Sunday, December 25, 2011


So I've been watching all these amazing Christmas videos and feeling so GAH! I suck XD I'm actually trying to get this Christmas movie as we speak (First video on iMovie EVER!) but it's not nearly as good as anyone else's :P Anyways, I'm trying to get this done and then I'll do the last episode of S+D. After, I'll try and do some stop motions and then once my room's in place I can start a serie. I just feel like such a fail right now! Never any videos! Mer. So yeah mes apologias!

Saturday, December 24, 2011


So I hope you say my updates video (look it up if you want the low down) but I'm just going to say what's happening! It's Christmas Eve (Very early that is) and tomorrow I plan on getting my macbook (I WON MYLIKES!!!) I'm starting a new series when my room gets renoed entirely (AKA soon) and I'll be doing lots of stop motions over the holidays (Including a Christmas one tomorrow, of which I am cutting close O_O) Now here's additional news! So firstly Asia started a blog! It's called Something Always Happens in Asia and it's inspired by the many adorable doll bloggers like Sabine Bouchard, Piper Nicole, Sophie Amélie Moreau, Violette Petit-Desmaris and many MANY more! It's going to document her little life in pictures and words and it has to do with something else that I'll get to in a minute! If you check it out, you'll notice there are weird names on there... Those names are possible characters and also people in the *fictional* Asia's life. There's a real Asia, and a fictional one. The real one is the one you know, and the fictional one is for the blog and a possible series. Or I guess you could say they're the same Asia and she just lives in to universes? Nonetheless she has two lives. Now about the series thing, I'm at a crossroads. I CAN'T DECIDE! I'll be making a video about this soon but here's the scoop:
I can't choose between doing a funny series or a serious one, so you should comment/vote:
1) The Ballerina Project: A Serious show about a girl who moves to New York to dance at her aunts ballet company. It's a TINY bit based on something that happened to me recently as far as the drama goes, which you'll see, and it's just about dance, friends and bullies. A major inspiration for it is Starlightharp aka Asterietoile
2) Something Always Happens in Asia: A Funny show about an 11 year old girl named Asia who moves from Japan (Coincidence?) and starts a club for all the new kids at her school. She makes a ton of friends, get's into random stuff, has lots of fun and it's just generally pretty funny! It's inspired by the cute activities that the doll bloggers on here do, hence Asia's blog and it ought to be adorable! Very different from my regular series =P
Now talk about which you like in the comments! I'll have posters for them soon (Well the one for The Ballerina Project is already floating around) and make the video about them then! Once my room is done I can start! I'll be keeping Asia's blog up regardless if I do the series or not, and I'll probably get around to doing both of them eventually! Keep in mind that the episodes will be shorter than usual (~5 mins?) and because of that I can make the seasons way longer and make more stop motions with them too! YAY FOR VARIETY! Anyways tell me what you think! Plus I'll FINALLY judge the Peyton contest and finish S+D this break if all goes well!
Oh and PS, I accept messages on YouTube again and my formspring is gone! Sorry about the inconvenience =P
Bed time now!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

News and Un-Great Stuff

So guys I have lots to talk about updates wise. Allow me to begin. So I'm sure you've heard this a million times from me but I'm so stressed. Pulling my hair out stressed. As usual I have loads of homework and am finding myself having to work even harder at school to do well. My marks are dropping, dance is all over the place, homework is weighing me down and I don't even have time for friends. This being said, I barely have time for YouTube. I know I scarcely upload a video but I'm really trying and I'm sorry if I can't upload 2 per week. I'm aiming for at least 1. Not only am I constantly busy but I also don't have much of a place to film in. Today I went to Ikea to buy new furniture and when it came to getting a little wardrobe to keep the dolls in as planned for the past few months, my parents suddenly snubbed my plan and I now have literally nowhere to keep them. I owe my mom tons of money from travelling to Seattle, and on top of that I have to buy Christmas presents, and since my parents have told me if it's that important, and urgent, I should purchase it myself. Seeing I'm now literally broke, and trying to get my laptop, the doll room seems thousands of dollars, and months away, so I'll have to film in makeshift areas unless my parents let up. Cross your fingers. Now as for other things, I realize I have to finish the Peyton contest and reply to literally a thousand formspring messages (PLEASE I AM BEGGING PLEASE ONLY ASK ME A QUESTION IF IT'S IMPORTANT! I NEED TIME TO SLEEP TOO!) but until Christmas break I won't truly have any time to do it. Even then I have to study for finals (Like REALLY study) but I promise I'll find the time. I'll also have to wait until I have an actual doll room to start The Ballerina Project which is super unfortunate. I'll make stop motions though. I also hope I can make a Christmas movie. Anyways, I don't want pity or anything, I just want everyone to understand why I can't be on and making videos 24/7 as much as I'd like to. I have a lot going on so sorry about that. Hopefully next semester will be a little more settled down. Sorry again!

Friday, December 2, 2011

New Layout

So guys a quick post, YouTube has a new layout and I'm sure they'll force us all to change soon, so I changed in advance because my background fit. Anyways, we all like layout backgrounds but the old layouts don't fit because we can't make anything transparent, so I made a new template. You can just save this one here and the grey part will remain hidden so you can just decorate, colour change and edit this layout to your heart's content! Enjoy! =) Also, in order for it to fit, be sure to copy and paste the image (PC is right click, copy image, then paste into paint, and mac... I'm not sure =/) into your photo editor because saving it could distort the size!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

I don't understand people.

I know I've made a lot of long winded speeches about hate and bullying but it's been touching on me and everyone again and as usual so I just want to say something. I just don't get people, and it seems like half the time I don't like them either. I live my life by 2 main little rules:
1) Do not steal. (There's this whole thing about killing is stealing away a life and blah blah read the Kite Runner and you'll see)
2) Just be nice and try and make everyone's day a bit better.
I'm going to talk about rule number 2. We have 1 life and we want it to be incredible. I try not to let sad things get me down because what's the point in being upset? I'm just losing precious minutes of life to something terrible. So here's the thing. I don't like to hurt people and I want everyone to like me. I have a fear of not being liked. When I can tell somebody doesn't like me, I go out of my way to make them think I'm a good, likable person. That's not the only reason I'm nice though. Everyone really should be happy. There are many things we want in life but I'm going to tell you a secret: on 11/11/11 11:11 I wished for happiness. That's all I want. To be happy. I don't care what it is that makes me happy as long as I'm happy. So I do not understand why people love to hate. Anyone who loves to hate should have not been born. What good does their hatred do? It just makes people spend their precious lives in tears and distress. Just be kind to people. There are other joys to life than hating. Let me get to my point: stop hating on the internet. Because you're reading my blog, I'm going to assume this doesn't apply to you, but this is just a tip for life. All because you have a keyboard does not make you some big deal. Would you say something completely hateful to a young girl to whom you've never met before on the street? No, you wouldn't. You wouldn't just walk up to her and say, "You're an idiot" because that's real life. You don,t have the guts to do it. But oh no,on the internet you're suddenly a huge deal and can bully whoever you want because you don't know them and it doesn't matter. But here's the thing: it does. Imagine that kid reading your comment. Sitting in their bedroom, reading it and thinking they aren't worth anything. Why would you do that? Of course we all come across a lot more positive things than negative but the negative stand out. Up until about a year ago, I thought AGTube was the best place EVER. Why? Because nobody hated and nobody judged. Now it's everywhere. I can't say a thing without some critical and useless response that I remember. It makes me want to leave. I wouldn't because all the wonderful people are too great to leave, but lately all the hate is just making me want to quit now. Don't worry I won't, it's just a thought. I don't like the people who deal with problems in a negative way. I don't like the people who say "I'm rude, get used to it." Because no, I won't. I don't deserve you're rudeness. Nobody does. I shouldn't have to waste my life putting up with you and nobody else should either. I have 100 years or less. I'm just kicking you out of life as I know it if that's you're attitude. Nobody likes someone who doesn't know how to treat people. Oh and speaking of treating people, putting "Not to be rude" or "No offence" beside something rude or offensive, does not make it kind or inoffensive. If you think it's rude or offensive, chances are it is, so if you don't mean it that way, don't post it. I just don't see how people can just be mean to somebody they've never met. People have claimed to HATE me over the internet. I've never MET YOU. Did I kill your family? No I didn't. That would break #1 of my moral code. You can.t just hate me because. In fact those people who do hate me actually usually haven't even talked to me before but have been told to hate me by someone else, or just decide to because since I am slightly popular on YouTube, that means I can't feel and hating doesn't matter as long as it makes them feel better. I started at 0 too and I made this myself. You can do it just as easily. I'm lucky people in real life are great to me. I go to such a great school, because I haven't been bullied in 4 years and it wasn't even severe. I'm happy at school, but when I get home I'm AFRAID to check YouTube. Haters are making me afraid to do something I love. I'm afraid of haters. I don't want to have to deal with them. So from here on out, I'm just ignoring them. I'll let all of you great girls down vote them to the very bowels of the earth until they melt in a pool of lava. Don't even bother saying anything to them, I appreciate it so much but I'd hate to see anyone get caught up in a war over me. Just down vote it and it's over. Thanks for the thought though <3 Anyways the point is hate may be in human nature, but let's break it. Hate is just a waste. I had such a good day until I logged on to see several hate comments. One even said "My sister thinks you're a terrible photographer but I think you're really good." I have nothing against this girl, I think she's lovely for being so kind to me, but I doubt her sister watches my videos and she just judged me then and there and hated me. I don't know who she is but she thinks I'm terrible. It's not a big deal but it does hurt a little. What can I do? I'm doing the best I can with my tools I can afford, and I don't take it to heart too much, but it hurts. People forget I'm human sometimes. I just brushed my teeth. I'm sitting on a mattress in my brothers room because I don't currently have a bedroom. A tree in my yard fell onto the road last week. Normal things happen to me. I'm normal. At school, I'm exactly like everyone else. You couldn't pick me out of the crowd. So treat me and treat everyone else like a human. Treat them how you'd treat yourself. Stop hating and bullying and stop making people ashamed and afraid to do what they love. Stop putting strangers down. It just adds more horror to the world as if we need more. be a light shining on the planet to make things brighter in a dark time. Our world is currently in hateful distress, so why can't we all just stop and be happy. Everyone hates. I just don't get it. Tomorrow, don't be jealous. Don't hate. Make it a goal to put a smile on a strangers face. Just make the world a little awesomer. Also if you did forget that I'm human, here's a very human picture of me dringking juice after a dance competition in a hotel: