Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Multipurpose Post

So I'm making this all rolled into one because I have several things to say. Allow me to begin:
So I feel the need to explain something about video requests. I'm all for video requests because sometimes I just don't have ideas! (However, right now I have a lot and I'm just waiting to be done Search + Destroy and my Halloween movie to do them) However, there are 2 that are highly requested, that I completely intend to do, but I can't right now. Well I can, but it'd make more sense to do later. These are
-Doll Room Tour
-All My Dolls
Now I'm definitely going to do these, just not until I'm fully prepared. I'm getting my new and final doll in 2 weeks, so I figure it'd be best to do an all my dolls video, when I have ALL my dolls. As for the room, we are literally JUST starting to renovated our house, (we ordered new floor! YAY!) Which poses some difficulties as I'll need to film around my destroyed house, but it's also good because my dad is helping me build this doll shelf thing that will be epic and my doll room is just SO repetitive right now, so why not wait until it's all cool and awesome? So when I have that, those requests will be fulfilled.
Now here's some info on Seattle. Firstly, Mason is going up on eBay tomorrow (There will be a video with a link) starting at 85$ which is quite inexpensive for a virtually perfect and unused doll with brand new hair, who is also a custom boy who comes with pictures. I hope it gets up to 200$ because then I could get my new doll in Seattle as well as some clothes for everyone! HOPE HOPE HOPE! Also I know I made a video about this, but I'd just like the info to be on here:
I will be at AG Place Seattle on Saturday, November 12th, 2011, at 1:30pm for an hour and a half to 2 hours. It'd be great if you can go! It'll be fun either way but more fun with people there! I can confirm that AG077 AG088 and LibertyJaneClothing will be there too! I AM SO EXCITED!!! So new doll there and Mason will be funding that! BID!
Lastly I've been philosophizing yet again and I thought of something... Everyone's so focused and intent to getting AGTube back to the old ways but I honestly don't think that's the best way to go about it. The best way to go about it is forget that we've changed, forget talking about it and just be on YouTube and make videos and friends and be kind. If we stop trying to force people to change and talking about changing and just do it and forget about all the rough times, we'd be okay and happy again. So guys, let's just have a good time, and things can go back to normal. Thank you so much for reading! I've heard of so many people changing their perception of dolls and what's too old over the last post, including people coming back and loving their dolls again =) Makes me smile. Much Love-


  1. i wish i could go to Seattle. but i live to far away that it wouldn't make since to go for only a weekend. plus my mom is a little protective of me meeting someone from the internet after something that recently happened here. :( i wish you could come to new york or dc cause then i could meet you :)
    vlog please

  2. I wish you came to agp colorado


  3. Eeeek! I'm so excited!
    1. I'm watching the latest Search and Destroy and it's good! I like the fire. ;D
    2. I can't wait to see what your Halloween movie is!
    3. I am most likely coming to see you in Seattle and I am SO EXCITED!
    4. Keep doing what your doing! I love it and I love your videos.

  4. I can see why people choose to leave and/or change, but I think that just taking everything as it comes is just perfect. A lot of little changes is better than a few big changes, because people don't notice small changes as much.


  5. Maybe your thinking about this wrong, Ali. Maybe it is time for the first generation of the Ag world to move on, and let young kids in the ag community take control. I know so many amazing young new AG community people like NightBeaglezz, chloleaf, breeziblue and many others that I personaly believe don't get enough attention..

  6. I SO wish I could go to seattle and meet all you epic people!!! Sigh, why do we have to live on opposite sides of the country? Oh well :) Have lots and lots of fun in Seattle!!! Do you know what's really weird? I am in the same boat as you! I am currently saving up for another doll, AND I'm renovating my doll room with shelf things!!! COOL!

  7. Oh Ali! I wish I could go to Seattle :P I was actually considering it but some important things came up lately in which I shouldn't share on the internet publicly but I wish you the best! ;)

  8. @No
    I don't think you understand the context. Read my last blog post and I talk about why that's going on exactly and this relates to it. And thanks to everyone else! =D

  9. I Might just have to move so I can meet you=D

  10. You make a good point! I am in the middle of making a memories videos so yeah it's should be epic :) Also I am so sad I can't come but you won't even notice I am not there because you will be having so much fun!

  11. Lol cant wait till you go to seattle so we can see vids :D Also I loved the new search+destroy! I love all of them! Have fun at seattle! Also I agree, we should embrace change, and make something out of it instead of moping :)

  12. omg i wish i could go to seattle but i live way down south so i can't! boohoohoo lydia get over it! its just ALI FROM GIRLOFTHEYEARSTUDIOS WITH ASIA AND PAYTEN! O HOW COULD I NOT?!?!? GRRR expensive airline prices... and pretty much i have been here watching everyone's videos but i didnt have an account like i was here way back when you came out with o lets say episode 2 of making it! wow! haha i loved the atmosphere of the ag community back then and i think it would be awesome if i can talk to you about an idea i have... can you check out my blog if you ever have the chance? its about a modeling thing i want my own for...
    <3, lydia

  13. well said my friend <3

    btw, 7 MORE DAYS!!!!!