Sunday, October 23, 2011

Current Goings On

So I'm taking a break if you haven't heard. My channel turned into a hate zone out of no where of people who I've never been cruel to in my life. They just flipped on my a ran up my comments box with mean comment after mean comment on something they didn't even know what they were talking about. Apparently I'm the rudest, most jealous and mean person ever. I don't remember who said it and honestly, I'm not going to bother checking, but the fact that all these people think that without even KNOWING me hurts a lot. So I'm breaking. It was going to be 2 weeks, but even after taking the comments off my page, someone to whom I've never spoken to, heard of, or even knew, and I doubt she knew me either put on my moderator, and I quote "Your so RUDE and Mean, whats you problem!". That was hard to read. Mostly because I want to think it's untrue as I don't have a problem and I have a feeling that this random kid is just putting that because she heard it from other people, but I'm really not going to reply to that. I'm not going to take it off either but I'm not giving that person a second of my time for a response. However, the fact that even though I'm breaking, I'm still attracting haters makes me want to extend the absence. I doubt I will as there are so many amazing girls who said they'll miss me but it's just difficult. The worst thing is, I didn't look for drama, I didn't even think this would create drama. I stated an opinion, backed up with facts and now that makes me a hater. The funny thing is, a lot of the comments were about how people are so mad at me for hating and making drama. Here's the thing, and opinion, and pointing out what's going on, isn't hate. Shouting insults at someone that are completely unproven are, and it's extremely ironic how the girls blaming me for hating and creating drama are actually the ones doing it. This is just so pathetic. I wasn't aware that we lived in a fascist society where stating an opinion results in the torture of cyberbullying. Yeah I'll say it. All the haters are cyberbullies. They've made me shy away from my own YouTube. And until they wake the heck up and realize that I didn't do anything to them, or ANYBODY and was actually trying to help them open their eyes to a new idea, I won't be coming back. I have a few videos to upload too but not until everyone realizes what they're doing. I'd like an apology but I doubt I'll get one. I just don't get why people don't even listen to what I say, they just spit out the hate. Especially because I've talked to many of these girls and befriended them, and now they've turned on me to defend a grown woman who ignores any greeting they try and send to her, and treats them like revenue. Nobody listens. You don't have to agree with me, but if you could listen to me, think about what I say and just base your decision off of that, then you can disagree with me. But you still can't hate. Well this is the last you'll heard from me for a while. I was excited too because I'd be meeting all these lovely people next month, starting a series that I'm DYING to do, and I have 8 stop motions lined up but now I'm being screamed at from all directions. I hate this. I've never been a part of drama because it's a bunch of temperamental 8 year olds crying over a little mishap, or something equal to that, and I just want everybody to be happy, nice and having fun. But no, now I'm being criticized first for making a channel with my friends, and now because I spoke out against somebody. And not out of a non existent reason either. I too miss the days when it was amazing to have 100 subscribers and you just made hilarious videos for fun, and nobody cared about fancy cameras and being the best. It's sounds really dumb coming from me I'm sure, but at this hate-rate, I'll be down to 100 in no time... Eh what do I care? At least I'll be having fun when all the bullies get the eff out. It's not about the subscribers, celebrate when you get a certain amount but don't make goals to try and beat people or be the most famous. I never did that and I still won't. The reason I came here was to be like unodosginger, and that's still why I'm here. To be like all the lovely YouTubers out there, and hopefully I will be one day, but I'm going to keep working for it on my break. Maybe I'll be better when I come back. And to any of the haters, if you're reading this I have 2 questions:
1) What did I ever directly do to you to make you feel upset in any way, as I was not talking about you are trying to be mean to anybody. Nor was I mean, it was an opinion based on truth.
2) Why are you even here? If you hate me so much for whatever ludicrous reason, I suggest you just go obsess over your queen. I mean of course I'm being completely inconsiderate like you say I am. That's exactly why I considered everything. This is just so so SO stupid. I don't want to leave. Stop making me, and if I suck so much, just unsubscribe and keeping wishing for the goddess to come back.
See you all on Halloween. Oh and I may upload a video about Seattle but that will be all. Spread this around. Peace.
-(A much less pleasant) Ali


  1. I'm sure going to miss you on your break! but I realize you need a break
    I've seen a lot of those rude comments on your page, and I also saw all the good comments! stay strong don't let 'em get to you


  2. I have hope Ali 4 u! i hope god blesses u on your break cause out of everyone u don't deserve this! I would most gladly change places with u right now and be yelled at by all those bullies just so u could be in comfort and happiness! be strong!

  3. ARG! This makes me mad. Honestly, people have the right to have an opinion. I applaud you for having one, and stating it to the world. Why does this have to happen? What goes in to peoples brains to say "Hate on her"? Honestly! Even the people I'm friends with don't yell at me because I dislike their favourite thing in the world (ehrm, justin bieber). YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO HAVE AN OPINION ALI! I support you with all of my... umm... I support you ;) You rock!
    -charlotte <3

  4. I agree with you Ali! Why do people have to be hated for sharing their opinion!?! I am just saying it's unfair haters! Like she did anything to you guys! What a bunch of childish behaviors! :[ Anyways Ali , Stay Strong! Many people support you Ali!! ;]

  5. I totally agree with you on the Sara thing. Im not trying to be a suck up fan or anything, but in my eyes, you are the best AGTuber. You update us, you make awesome videos, you respond to our messages, and you are really nice. Take a break. You totally deserve one. We'll miss you, but i just keep thinking, AGP SEATTLE, AGP SEATTLE. Have a nice break :) -Ava

  6. I miss you but have a good break! Rember youtube is for having fun and you always put a smile on my face.

  7. oh Ali,

    i don't understand why they have to protect a person who left us and as you said treated us like garbage.never let haters get to you. they are jealous of your now 11028 subscribers and your amazing sense of humor and think by putting you down your fans will stop liking you and go to them. but they are wrong. i wish all this drama would go away. the girl i thought was amazing is just a snooty person who doesn't care about her fans. all of the other amazing people on agtube deserve that many fans instead of her. when she left (the first time mind you) i stumbled across your videos and i was in awe. i still am, because you don't even leave for a weekend without letting us know and if you didn't then you don't make up some lie about why and lie about being back every 6 months. i honestly think she thinks to herself: what lie can i tell next to keep my subscribers hanging and still worship me. i also think on her calender it says every six months, pretend i'm back on agtube so people will still worship me. i believed her lies at first but when i didn't have a camera or a computer i still updated my channel on my dads laptop or on my ipod. sure i haven't made a video in a while but i change my header and still do stuff like that. sure we don't know what shes going through. but we all know it is not that hard to update your header or bulletin.
    stay strong
    stay shla-mazing,

    ~ Abby (aglove221) and the dolls

  8. Ill miss you Ali! Its sad youtube has come to this, to drama

  9. Your amazing Ali, and dont EVER forget it <3 I think its the right thing to do, to take a brake until everything blows off. But dont forget to come back! KJ, I know you wont leave ;)


  10. its just not fair anymore instead of haveing a peaceful time at AGtube-Youtube its turning in to nothing even close 2 that people god made this world he also added FACT and OPINION and she is just using the opinion part whats wrong with doing that Ali its a good thing that your haveing a break some ppl just need a chillpill were all here for you stay strong ~frapface108

  11. Ali,
    Although, I’m sad you have to do it, I guess it’s for the best. Those people don't know what the eff they are talking about and they are truly mean and stupid, don't listen to them. They are just jealous so many people love you and support you. I'll miss you. EVERYONE will miss you. Just remember that you never have and hopefully never will let us down without notifying us like someone did. *cough cough Sarah cough cough* We love you Ali and we can't wait for you to come back soon!! Stay Strong and don't let anything get you down.

  12. Its agmockingjay they comment mean things on any agtuber with a lot of subbers


  13. There Is NOTHING I Hate More Than When Someone Won't Let You Speak Your Mind... Your Speaking The Truth And Your Probably The Smartest Of All Of Us. I'm REALLY Gonna Miss You And I Hope The Break Doesn't Feel To Dramatically Long... Best Wishes And I Hope You Don't Let The Haters Get To You- That Just Fuels Their Fire And Makes Them Feel More Powerful Than You. Just Fight Through It- You Know You Still Have So Many Fans That Will Support You And Love You Forever.
    <3 Jules

  14. Okay Ali,
    Just remember that you are amazing! I don't think that Sarah wants to make videos for little girls when she can be hanging out with her boyfriend. I mean girls, you have to let Sarah live her life. Ali is right! I wish you weren't leaving until Halloween! I can't live without you for that long! Lol! Well, I guess haters gotta hate. It's stupid and immature of them to hate on you!

  15. Now I'm sad. Why would anyone hate you? You are so much sweeter and kinder than Stephenswodadancer so why would anyone want to say anything bad to you? I love your YouTube videos more than any other videos in the WORLD even mine. I love D&D and I can't wait for you to be back. DX but until then I'll miss you and your videos and I'll give you advice. WE LOVE your videos Ali. Aren't the videos all that matter? Isn't it wrong to love someone because they are "Popular" or hate someone because they are "mean" trust me Ali, you are SO not mean. I've read your posts and I realize that you have so many opportunities to make excuses yet you don't. Which makes you a MUCH better person then those stuck up "top dogs" and those immature haters. I can't live without you but I will. I"LL MISS YOU :(