Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Multipurpose Post

So I'm making this all rolled into one because I have several things to say. Allow me to begin:
So I feel the need to explain something about video requests. I'm all for video requests because sometimes I just don't have ideas! (However, right now I have a lot and I'm just waiting to be done Search + Destroy and my Halloween movie to do them) However, there are 2 that are highly requested, that I completely intend to do, but I can't right now. Well I can, but it'd make more sense to do later. These are
-Doll Room Tour
-All My Dolls
Now I'm definitely going to do these, just not until I'm fully prepared. I'm getting my new and final doll in 2 weeks, so I figure it'd be best to do an all my dolls video, when I have ALL my dolls. As for the room, we are literally JUST starting to renovated our house, (we ordered new floor! YAY!) Which poses some difficulties as I'll need to film around my destroyed house, but it's also good because my dad is helping me build this doll shelf thing that will be epic and my doll room is just SO repetitive right now, so why not wait until it's all cool and awesome? So when I have that, those requests will be fulfilled.
Now here's some info on Seattle. Firstly, Mason is going up on eBay tomorrow (There will be a video with a link) starting at 85$ which is quite inexpensive for a virtually perfect and unused doll with brand new hair, who is also a custom boy who comes with pictures. I hope it gets up to 200$ because then I could get my new doll in Seattle as well as some clothes for everyone! HOPE HOPE HOPE! Also I know I made a video about this, but I'd just like the info to be on here:
I will be at AG Place Seattle on Saturday, November 12th, 2011, at 1:30pm for an hour and a half to 2 hours. It'd be great if you can go! It'll be fun either way but more fun with people there! I can confirm that AG077 AG088 and LibertyJaneClothing will be there too! I AM SO EXCITED!!! So new doll there and Mason will be funding that! BID!
Lastly I've been philosophizing yet again and I thought of something... Everyone's so focused and intent to getting AGTube back to the old ways but I honestly don't think that's the best way to go about it. The best way to go about it is forget that we've changed, forget talking about it and just be on YouTube and make videos and friends and be kind. If we stop trying to force people to change and talking about changing and just do it and forget about all the rough times, we'd be okay and happy again. So guys, let's just have a good time, and things can go back to normal. Thank you so much for reading! I've heard of so many people changing their perception of dolls and what's too old over the last post, including people coming back and loving their dolls again =) Makes me smile. Much Love-

Friday, October 28, 2011

The sadness of the community...

So I'd like to begin this post with a little memo that has little to do with the post. I never EVER left permanently and just needed some time away to get away from the hate comments, and need to reply to them, and honestly neutralize the situation by taking away the subject of the hate. So I came back earlier than planned in honour of Dolloween (Who could miss THAT?) to upload my movie soon. Also I'm babysitting right now, the kids are asleep and I'm utterly bored... So now on to the point of this:
Lately we've all noticed 2 things:
1) The recent outbreak of people leaving YouTube.
2) The recent campaign of anti-quitters who swear to stay forever.
So I was on AGlovejess's channel this afternoon, and I was pretty sad to read that she's gone forever-ish. We were friends from the beginning but of course I still talk to her, but I miss having her around. We were the first generation. Back in the old days that so many of you missed out on when there was hardly 1000 of us and we were all fairly close, little kids who made crappy, and yet hilariously fun videos for ourselves and our friends. It was lovely. To be honest, I'd thought I was super popular and famous when I had 300 subscribers. That was a HUGE deal way back when. Anyways, We had made a valid point that related to so many of the girls who had left recently. Although she LOVED YouTube, and us, she has just grown apart from her dolls. As we get older, depending on the heavier workload we get in school, the sudden parties, more intense after school activities, we find ourselves losing the time we used to have to make videos, and as we use our dolls less, and less, we also lose that magic that they used to come accompanied with. It's sad, but you can't blame anything for beginning to like something less than you used to. Most girls that left would never sell their dolls, as they still love them, just not in the same way. These girls begin to love them for the memories, the connection to their childhood, and just the fact that our AGs are actually quite adorable, instead of the "I want to use my dolls all the time and make videos with them and buy them things" that most of us have. There is no set age for this transition, and some of us never lose this magic at all, but many girls do. Usually this begins in high school, as scary as it is. But remember, you don't have to go through that if it's not what you want. Girls only go through that because they feel it will make them happier, so if you're happy with your dolls, be all means, continue with them! I am. Anyways, the reason we're seeing so many girls leave is because I guess you could say, they've graduated. YouTube can be related to school in many ways... So back in 2007-2008, the first AGTubers started, and we were the only ones until around late 2009- early 2010, when everything really sprang up. We were the originals, and many of us at the time were just kids. I was 11, and lots of girls were 12-13. As time went on we were all loving it, and many of us really picked up views for simply being around so long and popping up to people because we were few. Therefor, people noticed us all. So time goes by, and like Toy Story taught us (tears to Jessie...) kids move on and begin to like new things. Not for any reason,just because they do. So a lot of these old "famous" girls are leaving because well, like their channels, they're old too. So theres a wave of graduates, all moving on at once because that's the stage of life they're in. Not all of them are doing it, but many are. It's sad, and it seems like a lot, but if you think about it, it's just a generation passing. I love so many of these girls, and it breaks my heart to think of AGTube changing this way, but it's time for new girls to love what they do, make something amazing, and I suppose, replace their incredible, and near irreplaceable videos. I'd never want a single one to leave, and I too was an advocate for the anti-quitters movement, but if it's what makes them happy, no matter how upsetting it is, we have to let them live their lives. They only get 1. Now this doesn't mean quit whenever. If it's over bullying or because you THINK you're too old, then don't go. We're a strong community and will support our sisters who are fighting off lowlife scum, and if you simply believe you're too old, or leaving because of your age, that's not the right reason. Leave if you aren;t happy here anymore. Not because you're too old. You're never too old until you feel as though you'd be happier gone. Nothing makes AGs immature, so don't let them fool you into believing that. What makes them so immature? NOTHING! If you love your dolls, and you love what you do, never go. Ever. We all need you here. So I thought we were falling apart, but as I think about it, we're not. The older channels are just stepping don for the new ones to move in. It makes me sad because I basically grew up on YouTube watching their loveable videos, and I slightly fear that it won't be the same but this gives all you quieter channels a fighting chance. Put in effort, make incredible videos, follow advice given, and just make something that is as good as what they've done, so we can all be happy and continue watching. I'm going to miss having the girls I started with around but if they feel bad here, I won't hold them back. So girls, let's pick it up, quit judging people and make AGTube the amazing, happy place I came to. Just work hard on your videos. We can all do something incredible, so let's do it. So to any of you old friends, I miss you a ton, and visit occasionally, and to the newbies, do something great. You all have talent. Life continues to roll and move on, and we can't stop it just as we can't stop a ball from rolling down a slippery slope, so let's just make the best out of what we have. We'll never get these moments of moping back, so let's not mope. Let's be happy about what's here, and just make it perfect. I won't be leaving in the near future, and I don't condone anyone else doing so, so everyone on breaks, let's all get back to what we love and just start something beautiful. Nobody should leave if they don't want to. Yeah, I took a break, but honestly, it settled flaring drama as I hoped it would and now I'm back and better than ever. No more breaks. No more bullying. No more forced leaving. Love.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mini Album

So yeah I'm posting again (Bad Ali) but I've been going through my family computer and I found a zillion old pictures of me and my dolls. Well not really... but a few! And there were more but I didn't feel like adding them =P Anyways, Enjoy!

Me and Cassey back when the only clothes Jess has was her meet outfit, so we swapped for a while. (Yeah that's what Cassey looks like... Shhh...)

Me and Jess on New Years eve 2006 at a hotel on a ski hill. I'd just gotten Coconut that Christmas.

Me and Jess on the ferry to Vancouver Island. Coincidentally enough, we recreated this trip last summer, and I got a replica picture too.

Just a little edited comparison/my current background.

Me and Jess at AG Place LA. Nicki was the girl of the year so I saw poor little Jess in an archives box and got a picture with it. This was also the first time I ever saw Julie! What a surprise that was!

Jess getting her hair done by a very fabulous woman... Mind you this was before we had a nice camera to it's extremely blurry.

And me with Jess on the fountain outside. From what I remember AGP was so fun and I can't wait to go again! I was shaking of excitement when I walked through the doors. Funny... I saw a picture of 2 girls holding their dolls on this very fountain on google once... =P

So these were me before I had YouTube back in 2006-2007 so I had braces and looked kinda terrible but I was only 9-11 in these pictures!

And a quick poem-y thing that I made despite it's lameness... I'm not a poet mind you =P

Current Goings On

So I'm taking a break if you haven't heard. My channel turned into a hate zone out of no where of people who I've never been cruel to in my life. They just flipped on my a ran up my comments box with mean comment after mean comment on something they didn't even know what they were talking about. Apparently I'm the rudest, most jealous and mean person ever. I don't remember who said it and honestly, I'm not going to bother checking, but the fact that all these people think that without even KNOWING me hurts a lot. So I'm breaking. It was going to be 2 weeks, but even after taking the comments off my page, someone to whom I've never spoken to, heard of, or even knew, and I doubt she knew me either put on my moderator, and I quote "Your so RUDE and Mean, whats you problem!". That was hard to read. Mostly because I want to think it's untrue as I don't have a problem and I have a feeling that this random kid is just putting that because she heard it from other people, but I'm really not going to reply to that. I'm not going to take it off either but I'm not giving that person a second of my time for a response. However, the fact that even though I'm breaking, I'm still attracting haters makes me want to extend the absence. I doubt I will as there are so many amazing girls who said they'll miss me but it's just difficult. The worst thing is, I didn't look for drama, I didn't even think this would create drama. I stated an opinion, backed up with facts and now that makes me a hater. The funny thing is, a lot of the comments were about how people are so mad at me for hating and making drama. Here's the thing, and opinion, and pointing out what's going on, isn't hate. Shouting insults at someone that are completely unproven are, and it's extremely ironic how the girls blaming me for hating and creating drama are actually the ones doing it. This is just so pathetic. I wasn't aware that we lived in a fascist society where stating an opinion results in the torture of cyberbullying. Yeah I'll say it. All the haters are cyberbullies. They've made me shy away from my own YouTube. And until they wake the heck up and realize that I didn't do anything to them, or ANYBODY and was actually trying to help them open their eyes to a new idea, I won't be coming back. I have a few videos to upload too but not until everyone realizes what they're doing. I'd like an apology but I doubt I'll get one. I just don't get why people don't even listen to what I say, they just spit out the hate. Especially because I've talked to many of these girls and befriended them, and now they've turned on me to defend a grown woman who ignores any greeting they try and send to her, and treats them like revenue. Nobody listens. You don't have to agree with me, but if you could listen to me, think about what I say and just base your decision off of that, then you can disagree with me. But you still can't hate. Well this is the last you'll heard from me for a while. I was excited too because I'd be meeting all these lovely people next month, starting a series that I'm DYING to do, and I have 8 stop motions lined up but now I'm being screamed at from all directions. I hate this. I've never been a part of drama because it's a bunch of temperamental 8 year olds crying over a little mishap, or something equal to that, and I just want everybody to be happy, nice and having fun. But no, now I'm being criticized first for making a channel with my friends, and now because I spoke out against somebody. And not out of a non existent reason either. I too miss the days when it was amazing to have 100 subscribers and you just made hilarious videos for fun, and nobody cared about fancy cameras and being the best. It's sounds really dumb coming from me I'm sure, but at this hate-rate, I'll be down to 100 in no time... Eh what do I care? At least I'll be having fun when all the bullies get the eff out. It's not about the subscribers, celebrate when you get a certain amount but don't make goals to try and beat people or be the most famous. I never did that and I still won't. The reason I came here was to be like unodosginger, and that's still why I'm here. To be like all the lovely YouTubers out there, and hopefully I will be one day, but I'm going to keep working for it on my break. Maybe I'll be better when I come back. And to any of the haters, if you're reading this I have 2 questions:
1) What did I ever directly do to you to make you feel upset in any way, as I was not talking about you are trying to be mean to anybody. Nor was I mean, it was an opinion based on truth.
2) Why are you even here? If you hate me so much for whatever ludicrous reason, I suggest you just go obsess over your queen. I mean of course I'm being completely inconsiderate like you say I am. That's exactly why I considered everything. This is just so so SO stupid. I don't want to leave. Stop making me, and if I suck so much, just unsubscribe and keeping wishing for the goddess to come back.
See you all on Halloween. Oh and I may upload a video about Seattle but that will be all. Spread this around. Peace.
-(A much less pleasant) Ali

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Follow Up

So I read through the comments and just thought I'd respond. A lot of people agreed with me, which is actually surprising because people don't like to think of someone that they loved for whatever reason in a bad way. But there were the opposite response and I'd just like to kinda add to what they were saying and such. That made no sense but whatever. So I guess people look up to her because she's older and still likes dolls. Fair enough, but there are a ton of other graduated girls who also make much better videos to look up to. I can't blame people for not finding them, but in all honesty, looking up to somebody who actually participate and care. Either way, you can look up to her for being her age, and I'm not looking for people my age to look up to me at all, but calling her the best YouTuber alive is a bit of a stretch. Just look around before you do. It's none of my business what she's up to but she could at least just stop making hollow promises. There was one comment that made particularly sad. A girl once again, closed minded and not caring enough to even consider my words, called me selfish and yelled at me about how I was being mean to the person that I've been talking about and am ruining chances of her coming back. Let me be honest, I truly don't care if she comes back, and it's not like she's going to care enough to read this. She showed me long ago that she wasn't interested in knowing that I'm alive and here, and I would be shocked if she ever did. Anyways, to the poster, if you read this, why do you adore her in such a way that you should scream-type at me? I would talk to you and be kind to you, while she treats you like a little nothing. Anyways, it's a personal choice for you to have such an adoration, and think that she's so much more amazing than I am, and that she will treat you better than anyone else will be that's fine. Use some crazy form of revenge by unsubscribing to me, because I'm not here for that. I'm here for people who like me and like my videos. Oh and she turned her back on me in 2009, so I don't even have any way to turn my back on her. I'll be nice to her when she's nice to everyone else, and I'm not being mean to her, I'm pointing out what's happening. It's the facts. Yeah, she's had kidney issues, but I have several small fractures in my knee, threw my back out, pulled out my IT band, wrecked my hip, and can barely walk but I don't use it as an excuse to just make a video. It hurts but I deal with it. And I don't complain about it, so I'm sorry I even typed that out. By the way, her issue was a year ago. I think you forgot how selfish Sarah's been over the years. So yeah, I truly don't care about losing a subscriber, I have a few people who stick around, my videos are being made for a reason and I'm fine. Now people have been saying I'm jealous. Of what? That I can't sew and she can? What's there to be jealous of? Like I say, I don't care about subscribers, I just respect the ones I have and am grateful I have them, and if I don't get anymore, so be it. If it's over this, that's ridiculous, because subscribers aren't like a friendship or revenge thing, they're a way to access my new videos. But if my videos are so boring or suckish that I don't deserve your subscription, that's the way it is. But if you're subscribing because you think I'm bullying a woman by stating facts about her even though she's never said a kind word to you, that's kinda uncool. Eh fine, your choice... I wish people would remember what subscribers are for... -_- Back to my point, I'm not jealous, I'm just I guess you could say angry. I'm angry that people let her walk all over them, and that people are all closed minded and don,t bother looking at what's happening. Yeah she can do what she wants, but people have to treat her the way she behaves. She behaves like she doesn't need to repay her subscribers, they should realize it and let her go. I don't need to be "top dog" but the "top dog" should be someone deserving. I could name 11 or 12 of them, so no I don't mean me. People are just turning my opinion into drama and it's really stupid, so I'm not allowing comments in this post because it just heats me up and I have to keep making more posts about something that I don't want to talk about because I'm a 14 year old kid who can't hold herself back... Once again stupid me. Well that's it. There's my opinion, now please let me forget about all this. It's just SO not worth it. I'm just going to get back to my videos and stop trying to remind people of the going ons. I'm just not going to allow myself to acknowledge any of this anymore. The end. Back to my own life.

Friday, October 21, 2011


This was not something I want to talk about, and I didn't think I'd have to but apparently people like to make things that I say into a controversy. I guess that's what happened in the boycott, and I realize that being on the internet, you have to handle hate, which I do by not responding, but I find it hard to not argue my opinion in an argument. So instead of writing it everywhere I'm putting up this incredibly stupid post. I want to forget about her because what she does to everyone drives me up the wall and around the corner. That her? Well typing her name makes me cringe a little, but if not you won't know who I'm talking about, but her it goes anyway... stephenswodadancer. Why I'm ever even mentioning her I don't know because honestly, I like to forget about her. See once upon a time, when I was just starting out, we were friends. We would talk and she was just the same as all of us. Then one day she magically became popular. Maybe it was because of her age, maybe it was because of her dolls, maybe it was because back then, and up until 2 years ago, she used to make videos that has a special something to them. Little stop motion dances that were fun and original to watch. Now, not so much. Anyways, she became this mega-star, her videos plastered everywhere, fan accounts, fan contests, everything! And that's when my knowing her stopped. I never got another reply from her. Mind you she only had around 1000 subscribers at the time because back then, that was all that AGTube was. Just a few hundred of us, not nearly the amount there is now. Anyways, I guess she was too busy to reply to anyone, including friends. I remember messaging her a valid help question about the partner program, as she had claimed at one point that she was a partner, and I got no reply. That's why I waited forever to sign up... It's ironic now to me though... Continuing on, the fact that I wasn't good enough to be her friend anymore, and that she'd moved onto more famous people to make friends with, isn't what bothers me. It's how she treats everyone else. Here's the thing, you can leave for 6 months without a words notice, promise everything and never bring it, only ever make videos advertising something for yourself, or making an excuse, after excuse, after excuse, and leave all of your subscribers clinging on, but it's just totally wrong if you're the biggest person in the community. It bothers me that she has all of this that she doesn't deserve. I'm telling you, I hardly even sleep because I'm always up doing something, and yet I find time (in the early hours of the morning on the weekends mind you XD) to reply to everyone. I find the time to make a video of 2 every week and to acknowledge every single person who has bothered to say hello to me. Why? Because they deserve it for being a good person, and I want to treat them with the same amount of respect as the give me. I'm not too good for any of you, and any of you can do what I do with a little effort. Most of you do better than me anyway so it's obvious XD All I want everyone to think about are 3 things.
1: What makes her videos the "best" on AGTube? Why aren't basilmentos, or Asterietoile's videos the best? What makes hers so incredibly special that allows her the title of the BEST EVER? The rest of AGTube puts of videos weekly, or more often, we all put so much effort and hard work into them and yet nobody bothers to say that anyone else is the best. Personally, I'm not even subscribed the she-who-must-not-be-named (No, not Voldemorts feminine side...) because I haven't found her videos worth watching since she stopped making original, cool to watch videos 2 years ago, and I don't care about when they come out anymore because I don't feel as though I should watch them over some underrated girl's music video. I almost feel like she's just been considered the best because she's usually who people stumble across first. If you search American Girl Dolls on YouTube, I swear she takes up the first 2 pages and so that's who you find and that's who you worship. That doesn't make them the best though. I mean she could at least use a clear camera, or get some decent lighting or something aesthetically appealing for my eyes to enjoy. The videos just don't do it for me, so why would I watch them when I could watch some of the real best YouTubers. Quality comes through effort, and to me, the effort just isn't there. And lack of effort is not a type of video.
2: She's always "busy". Always, always, always. But last I was notified, she had a 9-5 job, doesn't even go to school anymore, and I'm pretty sure, at least to my knowledge, adults come home and just kinda get themselves food, clean up, and then relax all evening. So how is she busy? No, I don't know her schedule, but I know my own, and mine is busier than my working parents who are also raising 2 children. I basically leave for school at 8:00, and get home at 4:30 because I suffer and hour long commute via city transit (16th birthday please come soon!) then I have dance for most of every night, usually getting home around 9:30-9:45, and when I first get home from school, it's homework. Then every other Saturday I'm at dance fro 9:00-7:30 (That is not a typo, I'm literally there for 10 and a half hours without a break) and have every other Sunday morning too. Then I usually shove YouTube in on my other weekend when I only have 2 and a half hours on Saturday and a free Sunday and get all my filming done for the next week. Oh and I reply to messages around 1:30-3am, because that's when I can get it done. Only on weekend nights though, I need SOME sleep XD Anyways, if you're willing to take on a position that she's in, you have to make time for it, and if you can't stop excusing yourself, admit it, and stop soaking up the fame without having to do anything for it. Nobody wants to be a Kim Kardashian.
3: The biggest thing for me is how people solidly defend her when she doesn't deserve that from the either. Yes I think everyone should be treated like an equal on YouTube, and that's what bothers me. This situation makes me a little sick. To the people saying I'm being so mean to her, what has she done for you to deserve your dedication and servitude? Why are you defending someone who doesn't bother to reply to you. It's surprisingly easy to do if you're willing to put effort into it. Why are you sticking up for someone who's never said a kind word to you, helped you, or been a friend to you in your entire life? And why are you standing up for this person, against someone who actually tries to communicate with anyone who will so much utter a hello? I actually want everyone to feel important on here, because without them, I'm nothing, meanwhile she treats you all like swarming fans in which she has the right to have. What is it that she's done to you to make you adore her in such a way that you feel the need to excuse her for her neglect? I'm not saying she has to be a part of the community anymore. All I'm saying is that if she isn't going to be, she should stop promising that she's coming back for good. So until she's a friend to you, she doesn't deserve your valiant acts to defend her honor, because usually the person pointing out what nobody wants to hear, is kinda right.
So that's it. I'm not speaking of her again and I'm sorry that I had to. I don't hate the girl. I get that she's had health issues, but so have I, I just don't worry people over it. I could write out a page of my ailments but I won't because people will worry over me, when they don't have to. Back to what I was saying, I hope she begins to treat people as they treat her, or just vanishes off of YouTube for good and actually tells people about it so everything can subside and we can go back to the place where there isn't a goddess who can do no wrong. I'm not bullying her or talking trash about her, I'm stating my observations and facts. Coming back for a day every six months is not coming back, so I don't think that anyone should believe it anymore. Three's far too many. UGH RANTING AGAIN, BAD ALI. So yeah, that's it. That's my reasoning. Just please, think about what you're going to say, and think about why you're saying it before you do.
Outta sight, outta mind.
Peace, Ali.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Real People

So I was looking at messages and the thought came up of one suddenly thinking of me as a real person with a real life, and to be honest, I just started thinking of the same thing. I guess you can't really think of someone living a life out of YouTube when you've never seen them before. I know I haven't. You know, with friends, family, activities, school, even just living life. Maybe sleeping! It's just never crossed my mind. Therefor, I'm curious, what do any of you readers think, when you think of me living my real life? What do you imagine when you see me? I'm just so curious! I realize that a large part of us AGTubers are school outcasts, myself included for a large part, so none of us live these fabulous, perfect life, but when I come to think of mine, I have it really good. Actually it shows because most of the time I'm known as a smiley, sweet, and "cute" (I'm ALWAYS the cute one because apparently I'm far to innocent and adorable for a 14 year old XD) and it's not even a fake mask. I have good parents, a solid home, we aren't broke (Or rich though,,, sigh... -dreams of owning her own movie studio-) a sibling who DOESN'T hate me, actual friends, the ability to make new ones, decent grades (for French immersion that is) somewhat of a talent here and there, and just a generally good life. I have almost NOTHING to complain about! (Despite my currently painful popped out hip, knee issues and occasional outcastness) I don't live in a hut in Africa, I don't have depression, I've never cut myself, or wanted too, or ever thought of killing myself, and life's generally bright. You don't need to be super popular to be happy. At least not at my school. Us normal level girls, of which the popular girls DO converse with in classes, not that it matters much, all get along, don't have drama or boyfriends (surprisingly only the popular kids and band kids date at my school... XD) and I just feel like I have a lot of friends. Now I realize not everyone is so lucky to have such a stream of good things going on, but I just want you to remember, if you live in a developed country, your life is already better than at least half of the world. And so what if you're not super popular, make friends with the girls at your "level" (ugh labels...) and just love them! Who cares how cool they are! My friends are WAY cooler than any of those "cool" girls! And MUCH funnier! Speaking of which, when describing your vision of me, whatever I'm doing, tell me what you think some of my friends are names, just curious ;D Then I'll tell you how I kinda live next post. Funny thing, this blog was for news, now it's my venting and advice place! (MUST CONVERT TO NEWS. Nahhh...) Speaking of THAT, I might make an advice tab on here because I have things for that and people come to me for it, and sometimes we all just need a little happy boost or tip =) (Brotips is a good place to start, that is if you're okay with the occasional crude humor... WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT? THIS IS THE INTERNET! IT'S ALL CRUDE HUMOR! Seriously though, if you're under 13, I can relay the tips to you in a more suitable manner XD) Anyways I had one other thing... We've all been bullied and alone... RIGHT! Okay so many of you have noticed my header, and asked what it's about, and well AmericanGirl077's new video (featured on my channel) really explains it all. So many amazing girls are growing out of dolls... so many that I basically formed my channel watching, many that I watched before I had it! Old friends... old heros... gone...
And literally a million more that I can't even remember anymore :'(
Click HERE for the video.

Friday, October 14, 2011


Here's a rant post because I feel like freaking ranting. AGUnicorns is probably one of the worst mistakes that anybody's ever made. I wish I'd never wanted to share it and I wish I'd never told people about it. All I wanted was to make music videos. However I can't, so I needed a second channel to do so but it'd be pointless to have my own because I'd hardly ever be able to update it so when the other girls all wanted the same thing, it seemed like one of the most fun things possible to do because I'd be sharing a channel with friends, but OH NO. I can't be FRIENDS with people on YouTube! That'd be far too much like real life, where people get hurt! People just blew this whole thing way out of proportions. They were all "offended and left out" because they weren't involved in our Facebook messages, that we've been talking on for months, that led up to the mutual creation of the channel. After all, everybody ever should have the right to be part of the shared channel, right? And yet no matter how many times I explain it, I can't catch a break from the constant criticism. First people were being "excluded" just like at school and I had become this popular queen who was bullying everyone and I OBVIOUSLY made this channel all on my own and CHOSE the most POPULAR people on YouTube to share it with! And I OBVIOUSLY think I'm the best and most popular person on YouTube! That's totally why I spend hours replying to everyone, helping anybody that asks, and attempt to make friend with anyone who acknowledges my existence! Because I think I'm better than everyone! I mean I OBVIOUSLY said that in my video! Of course I said "I'm the best and most famous on YouTube and everyone should spit shine my shoes!!!" Then I went on to be criticized for not "allowing" (because this is soooo my thing) every older girl on YouTube to be in this channel! Of course I worded it to sound like an egomaniac! Of course I wanted everybody to feel left out! Like I said, this channel was all me. The funny thing is, I never even made the freaking channel! I just made a video about it so people would know! This is honestly out of control. My first instinct is to leave AGUnicorns because everyone else wants to stay but I can't continue to handle this crap. However I'm dying to make some music videos so I guess that's not an option. I also considered taking a break from YouTube until everybody takes a chill pill and realizes that they aren't all entitled to share a channel that they weren't involved in the creation process of, and if they aren't "chosen" to be on it, then they should be entirely offended. I'm REALLY tired of people telling me that I'm certainly not allowed to be friends with any of these girls, some I've known for years, simply because they are defined as "popular". In fact this popularity crap has gone wildly out of control! I can tell that every single person who was "excluded" by the new "clique" of YouTube (Mind you I have many other friends in which I am equally involved it but since all the sharers of AGUnicorns are equally close, we tend to do things together) only wanted to be in it for subscribers and popularity. WHO THE HECK CARES ABOUT POPULARITY? I truly don't and never did. Not once in my career here did I EVER ask or bribe anyone to subscribe me, and guess what, I started from 0 and WORKED my way to the position that everyone else put me in, and I work extremely hard to stay there. Not because I love the feeling of being "famous" but because I want to improve myself and to be kind to everybody. This means 175 messages a week, 2 videos a week and dealing with situations like these. People seem to think that this channel is all for the most popular, and best AGTubers but honestly, I would put many many MANY other girls on that channel before myself, because my videos have a long way to go. Oh wait, I shouldn't have said that, I'm an egomaniac right? Right... Anyways this fun solution has turned to the biggest headache that I've faced since summer 2010 and it's only worsening because no matter who I explain it, I'm saying something wrong and leaving someone out so the videos are gone. The only reason I said nobody else could be on in that video was so that I wouldn't have to answer six billion comments asking because everyone wants to be in with the "popular" girls... -insert eye roll at the word popular here- Not to exclude anyone. It was for us because we made it as a collective. It's funny because I was and have never been, nor am a popular girl at school, and since I'm painfully shy, I never will be. I was actually bullied a few years back and would hide around the school looking for a place to eat so that people wouldn't see me alone. I was excluded from everything, but I put on my big girl panties and made friends because they were kind to me. Popularity gets you no where and I'm not searching for it. Subscribe to me because you like to watch my videos, not for any other reason. Anyways I better get it out there that THIS MESSAGE WAS NOT TO OFFEND ANYONE because everyone seems to be so easily offended lately. It's just my incoherent ranting that made no chronological sense whatsoever. Thank you for getting this far if you did. And by the way, I removed the videos and am hoping to help everyone forget them because I can't flipping stand answering the comments anymore. Which brings me to another point: As much as I DETEST letting haters get off saying random crap on my videos, I'm just not replying to them. Even if they say something completely ludicrous. It's just not worth the time. Instead I'm going to reply to all the kind comments (If that's possible seeing there are so many XD) because those people are worth the time =) Anyway you're also one of those fantastic people for reading this!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


So things just are wow. I'm just yay. If you haven't heard, 2 of my very close friends (WHO I'M MEET A MONTH FROM TODAY AHHHHH) AmericanGirl077 and AmericanGirl088 are back forever. If you didn't know, their channels got found by people from school at the start of the summer and they had to leave. Then they started up some new channels (AGNoelle and LaughDanceAG) but AGNoelle got found again so that was it. AG088 came back first, and then AG077 followed after some encouragement from us all XD So now their videos are back for good and it's ahhhhh! Plus I feel so happy to be meeting them and my new plan for series, and everything! Oh and about AGUnicorns, people seem to think we're come exclusive club collab but that isn't the case at all. The 7 of us just kinda bonded over being in the same collab, and being the older girls of AGTube so we started talking on facebook (and no I can't add anyone without knowing them REALLY well...) and then tinychatting and we just kinda bonded and became tight. It wasn't because we were popular. I would've made friends with anyone of any popularity if it had been the same way. It's kinda about the whole being older thing that really brought us together because we're going through the same things and it just worked out this way. In fact the reason that I really liked them was because they didn't treat me like some special celebrity that I'm not, they treated me like a normal kid which I am. Not that I don't like compliments but true friendship isn't built off of fandome haha! XD So anyways, I was wishing the other day that I had originally just had a shared channel with friends (of course I didn't know anybody back then) So that videos would be more frequent and I wouldn't have to stress about uploading all the time. At first I was thinking, why don't we all just collectively move to someones channel and upload our individual videos there to make them more often and people would watch more but the whole idea was too complicated and nobody wanted to leave their channel, and then Marissa came up with this! My favourite part of this channel is that we aren't caring about copyright or partnerships so I can upload all sorts of MVs and not care! Anyways, we aren't friends because we're all so "popular" or anything, we just kinda are, and we wanted to do this together, not to exclude anybody and make them feel inferior, but just so we'd have a place to all upload secondary videos and not have them up all the time. This isn't a collab or some kind of opportunity, it's just an extra one. So please don't feel excluded. In fact some of the people who said they did I had never even spoken to before so I'm not sure why they did... We all make our friends, and they just happen to be my closest. So we aren't "taking" anybody because that's not at all what this is about. People are looking at this as a collab where it will attain heavy focus and many see it as their opportunity to hitch a ride on some coattails and be "popular". Well it's not. In fact that's not what YouTube's about. I'm here for videos. Not to be a queen, or to be a celebrity, but just to do something I love. I started at 0 and never expected this, and yet I got this far on my own. Anybody can! Making videos is simple if you put out effort and google things now and then! The only reason I'm here is because I'm literally an ANCIENT AGTube channel who is old enough to remember kitkittredge... Great channel... But in the end, this is just a shared extra channel so that we can put extra stuff up without the risk of boring subscribers so don't fret! We're not taking over like some major mega corporations. We're just friends making videos. Videos that don't go on our own channels. So I hope you understand. Also I'm cool with being anyone's friend, as long as they don't try and force a friendship on me. I made friends with Alex, Katie, Lydia, Marissa, Lexi and Aly out of mutual interest and coincidence and we just kinda clicked! I have plenty of less popular friends on here, just kinda on their own and not in a group. We aren't some cliquey little group of the most popular girls in school. We consider ourselves at the same level as the rest of you. It's not all about the power =)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Second Post Today!

So I know I've already posted today but I have something kinda important to say. So maybe it's because I have to get them all done fast, maybe it's because I have to film it all outside, but I'm really starting to dread filming Search + Destroy. I just can't find a fitting series lately. DO NOT WORRY THOUGH I WILL PULL THROUGH AND FINISH THIS ONE AS I'M ALMOST DONE IT ANYWAYS but it's just not fun and YouTube's about fun right? So when I do The Ballerina Project, I'm doing something to make it more fun. I really love making little stop motions so I think I'm gonna go for shorter episodes on the ballerina project, probably 5-7 minutes, and that way I can make stop motions more often too! It just seems like so much more fun to be able to do that. =) I have no want to leave YouTube so I'm going to make it more fun in order to stay! I'm just excited to finish S+D (Episode 6 is awful though... =/) Anyways that's about all I had to say in this post! Thanks for clicking! Also, AmericanGirl088 has braved the bullying and come back! CHECK HER OUT!


SO I AM SO EXCITED THAT I JUST MIGHT EXPLODE!!! I'm going to AGP Seattle on Saturday November 12th and I'll probably be there around 2:30-3:00 and then for a few hours! Also I'm meeting LaughDanceAG and AGNoelle and we're taking the ferry down together and we're staying at the same place so it's going to be amazing! I have my wishlist (an undecided doll which I'll pick and open there, the ballerina outfit, the cozy sweater outfit, the raspberry glasses and several extras as I've been saving like crazy for this day!) and I'll also for sure get a picture with every single person I meet there (COME 1 COME ALL!!!) and I'm bringing and autograph book so I can get a signature from everyone! =D I AM BEYOND EXCITED! I'll bring Peyton and Asia and may get Kanani there, or someone else depending on what I feel like... FIRST DOLL I'M GETTING AT A REAL AGP! WOOT! Also I'll probably use the pictures for a background so I'm gonna have to get everyone to sign the autograph book in the same order as the photos taken so that way I can make sure everything's in order! Oh and if you don't want your photo on there then I'll just take note of that! XD Anyways this will be the best day ever. DEFINITELY. Oh and another thing, obviously the 1000 miles MV dosn't belong to me and comes from a famous YouTuber that left (we all know who I think XD) And I was talking to her yesterday and she said how she missed having that video up and asked if she could put it on my channel (100% credit to her of course) And I was like OF COURSE THAT IS AMAZING AND I WOULD ADORE TO BE ABLE TO SEE IT AGAIN =D So just remember that her amazing work of art does not belong to me and I'm just posting it so everyone can see it! She even uploaded it herself from her computer hehe! Last thing, people wanted to know why the boycott post vanished and it's for 2 reasons:
1) It was mainly because I wanted my news updatey post with all the info to still be on the front page, and so I put the other one on private but then I realized that that won't last forever and therefor, I will just remind you, if you haven't seen the updates post (2 posts ago) READ IT IT IS SO IMPORTANT.
2) It was a bit just because the thing was causing an uproar that I really wasn't into dealing with so it went bye-bye ;D

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Plain Tees

So I decided that I don't like the tees that I've been silk screening and didn't want to continue using them as the lovely MonChatDansLaLune has agreed to make me some much more adorable LJC ones! However I still have 11 or so plain shirts left, and nothing to do with them. So I decided to sell them on my Etsy for 6 dollars as the were 5.49$ to buy and envelopes and stuff costs about 50 cents more so I just rounded it up, and you can buy them plain to do whatever with! Silk screen whatever you want on them yourself, use them for layering, dress your boy doll in them, WHATEVER! But yeah I'll have them up until I run out so check it out! =)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

How busy am I?

So as you can tell videos and message replies have been slow lately from me, and I know I've said it before but I want to make it completely clear just in case. I have school full time, several hours of homework after school, an online class (that I'm doing as I type this XD), 1-4 hours of dance a day (excluding Wednesday =D) and sleep (of which little I get) but I still have no interest in quitting YouTube whatsoever! I mean who really needs a social life and hanging out with friends? Not I! They're busy too so it's all good... Therefor I'd just like to give you the YouTube schedule. I film on weekends, and right now I'm just fighting to get S+D fully filmed and finished super early so that I can get all the episodes done before selling Mason. Once S+D is done then I'll start working on fun little videos and stuff and then after Seattle I'll start TBP, putting an episode out a week, and hopefully getting a stop motion out each week too. Now I'd upload during the week, but my computer can take up to 8 hours to upload something so I usually do that on weekends. As for messages, I've found that I get around 175 in the span of a week, so I'd like it to be known that I answer messages on weekends. Therefor, don't panic when I don't reply to you within the hour, and don't send me 100000000 more messages asking the same thing thinking that I haven't responded yet, because I will. Another thing, I'm basically quitting everything on the internet besides YouTube, this blog and etsy, so that's why I'm off LDC, facebook and anything else. I'm also trying to maintain a low profile, as to not be discovered, so I'm no longer showing my face much. Oh and people have been begging for the Peyton results but remember I have almost 200 videos to watch (How does Liberty Jane do it?) and so getting it all judged is plenty of work... One other thing, I have my computer back and it's working just fine so YAY! =D Last thing, it's getting on my nerves a lot lately that people are just being awful... I've had a lot of hate comments (what's new) but they almost immediately apologize after saying that it was all out of jealousy and "please don't be mad!!!" Well OF COURSE I'M MAD! They say I'm pathetic, make up ludicrous crap and whine about how I ruin their life when I've never spoken to them, then turn around and say that they actually look up to me and want to be like me! Really? If you liked a person why would you say that? Why would you put something to make someone that you like feel sad? They're lucky I'm not depressed and that I didn't decide that their comment didn't cause me to lose the will to live. Remember, if you don't mean the comment, don't put it, and if you don't have anything else to say, why put them down? It's just sad. You never know what the person you're talking to is going through. (I'm not going through anything, I'm all good but I mean in general.) It's just bullying, and making someone feel bad doesn't do anything for you. It just makes everything worse. Bullying me won't give you more subscribers, and as these people are learning it actually does the OPPOSITE effect. And to anyone else going through this kinda thing, ALWAYS remember, haters want to bring you down because you're above them. The fact that you're a good enough person not to hate puts you on top of them without anything else even taken into account! Why? Because you're a good person. I'm also sick of the haters (to whom my "fans" or as I call them "awesomazing peeps" destroy before I even read the hate comment :') ) begging for forgiveness right after. Well I've been handing out second chances to people who are outright mean long enough and I'm tired of it. I don't want to give anymore. If you consciously think that it's a great idea to bully me, then you don't deserve a second chance. You made your decision to hurt me so why should I allow you to be my "best friend" now. You can apologize, and I'll let you go, but I'm not going to suddenly be super kind to you because if hurts. Only maybe as much as pin prick as I'm fairly head strong, but it hurts nonetheless and I'm not going to forget everything that happened. Anyways, that's all I really have to say today so spread the anti-hate love and keep posting kind comments. =)