Sunday, October 9, 2011


SO I AM SO EXCITED THAT I JUST MIGHT EXPLODE!!! I'm going to AGP Seattle on Saturday November 12th and I'll probably be there around 2:30-3:00 and then for a few hours! Also I'm meeting LaughDanceAG and AGNoelle and we're taking the ferry down together and we're staying at the same place so it's going to be amazing! I have my wishlist (an undecided doll which I'll pick and open there, the ballerina outfit, the cozy sweater outfit, the raspberry glasses and several extras as I've been saving like crazy for this day!) and I'll also for sure get a picture with every single person I meet there (COME 1 COME ALL!!!) and I'm bringing and autograph book so I can get a signature from everyone! =D I AM BEYOND EXCITED! I'll bring Peyton and Asia and may get Kanani there, or someone else depending on what I feel like... FIRST DOLL I'M GETTING AT A REAL AGP! WOOT! Also I'll probably use the pictures for a background so I'm gonna have to get everyone to sign the autograph book in the same order as the photos taken so that way I can make sure everything's in order! Oh and if you don't want your photo on there then I'll just take note of that! XD Anyways this will be the best day ever. DEFINITELY. Oh and another thing, obviously the 1000 miles MV dosn't belong to me and comes from a famous YouTuber that left (we all know who I think XD) And I was talking to her yesterday and she said how she missed having that video up and asked if she could put it on my channel (100% credit to her of course) And I was like OF COURSE THAT IS AMAZING AND I WOULD ADORE TO BE ABLE TO SEE IT AGAIN =D So just remember that her amazing work of art does not belong to me and I'm just posting it so everyone can see it! She even uploaded it herself from her computer hehe! Last thing, people wanted to know why the boycott post vanished and it's for 2 reasons:
1) It was mainly because I wanted my news updatey post with all the info to still be on the front page, and so I put the other one on private but then I realized that that won't last forever and therefor, I will just remind you, if you haven't seen the updates post (2 posts ago) READ IT IT IS SO IMPORTANT.
2) It was a bit just because the thing was causing an uproar that I really wasn't into dealing with so it went bye-bye ;D


  1. cool i wish i could go to seatel and meat u :D but i can haha i wish u could go to agp in LA that is the closest one to me oh well maby i could work some things out to go thare O.o

  2. It's too bad that I can't meet you at AG place. :( That is one of the AG places I haven't been to before, and I would LOVE to go, but we live around the East Coast, so it's KIND OF un-possible. :(


    P.S. I love saying un-possible... XD

  3. Wish I could go! Anyways hope you have wonderful time Ali

  4. Sigh. I wish I could go SO FREAKIN' BADLY :( It sounds like soooo much fun... I hope you have an epic time, ma dear :)
    -charlotte <3

  5. I Wish I could go but being a Mid-West gal and all XD Have fun! :)

  6. OMG that DOES IT!!!! I am going to get ON MY KNEE'S and BEG to go to the AGP!!! XD I'm serious!!! ALL my money is going towards the "Ali" fund! :3 I know, I'm THAT big of a fan. XD

  7. Wish I could go to the Seattle one. :( I JUST went to the AGP, so that won't happen for sure.