Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Things that bother me.

Today things are bothering me. Besides AG. Wow I complain a lot... ANYWAYS there are some comments that are terrible. One of them being "SUB ME! CHECK OUT MY CHANNEL!" That bothers me because it's just obnoxious. I never did that and I turned out fine... but that's not the worst. 2 other types of comments are annoying me much more right now. The first is... "IT'S KIT NOT KATE. YOU'RE S STUPID." Yeah I got that once. Actually I'm told my own dolls name to me on a regular basis. What people, you think I'm too stupid to read? Yeah AG markets her as "Kit" but I find that an extremely lame name (No offence to anyone of course.) Anyways, I changed her name to Kate, and that's how it is. Once someone actually said in a comment "It's Kit not Kate! You're so stupid! Don't subscribe to this sore loser!" on my own video. I was like are you serious? REALLY? The second type of comment has shown up a lot more recently because apparently I had a video on the homepage or something yesterday... not really sure but anyways apparently it drew weird loser like YouTubers who have no lives. I've had several comments along the lines of "gay" "WTF did I just watch" and "OMG I'M SCARRED FOR LIFE! WHAT WAS THAT?!?!" And I'm like really people? It's called a video. It's pretty neat huh? And videos surprisingly don't have a sexual orientation. It just drives me nuts how these people think they're ridiculously cool and have the bestest insults for videos that have dolls in them because videos with dolls in them are totally stupid and lame right? Yeah that's why like 20000 people watch and make them. Because they're stupid. Really people get lives and stop being so pathetic and close minded. Of course this isn't directed to any of you because you're all awesome but I'm just venting! Thanks for listening haha!


  1. I am sorry for you Ali! I would hate that! Well I only have 15 subs so I don't have to worry to much about comments! I do find it that other people are incredibly rude. For example: the other day I commented good job on some on the contest videos for your Agtube connect contest. I found a few people replied thank you I like your video to but someone shocked me and said I hope I win I deserve it more than anyone. I was shocked and then a got dislikes on my video. I was like give me a break this was my first stopmotion! I Also think they didn't like it because it had alot of creativity in it. People have no imagienataion these days! Oh well know I am just rambleing!
    ~ Lexy

  2. aweee sowwy Ali :( Ughhhhh some PEOPLE

  3. I cannot believe people have actually said that to you! honestly people, GET A LIFE. Ali is too cool to just stick to the AG names. have you ever gotten that comment about Lynlee? goodness people!
    {ps. thank you once again ali! you are amazing, and the video you made about my skirt was fabulous!}

  4. I only have.. I think three subbers, and I haven't complained once! I only have two crummy videos, so I get that only my real life friends sub me. But, I just don't GET why people would ask someone to sub them? Chances are they just can't handle not being liked, or being super-popular from the bginning, so what's so bad about it?!


  5. I know how it feels to get mean or bad comments:(. This kid on youtube said on one of my vids; FAIL;/. I HATED IT SO MUCH!!!!!!! you probably 99% do not know or ever heard about me. My name on youtube is msagcrazy, i have pretty bad vids