Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Real People

So I was looking at messages and the thought came up of one suddenly thinking of me as a real person with a real life, and to be honest, I just started thinking of the same thing. I guess you can't really think of someone living a life out of YouTube when you've never seen them before. I know I haven't. You know, with friends, family, activities, school, even just living life. Maybe sleeping! It's just never crossed my mind. Therefor, I'm curious, what do any of you readers think, when you think of me living my real life? What do you imagine when you see me? I'm just so curious! I realize that a large part of us AGTubers are school outcasts, myself included for a large part, so none of us live these fabulous, perfect life, but when I come to think of mine, I have it really good. Actually it shows because most of the time I'm known as a smiley, sweet, and "cute" (I'm ALWAYS the cute one because apparently I'm far to innocent and adorable for a 14 year old XD) and it's not even a fake mask. I have good parents, a solid home, we aren't broke (Or rich though,,, sigh... -dreams of owning her own movie studio-) a sibling who DOESN'T hate me, actual friends, the ability to make new ones, decent grades (for French immersion that is) somewhat of a talent here and there, and just a generally good life. I have almost NOTHING to complain about! (Despite my currently painful popped out hip, knee issues and occasional outcastness) I don't live in a hut in Africa, I don't have depression, I've never cut myself, or wanted too, or ever thought of killing myself, and life's generally bright. You don't need to be super popular to be happy. At least not at my school. Us normal level girls, of which the popular girls DO converse with in classes, not that it matters much, all get along, don't have drama or boyfriends (surprisingly only the popular kids and band kids date at my school... XD) and I just feel like I have a lot of friends. Now I realize not everyone is so lucky to have such a stream of good things going on, but I just want you to remember, if you live in a developed country, your life is already better than at least half of the world. And so what if you're not super popular, make friends with the girls at your "level" (ugh labels...) and just love them! Who cares how cool they are! My friends are WAY cooler than any of those "cool" girls! And MUCH funnier! Speaking of which, when describing your vision of me, whatever I'm doing, tell me what you think some of my friends are names, just curious ;D Then I'll tell you how I kinda live next post. Funny thing, this blog was for news, now it's my venting and advice place! (MUST CONVERT TO NEWS. Nahhh...) Speaking of THAT, I might make an advice tab on here because I have things for that and people come to me for it, and sometimes we all just need a little happy boost or tip =) (Brotips is a good place to start, that is if you're okay with the occasional crude humor... WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT? THIS IS THE INTERNET! IT'S ALL CRUDE HUMOR! Seriously though, if you're under 13, I can relay the tips to you in a more suitable manner XD) Anyways I had one other thing... We've all been bullied and alone... RIGHT! Okay so many of you have noticed my header, and asked what it's about, and well AmericanGirl077's new video (featured on my channel) really explains it all. So many amazing girls are growing out of dolls... so many that I basically formed my channel watching, many that I watched before I had it! Old friends... old heros... gone...
And literally a million more that I can't even remember anymore :'(
Click HERE for the video.


  1. Did unodosginger really leave/grow out of dolls? This is so true by the way! I loved that video and made me want to cry! :(

    When I think of you... I think of... Hmm.. That's hard.... I'm friends with 311peaceout and 4evragz on FaceBook and you are there friends and sometimes you are in their wacky conversations(: So I think of you being a nice girl who loves to smile and just have a good time. I always think of a person that has it hard at sometimes. I mean.. 10,000+ subscribers! That must be tough to have so many people at your feet begging for videos constantly! I only have 1,000 and I know how that feels already!

    Good luck in everything! :) :D

  2. When I think of your life outside of YouTube, I generally think of it as being busy with extracurricular activities(I'm pretty sure you still dance, and you play guitar, right?) and having lots of friends... Pretty much just an "average" life for people living in a developed country, I guess! XD


  3. I think of you as a wonderful friend, someone who wants to do well in all she does, a smart girl with a bright outlook on life. I see you doing fun and random things with your friends and just hanging out. I see you walking down the halls at school and some friends calling your name. You say hi and then move on. When you get home you do homework and doll stuff and other things teenage girls do.
    As for the name of your friends... I'm just making a wild guess here... Cassie? ;P For some reason I see you being friends with a Mary (but then again, almost everyone knows at least one Mary) and maybe even a Bethany or a Lizzie.

    I can't wait to see you in November! Which doll to bring...

  4. im the outcast too. Everyone likes me i guess but I don't actually have a best friend or anything. I am also the adorable one. I can only see you as being an extremely popular and signing autographs everywhere you go XD but im pretty sure that's very unlikely but, I can TOTALLY see you doing that sort of thing XD

  5. I think you're a wonderful person, with a bubbly personality, (I'm pretty sure that is a good thing). Anyone would be lucky to have you as a friend. You're full of inspiration, and always have something to share. You have a gift, Ali, it's your heart. <3

  6. O boy I have a full story for u ( I am such a nerd) anyways I will pm that to u later like your story cause it will take me awhile to type. Anyways if u have time can u please read abd reply to my message tittle like no happy endings? It's not urgent but if u have time before u check your messages over the weekend I would be very happy. Love u Ali *lexylive4ag or LeXy

  7. Ok I got your story in bullet points.

    1. Maybe just maybe a Cassie? Just a wild guess ;)
    2. For some reason a see a lily or a Sam
    3. Maybe a Reilly or a Paige

    Personal traits
    1. U have lots of energy
    2. Amazingly kind
    3. Giggly
    4. Creative
    5. I am going to stop there cause I could go to 1000000

    1. I know u have a super smart little bro
    2. I see your mom having like red hair
    3. For some reason I see your dad having brown/blonde hair

    What u like to do
    1. Make videos
    2. Hang with besties at school
    3. Go on Facebook
    4. Reply to 1000 messages ;)
    5. Play with your puppy ;) nemeos a cutie

    Anyways I could go on and on and on but u know that would be boring o and forgot to meting u have a lot if online friends like me!

    *Lexy or lexylive4ag

  8. i would think of you having friends named cassie; ) i have a friend named cassie exceot shes a grown up and maybe an abby or a sydney. wild guesses of girls at my school OOO! maybe a katlyn...
    anyway i could see you as an average girl being with alot of friends and enjoying life and being commited to being with your dolls forever and never failing in youtube, but growing stronger in your talent every day. thats how i have always seen you and cassie, well when i started watching y'all, that is...
    ali, you should never deserve any haters, just friends who enjoy watching your videos and seeing you as another talented girl on youtube and facebook and blogger and etsy and flickr. you are amazing. you aren't one of those girls who think that the other girls are inferior to them and where layer after layer of makeup, and think they're celebrities, and think that they have to have the 'right' clothes and the 'right' hair and the 'right' everything. it's amazing how everyone has those girls at our schools. i'm glad that you are here on youtube (well, not here but you know what i mean) for me to come home to everyday after the chaos of school. you are my idol and i hope you never leave. : D
    <3, lydia aka lydiaon6