Tuesday, October 11, 2011


So things just are wow. I'm just yay. If you haven't heard, 2 of my very close friends (WHO I'M MEET A MONTH FROM TODAY AHHHHH) AmericanGirl077 and AmericanGirl088 are back forever. If you didn't know, their channels got found by people from school at the start of the summer and they had to leave. Then they started up some new channels (AGNoelle and LaughDanceAG) but AGNoelle got found again so that was it. AG088 came back first, and then AG077 followed after some encouragement from us all XD So now their videos are back for good and it's ahhhhh! Plus I feel so happy to be meeting them and my new plan for series, and everything! Oh and about AGUnicorns, people seem to think we're come exclusive club collab but that isn't the case at all. The 7 of us just kinda bonded over being in the same collab, and being the older girls of AGTube so we started talking on facebook (and no I can't add anyone without knowing them REALLY well...) and then tinychatting and we just kinda bonded and became tight. It wasn't because we were popular. I would've made friends with anyone of any popularity if it had been the same way. It's kinda about the whole being older thing that really brought us together because we're going through the same things and it just worked out this way. In fact the reason that I really liked them was because they didn't treat me like some special celebrity that I'm not, they treated me like a normal kid which I am. Not that I don't like compliments but true friendship isn't built off of fandome haha! XD So anyways, I was wishing the other day that I had originally just had a shared channel with friends (of course I didn't know anybody back then) So that videos would be more frequent and I wouldn't have to stress about uploading all the time. At first I was thinking, why don't we all just collectively move to someones channel and upload our individual videos there to make them more often and people would watch more but the whole idea was too complicated and nobody wanted to leave their channel, and then Marissa came up with this! My favourite part of this channel is that we aren't caring about copyright or partnerships so I can upload all sorts of MVs and not care! Anyways, we aren't friends because we're all so "popular" or anything, we just kinda are, and we wanted to do this together, not to exclude anybody and make them feel inferior, but just so we'd have a place to all upload secondary videos and not have them up all the time. This isn't a collab or some kind of opportunity, it's just an extra one. So please don't feel excluded. In fact some of the people who said they did I had never even spoken to before so I'm not sure why they did... We all make our friends, and they just happen to be my closest. So we aren't "taking" anybody because that's not at all what this is about. People are looking at this as a collab where it will attain heavy focus and many see it as their opportunity to hitch a ride on some coattails and be "popular". Well it's not. In fact that's not what YouTube's about. I'm here for videos. Not to be a queen, or to be a celebrity, but just to do something I love. I started at 0 and never expected this, and yet I got this far on my own. Anybody can! Making videos is simple if you put out effort and google things now and then! The only reason I'm here is because I'm literally an ANCIENT AGTube channel who is old enough to remember kitkittredge... Great channel... But in the end, this is just a shared extra channel so that we can put extra stuff up without the risk of boring subscribers so don't fret! We're not taking over like some major mega corporations. We're just friends making videos. Videos that don't go on our own channels. So I hope you understand. Also I'm cool with being anyone's friend, as long as they don't try and force a friendship on me. I made friends with Alex, Katie, Lydia, Marissa, Lexi and Aly out of mutual interest and coincidence and we just kinda clicked! I have plenty of less popular friends on here, just kinda on their own and not in a group. We aren't some cliquey little group of the most popular girls in school. We consider ourselves at the same level as the rest of you. It's not all about the power =)


  1. I am so excited there back! I was on AG077s channel when she switched it back!

  2. I think it's fantastic that all the best agtubers got together on this channel! It's like AGtube HEAVEN!!!!! :D

  3. Yeh- IDK why people are just stupid to think that. I thought it was an AMAZING idea! Imagine a way to view some of the coolest AG videos on YouTube all in ONE place... Oh, wait! AGUnicorns!!!! XD