Tuesday, August 30, 2011


My dearest AG,
I HATE YOU. Why do I hate you? I was juuuust about ready to swear off of AG for GOOD and then Bam. You HAD to do it. HAD TO. You made new outfits. Why? Why torture me? Normally your outfits are... unattractive... but now that sweater outfit? I can't help but love it! And the ballerina outfits is a must have. This is terrible. Plus I could use some new glasses... since I'm giving back Casseys... and I COULD have Marie Grace as Norah instead of the current Norah because she's pretty original... plus the straightened pin curls would make adorable side bangs... WHY?!?! Well that tears it. I'm am planning a meet and greet at AGP no matter what. I will work around my mom's schedule and school and I will DO THIS. I WILL buy a doll at AGP and I WILL get those outfits and I WILL meet epic people. Fingers crossed! I'll probably go to Seattle, however, it seems like 90% of everybody can go to Chicago and my mom loves it there soooo... we shall see... Anyways, I have a sleepover to pack for (Yay for seeing best friends! ^_^) so I'll update you on my AGP plans when I actually have more to tell you!


  1. yarg! I wish I lived somewhere over near chicago and seattle! but the closest AGP is new york, for me, and that's still a 9+ hour drive :( but anyway, I know! darn you AG!

  2. I know! I was just going to start customizing AG dolls and not buy any new ones, BUT THEN THIS?!?!?! And the red Christmas dress is to DIE FOR!!! :D


  3. Yes! Please Chicago! Pretty please! Wouldn't you rather go to the original AGP? I totally know what you mean! It's like WHO COMES UP WITH THIS ADORABLE WALLET DUMPING STUFF? Haha!

  4. i know what you mean, but i am a little upset, they REPLACED the snowflake PJs, and i was about to get them! UGH! but i do like some of there stuff. like the winter outfit thingy, the cozy outfit or whatever, etc.

  5. ikr???? i NEED the sweater outfit. I NEED.

  6. I love the new outfits. My mom wont buy me any. The only type she gets me is so ugly brand called "Our Generation"
    It really ugly. So when are you going to Chicago? I live near there so I could meet you? P.s. I love your channel can you help me with how to make your channel and back round?I also Have and Idea, this is a series I was going to do, but I don't want to do it so you can! Its about 2 best friends for life (I would recommend Kanani for one character) And one day one of the best friends move away and the other girl has trouble with school after she moves away! So she has to go through school and makes a new best friend. In the end her best friend who moved away comes back and they all become friends. I hope you like my ideas!