Sunday, October 9, 2011

Second Post Today!

So I know I've already posted today but I have something kinda important to say. So maybe it's because I have to get them all done fast, maybe it's because I have to film it all outside, but I'm really starting to dread filming Search + Destroy. I just can't find a fitting series lately. DO NOT WORRY THOUGH I WILL PULL THROUGH AND FINISH THIS ONE AS I'M ALMOST DONE IT ANYWAYS but it's just not fun and YouTube's about fun right? So when I do The Ballerina Project, I'm doing something to make it more fun. I really love making little stop motions so I think I'm gonna go for shorter episodes on the ballerina project, probably 5-7 minutes, and that way I can make stop motions more often too! It just seems like so much more fun to be able to do that. =) I have no want to leave YouTube so I'm going to make it more fun in order to stay! I'm just excited to finish S+D (Episode 6 is awful though... =/) Anyways that's about all I had to say in this post! Thanks for clicking! Also, AmericanGirl088 has braved the bullying and come back! CHECK HER OUT!


  1. Hey, Ali! I know you get millions of messages and things but, I want to let you know I am going to be at The AGP Seattle, too! I will be cool to see you!


  2. Eep! I'm so glad AG088 is back :) Sorry all this series stuff is clogging up your fun... I hardly have any time at all to film my series... HOW DO YOU DO IT, ALI??? Ha ha, I'm just really busy, and REALLY lazy ;)