So there are a few questions that I get asked about a LOT, so I'd like to put them here! Read before messaging! XD

Q) Sub 4 Sub? Sub me?
A) Sorry I don't do sub for sub, if you only subscribed for that, I reccomend you unsub.

Q) When are you getting a PO box?
A) Very soon I promise, I'll make a video when I do.

Q) Please Join my collab.
A) Well that's not a question, but sorry, I'm just too busy and don't have time.

Q) Will you make a video telling people to sub me?
A) Sorry, but I get asked this so often, that I have no time to make them all, and it wouldn't be fair if I only did them for some people.

Q) Where's Cassey/The other girl?
A) She isn't really interested in AG anymore...

Q) Will you make me a BG/Icon
A) Sorry, once again I have no time.

Q) Do you do trades?
A) No, not any more, there are way too many people that want to do trades and I would end up trading away everything I own, so I can't do it.

Q) Will you skype me? Call me?
A) Sorry, I can't I don't have skype, and can't call you.

Q) Can I send you something?
A) As much as I'd love to get things from people in the mail, I'm not really aloud to give out my address, but if/when I get a PO box, you sure can!

Q) Where did you get Peyton's wig?
A) I got it at monique.com and they have a great selection of wigs! His was called bebe but there are many other too! Oh and it's size 10-11.

Q) Make another video.
A) Well I make at least a video a week and I try for two, plus they come out on the weekends, so just be patient, I have a lot of stuff to do.

Q) What doll is that one wearing the red dress in the photo shoot of what you got at AGP?
A) That's Quinn, my JLY 44 doll rewigged.

Q) Why did you delete me as a friend and will you re-add me?
A) I actually removed everyone to cut down on the outrageous amount of messages I receive, but you can message me through my formspring: