Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Why I don't film during the week

So I just kinda thought I'd post this. There are two reasons why I don't/can't film during the school week. I'll tell them now:
1) I don't get home from school until 4:30, and then I have dance and homework and chores and renovations and just not a lot of time to film.
2) By the time I get home from school, it's pitch black out and I can't use natural lighting and it looks terrible so I don't.
In the end, I make videos on weekends and Friday's because I get out of school early. This is a stupid and short and blatant post, but I just felt like posting because I haven't in forever, and it's just kinda an update. I'll post something real this weekend XD

Monday, November 21, 2011


So I don't know if you read the descriptions of my videos, but in one I mentioned that The Ballerina Project may not be out for a while. This is true. Why? Because my room's being renovated! Right now it's totally empty save for a mattress and alarm clock as well as a few other things because I'm about to tear out my carpet, scrape the ceilings, repaint the walls, get new floors, new closet thingies and new furniture, INCLUDING A NEW DOLL ROOM! That's why I'm holding off on the room tour. So my room (And soon my whole house) is a construction zone and I don,t really want to start a new series until my room is settled which should occur soon enough! Don't worry though, I'll still make music videos and stop motions, just no series yet! Oh but Search + Destroy will still end! One other thing, please remember, I make videos on every weekend. So everyone should stop asking me "WHEN WILL YOU HAVE A NEW VIDEO!?!?" minutes after they watch a brand new one that I just uploaded. I only have so much time! Videos will come, no need to ask. And they'll come regularly! I appreciate the enthousiasme but it can be every so slightly erking XD Anyways, see you soon with more videos!

Sunday, November 13, 2011


So before you ask, the video all about AGP Seattle will be up in a day or so as I'm not home yet and since all my pictures will be there I'm not going to put any on this post, but let me tell you about yesterday! OMG. Okay. SO it was amazing. The day began with meeting Hailee and Alex (AmericanGirl077 and AmericanGirl088) for breakfast, but of course I'd seen them the night before. Then we set off all together and drove practically screaming to AGP! Then we ran screaming to AGP and there were girls carrying dolls EVERYWHERE! It was so crazy to see them all! So we went inside and then or moms took some pictures of us, but not 2 minutes inside and we met littlemissfigureskating! She was in line and she turned and her eyes lit up and she was so excited and we were so excited and we got some autographs (given and taken) and I got pictures with her and we all did and gaaaah it was exciting! Then we got Asia and Lanie's ears pierced and went off to pick out our new dolls! At first we were all undecided, that was until Nicole (Littlemissfigureskating) told me Cécile and Marie-Grace were 25% off! That was it, Cécile was mine! Oh I rewigged Quinn and swapped her with Liberty Jane clothing's Nicolette so she now has long wavy brown hair and looks very different from my little Céci!So anyways, I picked Cécile, and Alex and Hailee ended up with completely different dolls! Curly blonde Olive, and stright blonde Taryn! In fact nobody ended up with a doll that they were even thinking of buying but we all love our dolls! Anyways, we went on to meet 3 more girls then it was off to lunch! American Girl Place Bistro was incredible! The food was delicious and warm and came super quickly and the wait staff was quick and so kind and didn't treat us like we were weird! In fact nobody did! Felt good to carry around the dolls and not care about who saw! So we had a birthday party for Hailee, and ended up getting delicious cake, and goodie bags, and little dolly crowns! They even sat in cute chairs around the table and got tea cups! So our moms came by and stuck around a while, and left. Then we were actually approached by an adorable girl in the café and did so more pictures and stuff! So we leave the bistro and there was literally a line of people waiting for us! I got tons of photos and autographs and moms asked us questions and it was so positive and wonderful! So we kinda went off to count our things when our moms came back for good and we bought everything then bam, mobbed. We took up way too much space with people coming from nowhere saying hi and it was amazing! We made quite a spectacle in AGP actually! And then Liberty Jane Clothing arrives and it was so fantastic! Libby kept giggling and it was adorable and we got tons of pictures and there was a live stream to facebook and then the AGP security guards ushered us off to the events zone (OMG I KNOW RIGHT?) where we finished up and went on our way home! We got a ton of adorable outfits (pictures when I'm home) And it was so incredible to meet everyone! People even asked who we were and we actually introduced new people to AGTube and they were all super excited to hear about it! YAY NEW AGTUBERS! Anyways, it was the best day ever and I hope this can happen again and I can meet everyone! thanks for reading!

Friday, November 11, 2011

People these days.

So I'm actually never posting an updates video, or even talking about an update on YouTube anymore. Why? Because any time I saw absolutely ANYTHING, I'm criticized and almost feel bullied. It's so out of hand that it makes me hate logging on everyday. SO just tell people to read this blog if they wanna know what the heck is going on. I'm only uploading entertaining videos from now on. What I mean is when I talked about AGUnicorns, everyone was obsessed with popularity and offended, and suddenly I was being scapegoated for being "popular". Here's the thing guys, you cannot blame someone for having a lot of subscriptions, and you can not give them special treatment or leave them out because of it. When I one the Liberty Jane contest a year ago, everyone freaked out and said I only won because I was "popular". So does that mean I'm not allowed to enter because of my subscriber count? That's exactly the same thing as not allowing someone to enter because they don't have any subscribers. Why are they so important to everyone? It's just a number! People work for what they get, and with enough effort, anyone can have as many as they want! It doesn't make anybody different and so stop trying to exclude people from things because you feel it is unfair that they are "popular". I've been working 3 years on here and suddenly I don't deserve anything anymore because of it? Anyways, about AGUnicorns, people started putting words in my mouth saying that I only care about the "famous" people. Did I ever say that or show any evidence of that? No way. Why? Because I don't think that at all. I'm also attacked for having friends. Ooooh I get it, because I'm "popular" I'm supposed to spend my days here alone, and enslaved for everyone else. Gotcha. Moving on, I was also brutalized for speaking out against another "popular" YouTuber. I'm honestly done with her because of the uproar but apparently she's the only good and kind "popular" person out there and if you dare step on here toes, you are led off to the steak to be burned. That was me. Because I'm kinda "popular" that means I'm jealous, mean, a horrid, uncaring, unsympathetic person who hates everyone and should be hated back. Because I mean by making fun of their goddess I totally made fun of them right? Yeah I totally bullied them, so it's okay to attack me right? Yeah it's because I'm "popular" and don't hate emotions. Going on, when I realized that I could no longer stay up for hours replying to messages, I came up with a new system that would allow people to still contact me, but it would be easier. Yeah, they may have to dig a few minutes for their messages, but I could've been a brat and cut everyone off completely. Of course that's what they're acting like. I've gotten so many comments from people saying that I've "broken their hearts" because I unfriended them. Here's the thing. Having me in a little box on your channel does not mean that we aren't friends. I'm friends with anyone who is kind to me and wants me to be their friend! It's a stupid list, and I didn't take you off it, I got rid of it. I don't need to have a list to know who my friends are and it honestly makes everything so much more difficult. But people can attack me for removing them. After all, I deserve it, I'm "popular". "Popular" people deserve to be harassed for trying to make their lives a little tiny bit easier. Sorry I enjoy sleeping and the great outdoors. I'm also sorry I go to school and dance and do a billion other things. I'm sorry that I didn't add 4 more hours to the day and I'm sorry that I removed this list that apparently means the world to everyone. No wait, there's more! I then posted a short video offering to make people customized tees for their dolls as I had a zillion tees left over an a debt to pay. Automatically people were commenting EVERYWHERE saying that I don't make good videos anymore, only ones advertising things that I sell. This was after I'd just uploaded Search + Destroy and my dolloween movie. I work freaking hard on these videos and I can't get 6 up a week. 1 or 2 is my maximum, and because I put in effort. However apparently that isn't enough for everyone and the fact that I dare upload this video means that I'm no longer worth watching. That's cool I guess. I'll just be putting up new videos, and you can unsubscribe or whatever... That is another reason I will not make updates videos. It obviously means that I no longer make anything good, and I can totally slave away at a million videos a week because I'm "popular" now. There's more, just wait! So I've been off all week because of school, and I log back on to find my homepage completely renovated, and bizarre. The layout is all showing popular videos on YouTube, and my subscriptions obnoxiously show everything that anyone I'm subscribed to ever does, i.e. favouriting, liking, subscribing and commenting on videos. Ones that I'm not really interested in for that matter, and getting to see their actual videos is impossible. Apparently I'm the only one with this problem, because I put "New YouTube O_O" as my header thinking that everyone would know what I'm talking about, when in fact they did not. Apparently, I'm making a new YouTube account, and this makes me dramatic. I got not one, but TWO comments talking about how all I do is create drama and a bunch of other stuff as to how I'm wrecking AGTube. I didn't know I was wrecking it by being there, and I didn't know that so many people had such hate for me stored up in them. I try and treat everyone as nice as possible so that nobody dislikes me and I'm on good terms with everyone, but apparently not. I don't know what I did to this girl, but my innocent header turned into a reason to talk about is how I cause drama. No, I do not go out and start fights. People start them AGAINST me on MY own channel. So of course I'm dramatic, because people like to create it all about me. Makes a lot of sense. Moral of the story...
1) Stop being an idiot and looking for a fight one day, then complaining about drama the next.
2) Leave people alone if all you want to do is disagree and hate on them.
3) Let people make videos at their own pace.
4) Stop taking things to offence so easily.
5) Stop caring about being popular and popularity. Obviously it brings a lot more problems than good.
6) Let's just have fun. Everyone says that and nobody means it. I seem to get a lot more "LET US HAVE FUN AND STOP CREATING DRAMA" messages daily, which coincidentally create non existent drama. Just everyone calm the heck down and actually have fun. Talking about drama only creates it. And if you have to have it, leave me out of it.
Sorry if you hate me too, I didn't know. Thanks for reading the rant everyone. Perhaps it will give you a little look at what I deal with because I have more subscribers than a lot of girls... And thanks for being epic and reading this far! GOING TO SEATTLE THIS EVENING =D VLOG BEGINS THEN!
Peace, Ali

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


So I need a wittle itty bitty bit of help... I get waaaaay to many messages. Here's the problem: Currently I have 397 messages and literally no time to reply to them as it will take a solid 2 hours to do and as I reply I just keep getting more and then I usually have to reply to them extremely late at night so I don't get more and more and am busy all day having endless conversations with people when I could be doing a trillion other things. The thing is, I absolutely HATE it when people don't reply to me so I don't want to be that girl who's too cool to reply. The biggest problem is how 80% of my messages are people either saying hi, asking me to subscriber/watch their video or having a conversation with me. I love to talk to people but these messages are so out of control that I can't even keep up with 30 conversations. I want people to be able to contact me so simply not replying is out of the question, and I don't want people to think I'm not replying to them on purpose so I may have to remove most of my friends and then keep it on friend lock so nobody can talk to me anymore. The problem is, I can't make it impossible for people to contact me, so I was considering using a secondary website to answer messages to make it slightly more difficult. My first plan was to use formspring, seeing that people can ask me questions (or message me) without having an account, and can simply tell me who they are if they don't have an account, or if it's a more private message, not say who they are at all, because nobody really needs to know to have the question answered. Otherwise it would be right on the page. Wait you can do that on formspring right? I'm not really concerned about hate, and I'm thinking of going with this but I'd just like to know if anyone has any other ideas. I don't want someone else to answer my messages, I don't want to just delete them all and sift through to find the important ones, I want people to be able to talk to me if necessary, and I don't want it to require another account, so please keep that in mind when suggesting. I'll make a video about it when I come to a decision, but I really need to cut down on the messages. Anyway, please suggest! Also, in the comments, tell me, do yo prefer the moderator box on my channel or the comments box? Thanks!