Wednesday, September 21, 2011


So I often find comments on my videos telling me that I, an anglophone, mispronounce words. Words that the commenters can barely spell. This irks me just a tad but you see I am not in fact pronouncing it wrong. It's called an accent. Now not even I ever really noticed that I had one until people started saying such comments to me. Apparently in America, everything is pronounced more with an "ay" or "ah" sound such has bahg (bag) and sarry (sorry) where as in Canada, we have a tad more of a British tone to our words and say it as baig (apparently but I don't even get how you guys say bag) and sorry. So as unfortunate as it is there is no reason to "correct" my "pronunciation" as I didn't commit a fault. I know how people just loooooooove to correct me sans raison (Kit vs Kate ring a bell?) but I'd appreciate them stopping. Of course none of you reading this would right? ;D -Ali


  1. Go Ali! Don't Listen to them! They are So mean! I ♥ GOTYS!!!

  2. I'd get really ticked off if someone kept telling me "OH, YOUR PRONOUNCING IT WRONG!!!". Canadian accents are so cool! I wish I had one instead of a boring old American accent. Hope everyone will realize that there is a pronunciation difference in Canada.

    - Maisie

  3. That is just really rude! How can they do this to you!!!!!! I mean come on it makes you different in a good way! 

  4. Yeah i have a accent like you, like i say things like you. I live in Australia so yeah thats why. People have corrected me before. They were American.(Nothing against Americans though. You guys are cool 2 )

  5. My parents are both Canadian, so I kind of picked up on the accent. So, NOW I say "don't" with an "ew" sound, and other words like that... Of course, I THINK it's a Manitoba accent, because just like in the U.S.A., it depends on what region you live in.

    But, I NEVER thought you were "mispronouncing" ANYTHING, and I think that whoever said you WERE mispronouncing words is clearly not very intelligent enough to remember accents make SOME words sound different.


    P.S. Honestly, I didn't even NOTICE your accent. ;)

  6. Eh? ;)

    XD I'm kidding.

    My dad is Canadian and whenever we go up to visit his side of the family I pick up a bit of the accent. I LOVE how Canadian's say the word "family" it's almost like "fahmily"

    By the way, I LOVE you videos. I don't have a Youtube account (I am debating whether to get one because I DO make doll videos). I watch your vids frequently.
    I love Search and Destroy! Its so much different than your other series which makes it very unique and wonderful. I can't wait for the next episode.
    And congratulations on 10,000 subscribers!! =D

    P.S. I am planning on visiting you at the AGP Seattle! November 12, right?

  7. You have to remember that the some of the people watching your videos are little 8, 9, 10 year old girls who don't know anything about the world. They think they don't have an accent and that everyone sounds the same.
    The older girls certainly know not to correct someone's pronounciation. Besides the way you pronounce the words is actually more correct as Americans don't speak English. We speak ahmurican(American). I finding this out in my voice lessons. In fact as Rex Harrison points out in my fair lady, we haven't spoken English for years. I hope this helps you. Fight it Ali, keep on fighting.

  8. The way you say Bag (baig) IS SO AWESOMELY EPICFUL! It's so cute & peppy! lol

  9. I personally think you have a great voice, especially for videos. You annunciate really well, and speak with good volume.

    Everyone pronounces things differently depending on where they're from. Like Evie said, young girls that watch AG videos have pretty much only heard things spoken the way they know and live with. I definitely would not take any pronunciation comments too seriously. This is a great blog post about the issue. Hopefully the people that put those kind of comments will read it and start to understand.

    Also, the camera/video/youtube thing can result in some annunciation miscommunications. I know that my camera makes me sound almost like I'm lisping or skipping over 'S' sounds.

  10. You should get together with unodosginger!

  11. DUDE. Why the heck would anyone care how you say bag? WE DON'T LIVE IN THE SAME COUNTRY PEOPLE. NO WONDER WE SAY THINGS DIFFERENTLY. I can't believe how rude some people can be, Ali. You're too awesome for all of this... ;)

  12. I luv ur accent! My favorite word that you say differently is "soo-ry". We say it suh-ry, lol! ;)