Sunday, January 1, 2012

A little perspective

So today I it a message from a girl new to YouTube. One question she asked me was if I could explain to her what a subscription is. Now I don't rally remember it but I have a feeling I didn't know what they where at first either. This kinda hit me, the fact that someone joined YouTube, completely unaware what a subscriber was was really cool. Everyone is so wrapped up in subscribers and addicted to them that subscribers are all they care about. However, in the end, you can be on YouTube without out even knowing what they are, much less caring about them. Subscribers are not the be-all-end-all of YouTube. Then I went to explain the concept to her. All I could come up with was that it was a little thing that gives you a notification when your favourite YouTubers post a video. An you wanna know why? That's all they are. Subscribers don't mean anythings and yet they are so glorified. It's not just AGTube either, even YouTube itself celebrates big number subscribers. I think that we all need to put our priorities into perspective. I've never cared an incredible amount about them, and I've never asked someone to subscribe in my time being here, but they've alway been important to me. We can still celebrate, but let's not put ourselves down because we have less subscribers, focus only on our subscriber count and glorify ourselves a if we have more than others. By definition, subscribers are no big deal.


  1. nicely said. sometimes people will subscribe others and not even pay attention to their videos. thinking about this i do that. i am subscribed to 140 people and only watch like 20. i bet some of yours are the same way and don't even watch your videos. have you ever read The Outsiders? there was piece of Gone With the Wind. it ended with: nothing gold can stay.
    that girl is gold. she doesn't know what subscribers are and with your description i bet she won't even care about them. people on youtube think it's an award and i guess it could be because it means that person likes your videos. i think a lot of youtubers need to take a little dose of reality and realize that we are here for the videos. for the fun we have making them the fun we have watching others and the fun we have meeting new people.

  2. I think that its a good goal, that you can strive for, to be a partner with youtube, and make the best videos you can. I have put in my videos at the end please comment rate and subscribe, but it is only a notification to me if you like my videos. I'm not going to lie, I would love to have thousands of subscribers, but I know that that is not all there is, and I should be focusing on making really good movies. It kinda irrates me when someone subscribes to my channel only to ask if I will do the same to them. If that's all your looking for don't subscribe to me, I mostly only subscribe to ones I think have awesome videos. So please don't be desperate and ask for a sub4sub, its dumb.

  3. ^^
    you two really make good points.
    what a great post

  4. hi ali haha that was me AGlovable1 :)
    ~AGlovabel1 aka Zoey

  5. i agree with em thats a really good point