Saturday, September 10, 2011


So I was talking with my mom and in order for the AGP trip to be affordable, looks like we'd be going to Seattle... Sorry if that's super far from you and I'd absolutely love to go to Chicago, but it's just so expensive... :/ Anyways as for my ideas, the dates would still be the same, from the 11th to the 14th, and I'd probably go to AGP on the 12th sometime during the afternoon which would be announced in the official plan. So yeah I'd just kinda shop and hope and pray that people come! It would be much more amazing that way! =P Oh and because this is so short I kinda wanna say something that's been bothering me. Negativity. So I guess it just seems like the amount of cruel commenters has jumped up lately and it's not so much soul crushing as it is extremely obnoxious. I even had it on this very blog... Anyways to anyone who has commented something cruel absolutely anywhere, not here, not just to me, but anywhere. Let's be frank. You legitimately have no life. The people who actually waste their time to write something that's mean, I have a question for you. Why? Why do you do that? Do you enjoy making other people feel bad? If you do that's just kinda pathetic. I suggest you just wake up and realize that you are hurting people. I personally find haters kinda ridiculous and actually quite below me, which is rare for me to say, but some people take it to heart, and it's that one tick that makes them break down. Worst of all, imagine if the person you were hating on died? That did indeed happen on AGTube in 2009. Anna, an AGTuber, accidentally drowned in her friends pool in 2009, and she was subject to blunt bullying and racism from a hater on youtube who frequently hated on her for being half asian. Then one day, she was dead and he's still sorry. So just think about it. You're hurting real, living people like yourself. f course we all know haters aren't human right? XD Ah well I know 90% of you shouldn't even find this applicable because you are all AWESOME but I'd just like to share it... =P -Ali PS I'm working on getting something out this weekend because I've been terrible with videos lately.


  1. Ohh Seattle is far from me..Cause i live in Australia XD Also u tell those haters! Yeah i really doubt their human cause theyre hurting ppls feelings and that means they dont no how it feels lol

    Hav fun at the AG place (wherever it is_

  2. I'm not really sure WHAT haters are, because "most" animals are too nice to say/do anything bad on purpose! So, I SERIOUSLY agree with you there!

    ~Mr. W

  3. Have fun in Seattle! It turns out I couldn't make it to chicago, so this makes me feel slightly less depressed, because there would be zero chance of getting anywhere near Seattle! anyway, I totally agree with you on the hater thing... I mean, I personally find hackers rediculous :P