Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Hey guys so I've reached an impasse with creating a new series. I have 2 series that I'd like to do but can't decide between the 2 of them. 1 is definitely more of a drama while the other is more of a comedy and something kinda different as to what I've done before. Essentially, without giving too much away I wanna ask and see what everyone would prefer for a series so I'll describe them and then you can vote for one below.
Series 1: The first series is about 3 best friends who live in a horribly boring small town and spend their entire summer trying to find something fun to do. They all have different interests and all have a different way they want to spend summer together. This series doesn't really have a super continuous plot so there's not as much of a cliffhanger at the end of each episode but the episodes do relate to one another. It's more of a funny series meant to be kinda lighter and not as serious. Most of it would be dumb silly jokes and little adventures with the 3 friends.
Series 2: This series is far more dramatic with a continuous plot. It's about a small town high school where kids are disappearing. 2 best friends get interested in the mystery but before they really try to solve anything and find the missing kids, someone very important to one of them disappears too so she decides she has to find them. Basically it's about a girl trying to unravel the secrets of her spooky town and find all the missing kids before any more disappear, and figure out where they're going. This one would be very spooky and dramatic for sure so I think people might be interested in it but I'm also concerned it might scare some of you guys.
Basically, vote below and feel free to comment and give me suggestions and feedback so I can get started! Also making a special video this week and I wanna try and make the first episode of grow soon, although I may consider abandoning it for a new series, I'm not totally sure yet, just 2 series seems like a lot... Thoughts??? Do you definitely wanna see Grow? Anyways, comment here or my channel and vote below!!!