Thursday, June 11, 2015

New Look

Hey guys! So I'm sort of updating everything to look a little more mature. My header doesn't fit which bothers me, but otherwise I like the updates. I've also updated my dolls names and bios and would love for you all to check that out! I've also made some decisions about who I'd like to find new homes for which should be happening soon. Anyways, keep checking back in because girloftheyearstudios is changing!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Hey guys so I'm having a lot of trouble making a decision... I feel like I'm overrun with dolls and I need to get rid of some. I've decided to send Ruby/Lindsay back to agoverseasfan, BUT I can't decide which other doll I should sell. You see, I LOVE my custom Asia that I made, even if she doesn't look that much like me but I also have a very similar looking doll, Olive. I love Olive because she's so unique looking other than the hair and I kinda wish she had brown hair but idk. I mean I could rewig Olive and keep her but then I'd still need to sell another doll and can't decide who it should be. It could be Kate because I'm just not in love with her anymore but she was my second doll and I'm unsure if I'd feel guilty or not? I honestly don't know if I'd be that heart broken to see Kate go... What do you guys think? Which of my dolls do you like the least and would be the least upset to see go? Should I rewig Olive and sell Kate? Should I just sell Olive? Comment below and tell me what to do because I just can't decide :/