Thursday, August 25, 2011

Series Situation

So when I first put The To-Do List together I really liked the idea. I had plans, sets, costumes, personalities and everything ready, but now I don't think it's good enough... I'm just not a fan anymore and I want to do something else. But there's a problem: I don't have a good idea. I find myself wanting to do something ballet related, and maybe taking place in New York. Perhaps including fancy parties and the whole Manhattan lifestyle but when I have an idea it just doesn't seem original enough. I had a plan to do a series on a ballet company but it seemed too much like a cross between Colmarion1's incredible Starlight Dancers, and Starlightharps's fantastic series that she'd done a while back. I'm just drawing a blank, but I really don't want to do The To-Do List anymore. I suppose I'll think of something, and hopefully soon because the only thing I can really do well is series and without one, I'm doomed... Of course the likelyhood of me making anything better than Music in Me is fairly low because that's about the extent of my creativity. Cross your fingers that I'll think of something!


  1. Hey Ali I have an idea for a series that I think is very original. PM lexylive4ag if you want to here it. Yes I am lexylive4ag from YouTube. I am in a spot with Internet right know but not for long. If u send me a message I can't reply for about a week! So sorry and if you do like my idea I will write a script for you. Thanks for listening! Lexy

  2. I hope you can think of something! maybe you could do a series based on a book you like :)

  3. Hey I am a HUGE fan of Search + Destroy. We as in my team of movie making people were wondering if we could make a movie like Search +Destroy the same over view but diffrent characters like people instead of dolls. Please respond back I do not have a youtube

  4. My camera is STUPID! I always have pitch PERFECT ideas for new ag series, but my camera makes the stop motion or even live videos look dumb. That's why I NEVER post videos. U could always email me at if u like :)