Friday, November 11, 2011

People these days.

So I'm actually never posting an updates video, or even talking about an update on YouTube anymore. Why? Because any time I saw absolutely ANYTHING, I'm criticized and almost feel bullied. It's so out of hand that it makes me hate logging on everyday. SO just tell people to read this blog if they wanna know what the heck is going on. I'm only uploading entertaining videos from now on. What I mean is when I talked about AGUnicorns, everyone was obsessed with popularity and offended, and suddenly I was being scapegoated for being "popular". Here's the thing guys, you cannot blame someone for having a lot of subscriptions, and you can not give them special treatment or leave them out because of it. When I one the Liberty Jane contest a year ago, everyone freaked out and said I only won because I was "popular". So does that mean I'm not allowed to enter because of my subscriber count? That's exactly the same thing as not allowing someone to enter because they don't have any subscribers. Why are they so important to everyone? It's just a number! People work for what they get, and with enough effort, anyone can have as many as they want! It doesn't make anybody different and so stop trying to exclude people from things because you feel it is unfair that they are "popular". I've been working 3 years on here and suddenly I don't deserve anything anymore because of it? Anyways, about AGUnicorns, people started putting words in my mouth saying that I only care about the "famous" people. Did I ever say that or show any evidence of that? No way. Why? Because I don't think that at all. I'm also attacked for having friends. Ooooh I get it, because I'm "popular" I'm supposed to spend my days here alone, and enslaved for everyone else. Gotcha. Moving on, I was also brutalized for speaking out against another "popular" YouTuber. I'm honestly done with her because of the uproar but apparently she's the only good and kind "popular" person out there and if you dare step on here toes, you are led off to the steak to be burned. That was me. Because I'm kinda "popular" that means I'm jealous, mean, a horrid, uncaring, unsympathetic person who hates everyone and should be hated back. Because I mean by making fun of their goddess I totally made fun of them right? Yeah I totally bullied them, so it's okay to attack me right? Yeah it's because I'm "popular" and don't hate emotions. Going on, when I realized that I could no longer stay up for hours replying to messages, I came up with a new system that would allow people to still contact me, but it would be easier. Yeah, they may have to dig a few minutes for their messages, but I could've been a brat and cut everyone off completely. Of course that's what they're acting like. I've gotten so many comments from people saying that I've "broken their hearts" because I unfriended them. Here's the thing. Having me in a little box on your channel does not mean that we aren't friends. I'm friends with anyone who is kind to me and wants me to be their friend! It's a stupid list, and I didn't take you off it, I got rid of it. I don't need to have a list to know who my friends are and it honestly makes everything so much more difficult. But people can attack me for removing them. After all, I deserve it, I'm "popular". "Popular" people deserve to be harassed for trying to make their lives a little tiny bit easier. Sorry I enjoy sleeping and the great outdoors. I'm also sorry I go to school and dance and do a billion other things. I'm sorry that I didn't add 4 more hours to the day and I'm sorry that I removed this list that apparently means the world to everyone. No wait, there's more! I then posted a short video offering to make people customized tees for their dolls as I had a zillion tees left over an a debt to pay. Automatically people were commenting EVERYWHERE saying that I don't make good videos anymore, only ones advertising things that I sell. This was after I'd just uploaded Search + Destroy and my dolloween movie. I work freaking hard on these videos and I can't get 6 up a week. 1 or 2 is my maximum, and because I put in effort. However apparently that isn't enough for everyone and the fact that I dare upload this video means that I'm no longer worth watching. That's cool I guess. I'll just be putting up new videos, and you can unsubscribe or whatever... That is another reason I will not make updates videos. It obviously means that I no longer make anything good, and I can totally slave away at a million videos a week because I'm "popular" now. There's more, just wait! So I've been off all week because of school, and I log back on to find my homepage completely renovated, and bizarre. The layout is all showing popular videos on YouTube, and my subscriptions obnoxiously show everything that anyone I'm subscribed to ever does, i.e. favouriting, liking, subscribing and commenting on videos. Ones that I'm not really interested in for that matter, and getting to see their actual videos is impossible. Apparently I'm the only one with this problem, because I put "New YouTube O_O" as my header thinking that everyone would know what I'm talking about, when in fact they did not. Apparently, I'm making a new YouTube account, and this makes me dramatic. I got not one, but TWO comments talking about how all I do is create drama and a bunch of other stuff as to how I'm wrecking AGTube. I didn't know I was wrecking it by being there, and I didn't know that so many people had such hate for me stored up in them. I try and treat everyone as nice as possible so that nobody dislikes me and I'm on good terms with everyone, but apparently not. I don't know what I did to this girl, but my innocent header turned into a reason to talk about is how I cause drama. No, I do not go out and start fights. People start them AGAINST me on MY own channel. So of course I'm dramatic, because people like to create it all about me. Makes a lot of sense. Moral of the story...
1) Stop being an idiot and looking for a fight one day, then complaining about drama the next.
2) Leave people alone if all you want to do is disagree and hate on them.
3) Let people make videos at their own pace.
4) Stop taking things to offence so easily.
5) Stop caring about being popular and popularity. Obviously it brings a lot more problems than good.
6) Let's just have fun. Everyone says that and nobody means it. I seem to get a lot more "LET US HAVE FUN AND STOP CREATING DRAMA" messages daily, which coincidentally create non existent drama. Just everyone calm the heck down and actually have fun. Talking about drama only creates it. And if you have to have it, leave me out of it.
Sorry if you hate me too, I didn't know. Thanks for reading the rant everyone. Perhaps it will give you a little look at what I deal with because I have more subscribers than a lot of girls... And thanks for being epic and reading this far! GOING TO SEATTLE THIS EVENING =D VLOG BEGINS THEN!
Peace, Ali


  1. So excited for AGPS! I wish I could go. :[ Have fun with Marissa & Lydia! <3

  2. Hey Ali! I love your videos and the people who post that are either 1.) Jealous or 2.) Have no life so they go around trying to make other people feel bad. I hope everything works out SOON :(

  3. I know!!! It's so stupid! I can't believe how people are like that! I don't care if you're advertising a product. I still will watch it. Probably about 5 times, too. I don't care about what all those people say. I still love your vids!!!

  4. You are so right about those "lets stop drama" messages. The people who send them mean well, but by posting everywhere that we have to stop drama... well, it creates drama. Everyone talks about the golden days of AGtube, back in 2009. Honestly, I am doing just fine. I enjoy youtube here in 2011 as well. I think people should stop comparing the past and just live. It would make the present much better. :)

  5. Girloftheyearstudios and Basilmentos are right!!! I only post what people want to hear and what I want to hear! I love you and don't listen to the haters. Have fun at the AGP! i wish I could go.

  6. Ali, I have to say you are SO right. Everything you said is true! Those people are losers, just ignore them, eventually they will leave.

    But you are right, your friends are the people that love you even though you are 'popular'.

    Hang in there!


  7. People can be mean like super mean... Don't take it in they are just jealous of your amazingness! U r amazingness and don't let anyone convince u that u are not. And I don't just mean amazing videos u r a amzing person to.
    Good luck Ali

  8. Trust me, I understand you. People think that JUSTR because I have ACTUALLY fun with my TRUE friends means that I automatically do something to some other people I don't know. I just feel like, "Oh, just because I'm having fun with people I enjoy being around and making the world a better place, you just AUTOMATICALLY think that I'm offending you?!"

    I HOPE that this is just a small area of time where this happens, and that your haters will stop bothering you. There's NOTHING negative about you, Ali! You're a good person who trys her best to make sure that everyone is happy, and you don't deserve this!


  9. Thats so sad that people say things like you dont make good videos anymore...And when you put so much effort into them! Its sad that not a lot remember what youtube is actually about

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  11. Unknown: Seriously?! Ali isn't causing drama! It's people like you who are causing it! PLEASE just STOP!!!!

    Ali: I don't see how you did ANYTHING wrong! All you did was express your opinion. Everyone was doing that, so just because you're "popular" means that you can't do it?? Oh my. What have we come to? Anyhoo, I think that your videos are SHAMAZING! Scratch that. YOU'RE SHAMAZING!! Teehee!

    Peace. Love. AG.

  12. Hey Ali,
    I hope you have a blast in Seattle and can put all this petty drama to the side. Just remember that there are people who truly love watching what you create.
    Don't worry, I didn't get offend by you removing me from your friends list or sad. I probably won't be bugging you on formspring, but I'm also not one that really felt the need to communicate with you all the time. I'm not some silly fan girl, never was, I still think you're a cool girl. You're great for wanting to stay in contact with your "fans" when others in your position don't.
    I saw your header on youtube as well, and didn't know what you were talking about. But I figured I would hear about later, and didn't freak out. You would eventually tell all, which you did. Now I get it. And no I don't think I had the same problem as you, however, I do see when my subscribers favorite things and sometimes it drives me nuts. I understand.
    Anyway I hope you feel better after your rant, just know that we are here to listen er read, and that there are people who even through a computer screen want to help you out.
    I would like to meet you but unfortunantly I live pretty far from Seattle, and I work on Saturdays at a job I can't just take off, so yeah. Anyway Bye!

  13. TEAM ALI 4 EVER! :P From an unpopular person to a popular one: it doesn't matter! People need to give it a rest and let you continue making your AWESOME vids! Have fun in Seattle Ali. ^-^

  14. yeah i know... its terrible :( Well at least you are not going to be a quitter and quit because of the drama:D You want to fix it :D Long live team ali!!!!
    P.S. I'm not popular but I do have a good amount of subs :D I actually like not having a lot of subs, but I do want a lot :D
    P.S.S. Your biggest fan :D

    THEY're the ones starting drama in AGTube, and if it's not bad enough that they're all being unfair,i cant believe that they're blaming you!
    Some people can be SO immature. i REALLY think little/immature girls shouldnt be on AGTube. i know, im 12, but i certantally dont go around being immature,starting drama,lies, and blaming innocent AGTubers.
    I really hope things get better Ali. :)
    Your the best!

  16. Omg i feel so bad for you and if i had the courage to go to their houses (each and everyone of them) and punch them in face i would! but you know thats exactly what you said not to do...and i bet those girls live on the whole other side of the state/province what ever you want to call it or even the country. and i agree with basilmentos. we shouldn't look in the past and relish those days! and see my blog for my story if you need any help will this he double hockey stick people are creating on the place we were supposed to have peace from school, stress and real live bullies we grew up with and won't cussin' leave us alone.
    i cant wait for the vlog later! yay!
    <3, lydia

  17. I wish I could meet you at seattle! Your amazing and those brats who think your less then kind hearted need to sort out their mental issues! <3 Lily

  18. Ali it was so wonderful meeting you today in person! You are such a wonderful role model and made so many girls happy not just today but always!

  19. I hate that others would criticize you. I wish I could I could go over there and give them a little talk.I love you videos stay strong,Ali

  20. AWH! I'm so sorry those people are being so mean! Not one single word they say is true! Your videos are FLAWLESS, you are the NICEST PERSON EVER, and there is no way on earth that you are "wrecking" AGTube! YOU ARE AN ASSET TO AGTUBE! I mean, you're the reason why I'm here! You're the reason why A LOT of girls are here. They envy your work and want to be just like you :o) your an inspiration to thousands of girls around the world. Just remember that when the mean girls try to tear you down.

  21. I'm so sorry you have to go through this! they are just being rude to you.
    your videos are awesome! I really really love your videos and a lot of people do. you are so awesome and so nice and you are NOT even wrecking AGtube! you where the first AGtuber I ever saw. thank you thank you thank you for every thing you do.
    thank you

    stay strong

  22. OK everyone, read this:
    Everyone and anyone can have opinions, right? If one of your best friends from school doesn't like someone, but you do, do you literally blow up in their face and accuse them of trying to harass people? No, because they're your friend, and they're just expressing their opinion, just like you're expressing yours. And at school, is there a big list in the hallway with a list of friends on it? No, there isn't, but do you still have friends? Yes, you do. You don't need a list to say whether or not you can have friends. Also, if you don't have anything nice, don't say anything at all. If you feel as if you're going to leave a hurtful comment, don't leave it. If you HAVE to leave a comment, compliment them on one thing that you liked, even if it's a minor detail. If anyone "not famous" on YouTube said the exact same things as Ali did, no one would pay attention, but as soon as someone "famous" says them, it creates an uproar. I say that we all take a stand, and stop living in the past. What is said has been said, and it's not wrong to express your opinions. Let's focus on making videos about the things we enjoy, and watching them, and posting little smiley faces at the ends of our messages. Did all of the drama on YouTube make you want to create an account? No. What made you want to have an account was so that you could make videos, just like the others you've adored on YouTube. So, let's forgive and forget, and live peacefully. Especially on this holiday that is all about peace. Happy (late) Remembrance Day. :)

  23. Oh my gosh, I can't believe anyone has the nerve to say ANYTHING like that!!! They do realize that it's them, commenting and making you seem more popular that helps your partnership, right? So really, if they want you to fall, they should just start ignoring you and save all of us a whole h*** of a lot of trouble.
    -charlotte <3

  24. You should be able to do whatever you want :) enter contests, create channels with ur friends, all that. although i believe "speaking out" against sarah was...well...rude. but nobody should HATE anybody. neverevereverevereverrr. :) hope you had fun at Seattle

  25. You are so right people should stop creating drama and just be nice to eachother.

  26. Hi Ali,
    Sorry this question is out of the blue, but, can I use some pictures of your dolls for a doll sized magazine?
    Please Reply!!!