Monday, August 22, 2011

Wig Trade?

So I've recently gotten Norah, AKA JLY 29, and despite that her hair's super pretty, long and layered, I kinda want a different look... So here's the plan, I kinda would LOVE a doll with long wavy-ish hair, such as Kanani's, Sonali's or even that new JLY! So I was thinking of doing a wig swap! If anybody owning a doll with the description of super long, wavy hair, that wants a new look message me on youtube! What I can do is you can send me your doll and I'll swap the 2 wigs and even sign her foot if you ever so desire! =) And of course send her back! XD Norah's wig is like new, but it's kinda thin, and a little dry, but other than that pretty shiny and smooth! ANd surprisingly long! Anyway, here is a bad picture of her I just took so you could see!


  1. Hi Ali! I tried to message you on YouTube about a possible wig trade, and it won't let me because I'm not friends with you. Please add me as a friend so I can message you!
    Rachel Noel

  2. Awesome! :) I wish I could..but love the new background & layout & stuff. :)

  3. good luck finding a wig swap partner, Ali! Oh, how I wish I could help you. nora is very sweet, by the way!

  4. aw your going to do a wig swap? i have her and i would never swap her wig. i LOVE that dress on her! so cute.

    Lotte aka Charlotte