Saturday, September 24, 2011


So this post will be about a lot, hence the rainbow reference as rainbows have lots of colours, this post speaks of many things. First, things that make me happy! (For a wonderful change!!!) So I have 3 things that I would like to tell you guys that make me happy!

1) YOU! I am actually so happy with all the fantastic blog readers here! Your comments are just so insightful and wonderful, and the fact that you put up with my useless rants for posts on end that nag and bore is amazing! I just love it! Sadly blogger doesn't seem to like me commenting, so I can never reply, but take this as my reply! I especially lived a lot of the comments on my last posts as they were all just... intelligent! ^_^ I just love that haha! So a million times thank you! =D

2) 1000 SHIPS! The response to my music video has been... magical! XD I didn't think it was all that... (My hands were in it, the shaky-ness, the light...) of course I never seem to be happy with my videos but everyone has just been so incredibly positive and loving it that I just adore checking the comments! It's just fantastic to know that people really do like my videos! This reminds me about how much I miss making music videos though, because ever since the partnership was approved, I can't make a music video without asking the producer and they'd never reply to a little person like me... Ahh well I hope to make them periodically just to see all the fantastic comments I receive!

3) 1000 SHIPS IS EVERYWHERE! So maybe not everywhere, but the aforementioned music video has been in 2 very lovely places! (Besides all the fantastic favourites boxes =D) The first being RACHEL PLATTENS FAVOURITES BOX! The actual artist of the song I used not only saw, but FAVOURITED my song which is absolutely INCREDIBLE! I almost died... it was just.... AHHHHHHH -insert heavenly music here- The second place WAS FEATURED ON DOLL DIARIES! -points to fancy pink badge on the left- That's right, I was actually seen by one of the ladies who blogs on doll diaries and spotlighted on there for 1000 ships and the message around it was just wondrous! I was in total shock. So many more should be there before me... XD 1000 ships and Music in Me are probably my 2 best video decisions ever.

Next I'd like to do a mini news update...

1) SEATTLE IS BEING BOOKED TOMORROW! To my excitement it seems as though I will actually be going and meeting epic people and buying a doll for reals at AGP! AHHHHHHHHHHH! -dies- I am ridiculously excited for this and I can't wait until November. YAYAYAY! I wish I could go everywhere though... =/

2) Search + Destroy has been linked quite a bit to the Hunger Games (for good reason) and I understand that they are similar, but believe me when I say that it gets different! I'd hate to be that "copier girl" or whatever... that would suck.

3) Mason/Noah is going on ebay around the last week of October so look out for him and bid!

4) If you ever so wanted a boy doll and can supply said doll, feel free to send him/her here with a wig request and I can do "the change" (Well hopefully that is...) Just make sure to message me first! ;D

5) Tees haven't been selling well so I'd just like to say that MonChatDansLaLune has offered to make me some cuter cut tees to sell so hopefully those will move better! And I think I'll mark down the less attractive ones to sell them as they were expensive to make... -_- Anyway look out for that!

6) My new banner has some fancy link things on them that I recommend you try out because I specifically learned map coding to make them, so just give those fancy boxes a click, and see where they take you! Also speaking of which, I made the BG on windows paint and picnik, so anyone can do it! ;D


NOW FOR MY BIG SPEECH! I have realized lately that we AGTubers are our own... breed... we have a similar type of personality. We're a little more geeky and tech savvy, we have no interest in growing up and we're all pretty chill and sweet girls and honestly, I love that! I've made so many friends who are just so much like me from all these different places and it make mes feel less alone! Not that I am alone, because I'm lucky. A lot of my YT friends make friends more with boys because the girls at their school are so dramatic, and they just don't fit in with their different personality, but I for one am lucky. We have our obnoxious popular party girls, who all eat in a clump in the cafeteria, but I belong to the social level of cool, calm and funny girls around the school. I'm lucky to know so many other girls who could fit into the AG community, if they liked AG that is, just because they act like that. However I'm just so grateful that all of us girls who are so similar could meet and become friends, so what I'm trying to say is, thank you for being so awesome. And DFTBA. Vlog brothers fans anybody? No? Okay... But just don't stop being like you. =)

So I better be on my way as I have like 300 neglected messages to reply to over the last week (SHAME ALI SHAME) so I better get on that, since I won,t be sleeping to the loud university party next door... (2 days in a row... woooh...) So thank you for reading my rainbow. =)


  1. Wow longg.Anyways im glad your getting another doll! Also CONGRATS ON THE POPULARITY OF 1000 SHIPS!!!! Love the speech. Hehe anyway so yee can you ship the tees to Australia? I was just wondering since i live there ^_^Duhh

  2. That was long but whatever! I would like to agree with the agtube girls thing. You guys are sooooo nice ( accept for the people who won't reply to me when I message them)! Thank you to all the girls who do care that I am a nobody and still message back!!!!! Like you ALI! By the way guys I have realized nobody has been reading the agtube connect blog lately. I enourage you guys to read it because it takes a while to write! Ali I think is working on getting people to
    Start reading it again though!

  3. OMG THAT WAS THE LONGEST POST EVER!!!! It was interesting to read, though, because it was, a RAINBOW!!! :D Rainbow posts are ALWAYS cool.

    And I know what you mean by "doll people are their own breed", and as much as I would like to agree with that. I don't really "fit" into your description, but I've never really fit into ANY descrpition, so it's nothing new to me. :) (I'll just say it makes me an individual.)

    ~Mr. W


  5. Very nice rainbow Ali! It was beautiful.

    Since listening to your 1000 Ships video I can't seem to get enough of the song! I think that it is SO cool that Rachel Platten put it on her favorites list!

    Personally I don't think Search and Destroy is like Hunger Games. True, I only read the first book and maybe it's more like the last two but I don't know. I love Search and Destroy. Its so different than your other series, as I said before. Besides, you said in your description that it was based off of a number of different sources. People should really take the time to read and comprehend the descriptions of videos (no offense to anyone who doesn't).

  6. Hi there Ali! :D
    I love reading your ranty blog posts... it's actually kind of like taking a small peek in to your brain :) and I don' think S&D is like the hunger games, except for the fact that it's in an alternate type future thingy. that's about it, really! I wish we could hang out in real life... :P oh well.

    Like you were saying, I can talk to boys no problem. Except for when they're just annoying, and it would be a waste of time. but yeah!

    Oh Ali, you say the best things :) and I congratulate you on having Rachel Platten favourite your video!!! That must be such an honour :)


  7. OMG. You're a Doll Diaries Spotlight Site! CONGRATS! Super cool that Rachel Platten actually FAVORITED your video! :)

  8. Ali you are brilliant. I can't wait for more S&D. I'm writing a book based on it (But very different) so I know what you mean about feeling like "That copier girl" but I LUV all of your series' and I can't wait for more.
    P.S Ali you are AWESOME! Go gotys! I wish I could have a YT

  9. Also I wanted to comment on which AGP you should go to. You should go to AGP Dallas. It's the one closest to me and I would LUV to see you in person. No one ever comes to Texas for important M&G stuff.

  10. Please make more palace wall vids! that had nothing to do with anything but i had to say it!

  11. That's really cool how the artist favorited your video!!! And, lol, heavenly music- AHHHHH XD