Sunday, February 12, 2012


Hey guys so I plan on selling some of the dolls clothes I never use. Why? Well I'd really love to get some new stuff from Etsy places and this is more to make room than to make money, so I'm not pricing anything. If you want something, send me a message and we'll discuss pricing but I can guarantee that we can negotiate it to anything just so I can get rid of it! Not that I don't like any of this, it's that my dolls NEVER wear it for whatever reason so it would be better off in another home. I'll be sure it's all clean before I send it to you! Payment is only by paypal but I recommend getting an account anyway because it's free, easy, useful and no need for sharing your credit card all the time! I'll tell you more about that if you message me about pricing! You can buy as much as you like and shipping will cary as well but I doubt it'll be much! Oh and buying from Etsy is good for the secondary AG market as well hehe! Anyway, here's what I'd like to go (Sorry these are the worst pictures EVER taken) :


These pants were worn by Kyla in Search + Destroy! They don't fit AG perfectly, but they work with longer shirts! They are not AG brand.

This skirt was made by kittzykk with a Liberty Jane pattern! It's adorable but I don't use it enough.

These leggings were also made by kittzykk and once again are adorable, but I can never manage to get them on my dolls :P

This is Josefina's skirt. It's from one of her outfits (possibly retired?) and is AG brand. It will come with the red sash it was sold with I just forgot to include accessories with the photos.

I have no idea what brand this skirt is, but it isn't AG. It fits AGs perfectly though and it's in great condition, just not my style :P


This dress is from Battat, and although a little tight, it fits AGs well. It's denim and cowboy themed.

This dress is actually a dog dress so it's a little open at the back, but as long as she wears a skirt underneath, no dolly bottoms will be revealed XD It fits AG perfectly as well!

This is a retired AG dress that I got at AGP LA when I was 10... I'm going to miss it but I never use it so I'll sell it. It doesn't come with it's shoes, leggings or bag, just the dress.

This dress was given to me by someone and I believe it is home made! It would make a cute outfit for a younger doll, but mine don't really wear it much :P


This is the AGP New York PJ set. It's retired, exclusive and comes with both it's pieces.

Now we have Nicki's obviously retired, meet outfit. It comes with just the top and skirt and I LOVE the boots. I do love the outfit too but my dolls never wear it and never have a reason to. :/

This outfit comes with 4 pieces: 2 pairs of pants, a jacket a tee, oh and lets not forget the belts. I don't have all of them but I am selling all that I do have, which is most. They tie the jacket up. Sorry that they aren't pictured. This outfit is AG brand and retired as well. I don't have the headband or mats or anything either.

This is some pieces from an unknown brand that I got together. It's black tights, a red turtle neck and a fringy skirt. There is a matching scarf that isn;t pictured. It works as a costume of sorts and is tight on AG dolls but fits.


This is a what I believe to be retired, light blue, AG exclusives hoodie from AG Place New York. Works for boy dolls too! I'm sad to part with it, but no longer use it enough to keep it :/

I am again, sad to part with this tee. It is a retired tee from an old AG outfit. It's adorable, but long forgotten by me and never worn. Although you can rarely have too many tees I'd like to get different ones.

This tee is from build a bear, and is slightly too big but fits when tied or secured with an elastic. It's pretty cute but just another shirt the dolls never wear.

This last shirt is the current "My AG" meet outfit top. It's cute enough but I never loved it all that much and it sits in my doll clothes box, never worn, so if you like it, buy it! It won't be around much longer! Doesn't come with the other parts of the outfit.

So this is all I am selling. Not doing trades by the way! Please message me to talk about pricing (It'll be super cheap, I swear!) And if you like ANYTHING here just buy it! I wanna be rid of it all ASAP! Thanks for reading and PLEASE TELL YOUR FRIENDS!