Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mini Album

So yeah I'm posting again (Bad Ali) but I've been going through my family computer and I found a zillion old pictures of me and my dolls. Well not really... but a few! And there were more but I didn't feel like adding them =P Anyways, Enjoy!

Me and Cassey back when the only clothes Jess has was her meet outfit, so we swapped for a while. (Yeah that's what Cassey looks like... Shhh...)

Me and Jess on New Years eve 2006 at a hotel on a ski hill. I'd just gotten Coconut that Christmas.

Me and Jess on the ferry to Vancouver Island. Coincidentally enough, we recreated this trip last summer, and I got a replica picture too.

Just a little edited comparison/my current background.

Me and Jess at AG Place LA. Nicki was the girl of the year so I saw poor little Jess in an archives box and got a picture with it. This was also the first time I ever saw Julie! What a surprise that was!

Jess getting her hair done by a very fabulous woman... Mind you this was before we had a nice camera to it's extremely blurry.

And me with Jess on the fountain outside. From what I remember AGP was so fun and I can't wait to go again! I was shaking of excitement when I walked through the doors. Funny... I saw a picture of 2 girls holding their dolls on this very fountain on google once... =P

So these were me before I had YouTube back in 2006-2007 so I had braces and looked kinda terrible but I was only 9-11 in these pictures!

And a quick poem-y thing that I made despite it's lameness... I'm not a poet mind you =P


  1. Aww these pictures are so cute ali!!

    -Marissa <3

  2. Saw this pics on your page, then came here and I am so glad you uploaded them. So cute! Yes this is the way everyone should be, but just like humans we get competitive and materialistic. Its nice to see a someone with a good head on her shoulders. You will be missed, but hopefully it won't be forever, and you will still write on your blog.

  3. I love this <3 You were so cute at 9 to 11! I am in love with your new YouTube Layout. It makes me really happy :) and I really enjoyed reading the words on that last comment, you are so inspirational Ali :)
    -charlotte <3

  4. I love them can i use them 4 something please pm the answer i am making a video from pics and vids from along time ago. And cassy is adorable and well u r to!

  5. Aww! The pictures are so cute! :D
    Have fun in Seattle, Ali. I really wish I could be there, but my dad doesn't want to drive three hours. -_- We'll miss you while you're gone! <3

  6. So adorable! :) Especially the picture with you and Cassey, memories! ;)

  7. Aww! I don't think you look dorky in that last picture! Actually, you kind of remind me of my friend Beth...

    ~Mr. W

  8. You're absolutely right, Ali! (though I never doubted you) It SHOULD be all about a girl and her doll, about the memories she had, about how she could have so much fun with just a doll and an outfit. So why isn't it like that anymore?...

  9. I love the peom ali and I am beeing seriouse you are my hero