AGUnicorns weren't famous, then none of you would be going crazy, but, as soon as someone gets famous and well known, you feel the need to pay attention and get mad if they had a great idea and you didn't. Come on guys, in a way, you were bullying Ali, the girl you look up to. Now look where it is: Ali has deleted the videos, trying to make us forget about it, because she doesn't want to put up with it anymore. Congratulations everyone, you just bullied someone. (This is not really meant for the people that WEREN'T mean to Ali)

  12. i know that i said i was leaving u out, but that was BEFORE i read this post now i totally agree with you and i think all the hard time you put into your videos that some people think are cruddy well then just ignore those people because they dont know who they're dealing with :D

  13. I'm not on Youtube, but I love to watch. :) Anyways, this really shows how strong you are! People need to get it in their head: it's not about popularity, it's actually this amazing thing called FRIENDSHIP! Not so difficult, is it? Keep strong, Ali! You seven are some of my favorite YouTubers!


  14. Personally, I agree with you! You have great videos and I've noticed that a lot of the 'popular' girls are the ones who are older and more mature, so it make sense you would become friends with them because you all are the same age! I feel so bad for you having to deal with this, I don't think you should quit, but I think you and the other AGUnicorners should make a video explaining it. It's a suggestion, but I think it might 'cool' things down a bit.


  15. you are totaly right, ive wached meny vids that at the end say:"if i get 100
    subs i will make the 2nd part" and stuff like that, im a girl to who was being bullied and made new friends. so say it, you are one of the only good, no GREAT, NO FANTABULES you tubers enymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you said it, you are one of the most nicest youtubers!!!! so i meanthis in a good way!!!!!!!!! :)

  16. do not quit! do not quit we will stand up for you, stand strong, it will pass! do not quit! do not quit! do not quit!

  17. Ali, dont worry about them. They're just being big babies. Ali, I'm always here if you need to talk about something :)

  18. Hi. Ali, I Just Want To Say That I'm On Nobodies Side, I See Both Ways. I Think That You Want To Have Fun With Your Close Friends That -Not Sarcastic- Just So Happen To Be Popular, Too. Everyone's Reaction- 'UNFAIR! IT'S SCHOOL ALL OVER AGAIN!' And That's Where It Started. You See, If Everyone Thought Just A Bit More, You Realize Ali Did This Mainly Because She CAN'T Post Music Videos. Hello? Yes, She CAN'T Post Music Videos. And I Bet You She Just Wanted AGUnicorns For That Reason. Ali And Her Friends Probably Weren't Even Popular When They Started Talking About It, And So Ali Figured: 'Oh, Now Would Be A Good Time Since I Can't Post Music Videos- This Will Be So Much Fun!' - But No, You Guys Just Had To Snap React And Rant On And On About How She's Just Being A Popular Jerk, Your In 'School' Again- She's Just Trying To Have Fun. So Then Ali Reacted To That, And It Made Her Very Angry And Offended. I Diffidently See Why. And Then, Most Of You STILL Hated On Her. This Is NONSENSE. You See, Two Life Quotes Needed In This Situation Is 'If You Can't Beat Them, You Might As Well Join Them', And 'Forgiveness Is Key.'. If You Forgive, She'll Be Happy Again. If You Hate, You Won't Win. Actually, You're Risking The Chance Of Ali QUITTING. But I Guess You Wish, She's Not Doig AGUnicorns, She's Taking A Break From Youtube For God Only Knows How Long, She's Stressed And Hating Almost Everybody (<--- That One I'm Not Sure Is True) So I Hope Your Happy Now. You Made Ali Feel Horrible For Nothing She Could Have Done Or Not Done.

  19. I just DO NOT get why ppl are making a big deal out of it! Ali and her friends wanted to have a sheared channel so let then do it! If you want to have a shared channel then you can open one with your close friends! They can do what ever they want! and i'm not trying to hurt anyone!

  20. wow..., people are really overacting. come everyone let's be mature! It's not like you made this to exclude people. I think they just need to get over it and be mature. If they're so upset, go off and make an account like this on their own!

  21. More people definitely need to read your blog. :)

  22. Everyone who is against AGUnicorns, needs to shut their mouths and take a chill pill! If you care so much about joining the channel, MAKE YOUR OWN!!

    I feel bad for you Ali. I could never deal with such a load of crap! I do NOT blame you for posting this! I used to have around 5 blogs and I was getting crushed by people for ONE post I did! I couldn't deal with it and deleted it! I have 2 blogs now with few followers and I'm quite content.

    AGUnicorns is awesome and please keep going. Everyone who says otherwise, SHUT IT!

  23. Ali, I was so upset when some girls suddenly turned against you and the other creators of AGUnicorns! Honestly, I don't see why those girls aren't excited that all seven of you girls have created a channel together. I know that I was ecstatic to hear the news! Anyways, just ignore the ranters and focus on one main thing; AGUnicorns is going to be one of he BEST channels on YouTube.
    Can't wait for more AGUnicorns music videos!

  24. Ali, I don't even have a Youtube and I was still able to subscribe to you. Not because you are quote unquote "popular" (because I'm SO not either) but because I LOVE your videos and I look forward to seeing them every Saturday. I didn't even know what AGUnicorns WAS, but I see that it's really hard on you and I hope that everyone else understands as much as I do. You are my ROLE model, I would NEVER be able to deal with so much drama. I will stand on your side until this whole matter is resolved. I wish I could help more but unfortuneately I live in Texas and don't have a Youtube account. But I do sare your videos with my friends =D!

  25. Also Ali I'm really sorry if anything I said came across as "superfan" but I just wanted to make my message clear because we were talking about comunication in my science class today.

  26. no more hatters? is that true nope!
    i am soo mad I LOVE AGUnicorns! some of these haters are not as good as u and thats why they are to trolly to understand! I cant wait till u get back! and you are one of the resoson that AG077 and AG088 are back! from the help~ 'you is kind you is inmoptant you are spicail!' and u are

    ~Caitlynn Marie